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  1. I'll be posting uniform concepts for the following all star games (hopefully I finish them all ) : Los Angeles (2018) Charlotte (2019) Chicago (2020) Indiana (2021) Cleveland (2022)
  2. It's been 25 years, and the Ducks have still never hosted an All Star Game. As I patiently await the day it is announced, I decided to design a jersey concept in the meantime. The Western Conference teams use the same orange/black/gold color scheme as the Ducks do currently. I've noticed that in the past few years, the host division's team wears the same primary color as the host team, so I decided to continue this pattern. To contrast this, the Eastern Conference gets to wear the Ducks' throwback eggplant/jade combination. The All Star Logo itself is based off Anaheim's most iconic building: Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. I thought the concept of a shooting star fit perfectly here, acting as a connection between the All-Star Game, and "When You Wish Upon a Star".
  3. Hi all! Made a new account (formally known as Goallinedesign) to post some of the professional work I've been doing. Everything is available on my new website! This summer I interned for the Joliet Slammers baseball team of the Frontier League. All of the posted work was used, but I was hoping to get some feed back on as much as possible. Thanks! **Edit: Is there a quick fix for image quality?
  4. This was @JJ Anderes' and my entry into the HJC Pairs comp. We ended up winning it, so thanks to HJC and all who voted! Anyways, let's dig into this. The concept was to make some logos and uniforms for a future all star game. We chose to put the NHL's All Star game in Denver, Colorado. Below are JJ's logos, and my uniforms. It was a lot of fun working with JJ, and he definitely made some incredible logos. Thanks for watching!
  5. I made a graphic, to touch on the idea of the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend to come to Indianapolis, Indiana. I added another one that actually features the NBA logo in the graphic.
  6. Here's a concept for how I would fix this season's NHL All Star Game uniforms. A single uniform for each divisional team, with a hint of Nashville to make it unique to the game's host. Also, I'm trying out a new Adidas hockey template that I've came up with, so any feedback on that would be nice too. Enjoy! C&C always welcome
  7. hey all, these are concepts for the 2017 all-star game logo (not sure if the logo they displayed during their announcement ceremony was the official one? it wasn't like that for toronto's) & the jerseys. for the jerseys, I'm leaning more towards the west design. so for the east, it'd feature the same "honeycomb" pattern as the west, just with the blue/slate colorway shown in the east jersey diagram instead of the red/burgundy combo of the west. and instead of black letters & numbers with white outlining like on the west jersey, the east jersey will have white print with black outlining, and say "EAST". the letters & numbers on the jerseys are meant to be the same font as the charlotte hornets official logo font, which can be found on as "nba hornets buzz city". the all-star logo is a combination of the skyline of charlotte (top) & a beehive (bottom) inside of a "honeycomb" hexagon. in the top half, the windows of the buildings in the skyline are all lit up, and behind the skyline is a starry purple night sky. the "all-star" and "charlotte" wordmarks are also meant to be in the "nba hornets buzz city" font. the beehive in the bottom half of the logo depicts "stars" flying out of the hive's entrance like bees, and features the "jumpman" logo on the front of it as the event is allegedly being hosted by michael jordan. and the "2017" wordmark is featured in the "tw cen mt" font, on top of a teal background. these designs are not necessarily final, so if any of you are interested in helping to expand on these ideas let me know. thanks!
  8. Way back in July of 2013, I posted a concept that featured a 4-game NHL All-Star Game playoff It featured four unique jerseys with individual designs, before the NHL division names were even announced. The NHL has since used this idea, but they kept the draft idea. I think it's important to eliminate this idea and keep things within each division, because the NHL is all about promoting rivalries, and this suddenly makes that much more interesting. I say "concepts", plural, because I'm taking the idea that I've heard countless times on this board, but I've never seen actually used: The jersey template each year matches the host city. This gives fans who like a jersey but want to wear a different color a chance to do that. I would've thought that wasn't a good thing, but having hats with team logos in all sorts of colors has been far more popular than I ever would've guessed. The colors are division-centric: Pacific - Green, Silver, Black Central - Red, Black, Silver Metropolitan - Gold, Black, Silver Atlantic - Blue, Silver, Black This is a test set, and I can do the rest if this is seen as a good idea. This year: Nashville: Anaheim: Boston: Buffalo: Chicago: Columbus: Colorado: Thoughts? Something worth finishing?
  9. This is my quick concept for the 2015 MLB All Star Game BP Jerseys C&C Welcome..(Also on a side note i did this on MS paint so sorry if it looks kinda pixelated)
  10. Here is my all star court concept, let me know what u think Props go to weatherman for the template