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  1. For awhile now, I've been working on a couple of large projects, and I realized a little while ago that I haven't posted a concept on here in nearly a year. So, I decided to take a much needed break from those and work on a single concept or two. In the end, I decided on soccer, because I hadn't actually completed a full concept before in that sport, this sort of took on a mind of its own, and became the American Soccer Federation. In 2014, the American Soccer Federation voted unanimously to expand to the Northeast, and made a surprise pick, choosing Portland, Maine as the next home of an ASF franchise, and the second franchise in the state of Maine. Upon receiving it, ownership decided to name the team after the seafaring traditions of the city and state, and Portland Mariners F.C. (more commonly known as Mariners FC and the Mariners by fans) was born. (Click to Zoom) CREST The Mariners crest features numerous symbols that are important to Maine, as well as real life mariners, while maintaining a clean, classy look. The main feature is a navy blue lighthouse that plays a role in the actual structure of the crest itself. Lighthouses are important symbols and landmarks within the state, while also playing a vital role in the safety of sailors and fishermen, who work close along the rocky coastline. Upon the lighthouse is a yellow anchor, representing strength and toughness of real life mariners. Below the lighthouse is vertical stripe design with Seafoam Green (not teal) and white stripes. This design is a stylized representation of the ocean which surrounds these lighthouses. The green represents the color of the ocean, while the white symbolizes the white foam that is created upon waves breaking along the coastline. Sublimated within the middle green stripe is the word "Dirigo," the state motto (more on that later). (Click to Zoom) UNIFORMS The Mariners are outfitted with Nike, and sport uniforms that are innovative, yet classy, while continuing to represent Maine and the sea. PRIMARY The primary uniforms are seafoam green with navy shorts, both of which have contrasting accents. The main feature of the home kits are the stripes on the sides of the shirts. These stripes are stylized version of waves. From the front, the growing lines represent the phenomenon of waves building sideways as they approach the shore, where I'm from in Maine, they tend to grow to the right (not sure if that differs elsewhere), so the stripes were strategically placed to reflect that. On the sides of the shirts, the same lines represent a wave growing vertically, giving the feel that the wave is just about to crash down upon the viewer. This design is also featured on the socks. The Mariners' sponsor is L.L. Bean, easily the most famous, and arguably important brand within the state. This, along with the name and numbers, are featured in white with a navy outline. On the back of the neck is a gold anchor. this is meant to be viewed from up close, while being hardly noticeable from afar, and therefore, not muddling the overall look, while giving some uniqueness to the uniforms. CLASH The clash uniforms are completely yellow with a simple black line running down the center of the shirt. Why yellow, you ask? Well, it is meant to symbolize the traditional (and somewhat stereotypical) look of a fisherman, dressed entirely in a yellow poncho with black boots. One of Maine's landmarks is the giant fisherman in Boothbay Harbor, and this design also harkens to that. The sponsor logo, names, numbers, and anchor are all shown in black on this design, retaining the simple look. CAPTAIN'S ARMBAND Upon establishing the team, the ownership wanted everything to represent the team and the state, so they also designed the Captain's Armband. This is in the team colors, primarily navy with seafoam and yellow stripes (this will allow it to both clash, and tie in with each uniform). The band, like the crest, reads "Dirigo," which is the state's motto. Dirigo means "I Lead," and the ownership thought it would be a fun way to represent the Captain, who is the leader of the squad, while tying into the state. C+C is welcomed and encouraged.