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  1. Continental Spring Football League: Hello folks, thanks you for taking your time to reading this. This is my first time working on a AU league and since football is popular here I would do one over American Football. So instead of saying the NFL ended or never existed. I decided to work on one where it would be it natural rival. My league is called the CSFL. As usual im looking for feedback and criticism from my work and while im not great at logos.. I wanted to tell a story and that what I will do. This is my project here and I hope you enjoy. PS.. Im not always great with update so it will be done when I can get it done. Thank you and now for the story! The story begins in late 1953. The National Football League survive the two World Wars and a war with the All-American Football Conference. The AAFC would merge with the established NFL in 1950 but it would be a short sided merge with for the AAFC. The NFL decided to take the best teams in the league and would ignore the rival history. So by the 1953 the NFL would regain control of all of football in United States. However, that same year, a new idea came to the mind of former owner of the LA Dons of the AAFC. His name was Fernando Gonzalez III and he the first man to create Spring-Time Football. He got to work with two other owner of the AAFC, the original Buffalo Bills owner, James Breuil and former owner of the AAFC New York Yankees, Dan Toppings. All three men were mad at the NFL for treating the AAFC like it was nothing. The decided to called the league the Continental Spring Football League. While Fernando Gonzalez III became the first president of the new league. They still needed to figure out a catch to make the new league fun to watch compared to the National Football League. Gonzalez would come up with a brilliant idea for the league. Including having a 14 week schedule so the fans can see more football and would give them more income as well with the extra games. Other innovations include having names on the back of jerseys and creating the two-point conversion to pro football. He also help work out a deal with ABC and the Dumont Network to broadcast the games on Saturday. Which was new and a bit crazy for the upstart league since Saturdays were reserve to College Football. However, due to playing during the Spring they wouldn’r have to deal with competing with College Football. Gonzalez, with Breuil and Toppings, got to work finding new owners for the league. While Gonzalez had the Los Angeles market locked thanks to Bob Hope helping to investing in a team in Los Angeles. James Breuil decided to revive the Buffalo Bills since they were still fondly remembered in Buffalo. Dan Toppings, on the other hand, had issues. Given the fact that Yankees Stadium was lost to the New York Giants. He was forced to go to the Polo Grounds, home of the MLB Giants and set up shop there. He decided to change his team nickname from the Yankees to the New York Titans to rival the NFL Giants. Other owners would soon come, interested in challenging the NFL and filling up their stadium during the Spring. Some of the owners also has Baseball teams in the MLB or the Minor Leagues with Stadiums that could hold a football team. One of the owners were, August A, Busch Jr, was the owners of the St Louis Cardinals of the MLB. He was looking for something to fill the Busch Stadium up while the Cardinals were away. The St Louis team also used a name similar to the Cardinals, the Redbirds. List of owners for the first season in 1955. East Division: New York Titans – Polo Grounds (Dan Toppings) Brooklyn Liberty – Ebbets Fields (James & Dearie Mulvey) Buffalo Bills – War Memorial Stadium (James Breuil) Pittsburgh Iron – Forbes Field (Josh Harnell) Baltimore Stampeders - Baltimore Memorial Stadium (David Greene) Western Division: St Louis Redbirds – Busch Stadium (August A. Busch Jr) Cincinnati Tigers – Crosley Field (Powel Crosley Jr) Shreveport Showboats – State Fair Stadium (Eric Ritcherson) Houston Gunners – Buffalo Stadium (Marty Marion) Los Angeles Dons – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Fernando Gonzalez III) With the teams set, the CSFL went on a talent raid over the NFL. Which took a toll on the NFL after Baltimore Stampeders signed some of the NFL Colts players to join the new league. Same with the Pittsburgh Iron taking rookie HB of the rival Steelers Johnny Lattner and LA Dons taking star QB Norm Van Brocklin from the rival Rams. The rest were college players who were rejected from the NFL and journeymen players looking for their big break. Despite the setback in Baltimore, the National Football League wasn't too worried about the new league like last time. And with them playing in the spring time, they doubt the CSFL will last. After the CSFL draft that happened in December of 1954, Gonzalez, announced the league will begin in March and last to June when the play off finals begins. CSFL 1955 Final Season East Division W L T Buffalo Bills 10 4 0 New York Titans 9 5 0 Pittsburgh Iron 7 7 0 Brooklyn Liberty 3 10 1 Baltimore Stampeders 1 12 1 West Division W L T St Louis Redbirds 12 2 0 Los Angeles Dons 11 3 0 Houston Gunners 8 6 0 Shreveport Showboats 4 10 0 Cincinnati Tigers 3 11 0 The East Division was a close three house race at first between Pittsburgh, New York and Buffalo. By the end of the season, Buffalo with their QB Johnny Vegas and their ace journeyman CB Kevin Daniels help the Bills gain the East Division title from New York. The oddity of the season was the only tie this season between Brooklyn and Baltimore. It was in the final week before playoffs and both teams had nothing to lose so they gave an impressive performance, the game ended with a 14-14 tie in front of a small crowd in Baltimore. The West Division was the same story but with just two teams. It was neck to neck with St Louis and Los Angeles bidding to be the west division champions. However during the final week, the Dons lost a fumble to Cincinnati and on the next turn, the Tigers scored a touchdown and kept it to win the game 21-14. This gave the Redbirds the championship and to challenge the Bills to the CSFL Championship. CSFL Championship Game from Buffalo, New York St. Louis Redbirds Buffalo Bills 14 7 St Louis, led by George Shaw would score two touchdowns during the forth quarter to help give the Redbird their first title. Shaw would be named Championship MVP by the CSFL. Despite a rocky start with the attendance to some stadiums like the Shreveport State Fair Stadium and Houston Buffalo Stadium. The CSFL would be a surprise success thanks to it TV ratings. Which while it didn’t give the MLB or even the NFL a run for it money. It would be proof that the CSFL is here to stay for another season. While Gonzalez would find it hard to own the league while owning the LA Dons, would post his team up for sale by the end of season. With a clause that the new owners would have to keep the team in LA. Despite taking some of the players of the Baltimore Colts, the Stampeders would be a flop on the field and in the box office. David Greene, the owner of the struggling team, would also post his team to sell them. What would the CSFL have in store in the next season. Stay tune. (I am learning how to use gimp to make logos and such but for now, enjoy my drawing folks. Also comment and give me some opinions on what you think about it.)