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  1. Hello! Im just posting this concept for the NBA. I honestly think the NBA should expand to 32 teams. Feel free to comment!
  2. Some time ago I stumbled on the World Football League logos here on CCSL and I decided to give them a new spring by regenerating the league and by expanding it. The league will still be named World Football League and here you have my new logo, wordmark, monochromo logo and jersey patch. In addition to the original 12 teams from the USA I added 4 from Canada, 8 from Central and South America, 5 from Africa, 8 from Europe, 7 from Asia and 2 from Oceania. Without more reserves I'm going to present you the league conferences. Original Conference Birmingham Americans Charlotte Hornets Chicago Fire Detroit Wheels Florida Blazers (Miami) Honolulu Hawaiians Houston Texans Jacksonville Sharks Memphis Southmen Philadelphia Bell Portland Storm Southern California Sun (Los Angeles) + Vancouver Lumberjacks Toronto Reds Calgary Express Ottawa Canadians From this conference the top 4 teams will play for the Championship Finals I tried to stick with the real identities of the 70s with names and colors although some of them are now used by other major sports teams. Euroconference Stockholm Vikings Rome Gladiators Munich Mountaineers Rois de Paris London White Knights Barcelona Dracs Athens Argonauts Moskow Saints Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. Liberty Conference (Conferencia de los Libertadores) Rio Cariocas Aztecas de México (Aztecs) Buenos Aires Gauchos (Cowboys) Montevideo Libertadores (freedom bearers) Valparaiso Almirantes (Admirals) Panama Tugboats Caracas Pertoleros (Oilers) Bogotà Generales (Generals) The conference is not named after the continet but after a piece of history which is shared by all of these countries. The team names are mostrly in the native language for merchandise questions. Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. Afroarab Conference Cairo Pharaos Cape Town Penguins Lagos Eagles Dakar Lions Casablanca Touaregs Riyadh Stallions Riyadh was added to this group as in my opinion it makes more sense than to add it to far east teams as also Egypt and Morocco share an arab based culture with the Saudi city. Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. Indopacific Conference Sydney Wallabies Auckland Helmsmen Tokyo Kitsune Manila Tropical Shangai Red Stars Singapore jets Seoul Tigers Mumbai Elephants Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. I must add that I chose the conference color thinking of the 5 olympic rings. The red of Northen America was changed with the brown of a football ball to represent the original set of teams. To sum up, in the Championship Finals there will be 4 teams from the Original Conference ad one from every other conference for a total of 8 teams fighting for the Championship Trophy. Here you have some maps to make the team settings clearer. My work will be divided in two parts, the first where I'm going to redesign the late WFL teams and a second one where I'll be creating brand new identities for the new teams.
  3. A new sports fan fiction series is here with a sport that doesn't seem to have an active topic. That sport is wiffle ball. So here is some background on the league starting with the first few months of the leagues birth in June of 2016: June 14, 2016 A group of six entrepreneurs come together to announce a new professional level sport: wiffle ball. Known as The Big 6, they are Aaron Foster, Peyton Harland, Benjamin Tennyson, Darrel Parker, Elizabeth Roderick, and Riley Norman. Mr. Norman and Mr. Foster were the original founders but needed funding and turned to various colleagues in their field. Norman and Foster will act as the head and commissioning party for the league while the other four are responsible for compiling three team divisions with each representing a different division. Mrs. Harland will represent the Northeast, Mr. Tennyson will represent the Southeast, Mrs. Roderick will represent the Northwest, and Mr. Parker will represent the Southwest. At this point in time, whether or not there will be two conferences has not been decided. There is also a very rough league logo sketch: (Notice: Yes, the league logo is very rough. I have another version ready to post when we get there but I want to make this a little more realistic.) June 31, 2016 The Big Six officially announce the league will be named the Wiffle Ball League of America or the WBLA. The official tagline for the league is, “America’s backyard pastime turned professional”. July 11, 2016 Mr. Norman announces that the league will place its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Norman also announces via Twitter that city bids aren’t far from being open. July 20, 2016 Every member of the Big Six tweet about a huge event on December 15, 2017 which will detail various aspects of the league including: stadium locations, the league logo, team logos, and much more. WHO: The WBLA and its affiliates WHAT: Official reveal and WBLA launch party WHEN: December 15, 2016 WHERE: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA July 25, 2016 The official Twitter of the WBLA is opened and announces that city bidding is officially open. The bidding process will include team names, stadium locations, color schemes, fan base, fan loyalty, and if the city will put forth efforts towards a professional wiffle ball team. The league also announces that bidding sign-ups are open for all divisions and that sign-ups will close on September 1. 50 spots are open for each division and it will then get narrowed to 15 finalists to be decided during a meeting in October The league asks chamber of commerce presidents of finalist cities to have a free weekend from October 5-8 to give their bid. Bids will happen at divisional headquarters which have yet to be decided on besides LA. August 11, 2016 The three remaining bid meeting locations are revealed in New York (NE), Atlanta (SE), and Seattle (NW). Many speculate that the bid meeting locations are in correlation to where teams will be located. The league defended the decisions saying they are based on high population centers in the region and at the current moment, have no connection to team locations. September 1, 2016 The league announces that sign-ups are closed. The WBLA also discloses the amount of sign-ups each division had with the Northeast getting 50, the Southeast getting 50, the Northwest getting 34, and the Southwest getting 47. The final 15 cities for each division will be revealed on September 5. September 5, 2016 The finalists are: NORTHEAST: New York City, NY Boston, MA Hartford, CT Baltimore, MD Washington D.C. Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA Chicago, IL Detroit, MI Providence, RI Columbus, OH Cincinnati, OH Indianapolis, IN Rochester, NY Grand Rapids, MI SOUTHEAST: Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Gainesville, FL Orlando, FL Louisville, KT Charlotte, NC Columbia, SC Montgomery, AL Richmond, VA Norfolk, VA Houston, TX Dallas, TX Nashville, TN Memphis, TN Jackson, MS NORTHWEST: Seattle, WA Portland, OR Salem, OR Boise, ID Reno, NV Sacramento, CA Salt Lake City, UT Billings, MT Casper, WY Cheyenne, WY Omaha, NE Minneapolis, MN Des Moines, IA Fort Collins, CO Tacoma, WA SOUTHWEST: Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA Denver, CO Las Vegas, NV Phoenix, AZ Tempe, AZ Tucson, AZ Oklahoma City, OK Colorado Springs, CO El Paso, TX Wichita, KS Albuquerque, NM Fresno, CA Bakersfield, CA September 25, 2016 In the midst of important events, the league releases a rough scheduling plan outlining pre, during, and post season. Preseason will take place from May 1 through June 1 and the inaugural season will begin on June 4 of 2018 and wrap up on September 21. Playoffs will take place from September 25 through October 15 or wrap up sometime in between based on how long series take. Nothing is set and stone but this is what the Big Six have decided to release for the time being. When asked about the plan, Norman said, “Nothing is for sure set and is subject to change anytime between now and January 31 of 2018. That’s the day all will be finalized including game times schedule, amount of games played in a season, playoff series lengths, and every other scheduling aspects. October 5-8, 2016 Division meetings Please comment the three cities of each division you would like to see. Hope you enjoy and stick around!
  4. AMERICAN FLASHBALL ASSOCIATION Back in January I started the AFA, and i didn't have the time to finish the league. Well, I am bringing the league back to life and want to make an interactive league with you guys. There will be 15 team spots available to join, I will own one team as well. Whoever joins will create their team unis and logos but there will be no rosters, just team sim, in which I will control all simulations. The rules top the league will be posted below! I hope you guys want to Join! RULES: League Logos: Post on here, or PM me if you are interested in joining! Future Conference: 1. Texas Stars 2. Sacramento Stags 3. Thunder Mountain Warriors 4. San Antonio Defenders Athletic Conference: 1. Colorado 303 2. Florida Flamingos 3. Maryland Oaks 4. Chicago Eagles LEAGUE SCHEDULE (First Ten Weeks): Scoring System (First Season Trial): Using two dice: First roll- Amount of TDs Scored (2 Points for Each TD) Then, for every TD scored there will be a conversion roll: For each Conversion Roll: 1,3 = 1 Pt (Success) 2,4 = 2 Pt (Success) 5,6 = 0 Pt (fail)
  5. HJC ( has started a contest in which participants design a new logo, uniforms, and a "Wild Card" item for an NHL expansion team called the Americans, based off of the old Brooklyn Americans hockey club. I put my club in Seattle, made a logo and jerseys, as well as a rally/playoff towel. All designs are below. There ya go! What do you think? Here's the contest link, by the way.
  6. Hello, this is my second thread that I have started. I have an international kit thread going as well if you want to check it out. This thread will be my design concepts for the teams in MLS, this include all 20 current teams plus Atlanta United, Minnesota United, and LAFC All concepts have a Home, Away, and Third kit C&C is welcome
  7. So with the release of the new USA home kit, I decided to give a it try. The new home and away kits I like design wise, for the home kit I get why people don't like them, in terms of the lack of blue and red. I have designed three kits. The home kit is a combo of the 2014 home world cup kit and the iconic red hoop look from 2012. there are 13 stripes (7 red and 6 white) just like the flag. I do like the use of red and royal blue, which the team has used in recent years. The away kit is an all blue kit the top is a dark blue with a star gradient that fades to the royal blue at the bottom. The home and away kits are supposed to be like the two parts of the USA flag, Home=stripes, Away= Stars. For the third kit I went with a throwback look with the centennial logo, classic white top with dark blue shorts and socks which both have the dark red accents, this is similar to the throwback they had before the world cup the main difference is the red accent color, and the socks not being white. C&C is welcomed, I actually want C&C because I want to post updates and see if the designs can get better. Here is an updated version. I added a fourth kit. Captain america kit with the dark blue
  8. So this is a concept I came up with. The American Sates Cup. It's a soccer (football) tournament where each of the 50 states of America battle in multi-stage tournament. There are ten groups. Each group has 5 states. Each team plays each other two times for a total of ten games each team. Then, the top 2 automatically qualify for the knockout stage. The teams that finish 3rd and 4th battle to see who will go into the knockout stage. A 30 team tournament remains. Much like the Champions League, the teams are randomly selected to see who will go against who. Plus, two teams are randomly selected to have a bye week. Instead of randomly selected each stage for who will go against who, it will be more of a World Cup format where the teams will go against the team above or below them on the bracket that won. Basically like the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Of course it leads to the final, and it is a single-elimination, except for third place game. I have randomly selected the teams and groups seen below in the group stages. For each group I will introduce the jerseys for each state. So here is the Group Stage.
  9. Dear Everyone, Since The Summer has just began, I have decided to start on a long post: The football league of America. Without further ado: The Football League of America