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  1. Quick little concept here, with the NBA All Star Game approaching soon. The jerseys that were unveiled (or leaked, not really sure where we stand on that) were plain awful. I decided to whip up a quick concept using gold and silver as the main colors, and here's what I came up with. On the back collar is the NBA logo with "L" and "A" on either side, and on the chest is a star with the number of ASG the player has been selected to. I had originally tried to put the number of stars somewhere on the jersey, but with guys who have a lot of games under their belt (LeBron and his 14) it's hard to fit that many stars on a jersey in a good looking way. Anyways, here it is.
  2. Pretty much what I expected, The Capitol, red white and blue colors.
  3. This was @JJ Anderes' and my entry into the HJC Pairs comp. We ended up winning it, so thanks to HJC and all who voted! Anyways, let's dig into this. The concept was to make some logos and uniforms for a future all star game. We chose to put the NHL's All Star game in Denver, Colorado. Below are JJ's logos, and my uniforms. It was a lot of fun working with JJ, and he definitely made some incredible logos. Thanks for watching!
  4. I had been putting off the start of this project for a while and then I remembered school is right around the corner and so I thought it better to get it going as soon as possilble. As the title and header image suggest, it's time for another NHL redesign from me. The last one I did came in 2013 and looking back on it, was just awful. I hope that in the 3 years since, my skills have gotten better. Anyways, its another NHL leaguewide redesign, and even with Adidas taking over, I left all the jerseys Reebok branded. Lets get in to it. The last time I ran through the NHL, I was very sloppy, this time I hope to not be a walking disaster. Anyways, here's a couple rules I'll hope to follow: NHL sets a rule on jerseys: 5 can be in the rotation for any given season. Special event jerseys (Winter Classic, SS, Heritage) can be worn after their event if the club desires. Just means one of the 5 pre-determined jerseys gets worn one less time that season Have to have a designated home and away set, but the other 3 can be alternates, throwbacks, what have you. I think one team has 5 jerseys but you'll see why when I get to them. The Bruins are not the team, and here they are: Call me crazy, but I don't think too highly of the EDGE Bruins uniforms. The overoutlining ruins it for me. Plus, I'm just not a fan of the uniforms. Call it unpopular if you want. I went back in time on their look. -took the stripes from the '69-'74 jerseys -kept the more modern looking yoke design -deleted a few outlines from the spoked B, which improves the look drastically IMHO -BRUINS bear logo graces the shoulders. -single color NOB, also fixes the look. -home socks stay yellow, but both sets reflect the jersey stripes now. -black pants now feature standalone B on the pant leg. Alternate: Having two black jerseys feels really redundant to me, and so elevating the Winter Classic jersey to me felt a very lateral move. So I played with the design a little bit, because I was a big fan of said WC uniform. -basically flipped the colors on the WC jersey from this past year. -big ass stripes on the sleeves, and one big ass hem stripe. -modern bear logo on the chest. C&C welcome and will have Buffalo up next.
  5. Not a bad logo for the most part, I love how the Marlin is incorporated into a star. Only complaint is slapping the sponsored Master Card logo on it. I guess in this day and age we better get used to corporate logos on everything - on NBA jerseys. Sure it will happen on NFL, NHL, and MLB jerseys soon.
  6. So I decided after the All Star Weekend to create a John Scott inspired wallpaper. I posted this in one of my other threads, but I wanted one dedicated to just this, to hopefully get a wider range of comments from people who aren't following my other silhouettes thread. I don't see the need for John Scott's role as an enforcer in the NHL, but teammates really seem to like him. I gained a lot of respect for him this weekend and I was glad to see him enjoy his time. Plus his goal celebration is now an image no hockey fan will forget. So I just wanted to share this little project I did for fun. I put more detail in than I usually do, because I think John Scott deserves it after the treatment from the NHL. Leave any comments that you would like
  7. Howdy Guys I've got a new one for you. I've come up with what I'd like to see from the ASG next year let me know what you think! Feel free to give it a like on dribble as well! As always feedback is appreciated!
  8. This upcoming season's All-Star Game is set to take place in Toronto. The Toronto Raptors just underwent a massive re-brand and it is safe to say that most feel it is a downgrade from what they had before. However, they might be able to make it up if the All-Star Jerseys come out nice. Since they have not yet been released, there is no telling what the final product will truly look like. That is where my concepts come in. I have provided a concept as to what I feel what be a nice design for the All-Star Game. The concept that I have is based on jerseys that the Toronto Raptors have sported in the past. The East will wear white since Toronto falls in the Eastern Conference and in Purple (yes, purple makes an appearance) are the Western All Stars. There are also certain elements that I will explain in further detail. Where to start, the overall concept has some designs that are seen on other All Star jerseys such as the team logo and the player's number. The front of each jersey states EAST or WEST depending on where the player plays. The All-Star Logo for Toronto appears on the player's left shoulder and the year "2016" appears above the EAST/WEST. The sides of the jersey feature the familiar design that the Raptors currently use with the silver bars. On the back is where things start to get a little bit interesting. On the back of the collar is a feature new to All-Star jerseys, a little golden strip that states the amount of All-Star appearance that the player has made. This same golden strip appears on the jerseys of teams who have won championships and it reads how many that that certain team has won. Taking the place of the normal NBA logo, one of the alternate logos made for the Toronto All-Star game, a Maple leaf with the NBA logo inside of a star will be placed. Another feature that appears on the concept is that like last year's All-Star jerseys, the player's full name will appear above the number. Appearing below the number is the logo of the team that the player plays for in the NBA. The final feature appears on the back of the shorts, and it is a small phrase that I thought would be cool for an All-Star game up North without saying WE THE NORTH. The phrase is NORTH NATION and I think that it is neutral enough for the All-Star game. That concludes my concept for the All-Star jerseys for 2016 Toronto. I know that they are not perfect and I appreciate it when people point out things that can be improved. C & C appreciated!
  9. For this concept I decided to create what a potential All Star Game would look like if hosted in the O.C. For this match up we see the third entry of the Ryan v.s. Ryan Series as Ryan Getzlaf (Black) and Bobby Ryan (Grey) captain the two All Star Teams. Props to Phil Beck for coming up with the idea of using grey and black as the two primary colors. The jerseys also feature striping patterns that mimic the striping of previous Ducks jerseys. The straight angled stripes to represent the Mighty Ducks era and the curved piping to emulate the teams current look. Let me know what you guys think. Also be sure to check out WORLD of JERSEY CONCEPTS on instagram. Their you'll find concepts created by myself and three other artists. We just started up and would love some feedback.
  10. Mocked up this concept for the 2016 All-Star Game logo. Not too excited about idea of Padres' new colors potentially being the navy, grey, and athletic gold that's seen in the official logo so mocked up this one in brown/orange colors and adding in the Friar logo. Big ass dap to my friend Leroy712 who came up w/ the idea of adding the Friar. Alternate color-up adding the gold to the brown/orange:
  11. My opinion on this year's NHL All Star jerseys is a pretty common one. They're bad. One reason a lot of people dislike them is the use of the neon green... I mean "Elite Green". I don't mind the neon....."Elite Green", I think it could be done. Set 1 Dark Jersey Light Jersey Set 2 Dark Jersey Light Jersey Set 3 Dark Jersey Light Jersey Set 4 Dark Jersey Light Jersey
  12. Ok, so here's the deal. I absolutely hate the Homerun Derby/ All Star BP Jerseys. Besides the colors and patch, the uniforms have nothing to tie them to the Minnesota Twins. And of course they came out with those boring Homerun Derby hats just to make money. What I have done was take the layout of the jersey, and replace the script with one that doesn't overkill the stars, and also incorporates a font from the Minnesota Twins and gives them a hat to match it. S0 here is the NL Homerun Derby Team:
  13. So far this year, it looks like there will be quite a few all star game snubs. Seems like more than usual to me. This has all come about because I am an avid Cardinals fan and someone who just loves the game of baseball. All star game voting seems to be ridiculously flooded with bandwagon fans and people without an ounce of baseball knowledge who vote solely based on big names that they recognize but may not be having a good year at all. Pablo Sandoval comes to mind, who is leading his position in voting. Also it just irks me to no end that Yadi, who is a superior player to Posey, both offensively and defensively, is still behind him in voting. I understand the fans need to be involved but there are so many uninformed "fans" out there that it doesn't allow players like Matt Carpenter and Jed Lawrie to receive the recognition they deserve. In my opinion, the player with the best season, not the biggest name deserves the vote. I think the players and managers need to be the primary influence in voting. Am I way off base here? I'm curious to know if anyone shares my opinions or has a different opinion or a more detailed or different voting system. Sorry for the length of my rant and please let me know what you guys think.
  14. Hey guys, I posted this in my hockey series thread, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to start a thread for this to get some C&C. Let me know what you guys think, and what I should change/modify. It was inspired by the 2001 ASG logo when it was in Denver