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  1. Making a separate thread for discussion of face mask color and preference for teams. Unpopular opinion: The Browns look best with a brown face mask.
  2. So let's try this again shall we Back with my second attempt at rebranding and expanding (with the occasional relocation and so on) of the Arena Footbal Leauge. Now thankfully I have a bit more organization unlike last time so this hopefully will go to conclusion I will post the home and away unis first then I will post the alternates (FYI the idiotic one helmet rule doesn't exist here) Before I forget thank you to @oldschoolvikings for the template it is a lifesaver Here are the teams. Note some listed as just the city as I want to keep the surprise for when they are unvield (American Conference East Division) New York Brooklyn, New York Barclays Center Miami Inferno Miami, Florida Hard Rock Arena Boston Boston, Massachusetts TD Ameritrade Garden Toronto Phantoms Toronto, Ontario Scotiabank Arena (American Conference North Division) Baltimore Brigade Baltimore, Maryland University of Maryland Cleveland Destroyers Cleveland, Ohio Quicken Loans Arena Winnipeg Command Winnipeg, Manitoba Bell Place Pittsburgh Power Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PPG Paints Arena (American Conference South Division) Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana Bankers Life Fieldhouse Nashville Katz Nashville, Tennessee Bridgestone Arena Houston Wranglers Houston, Texas Toyota Center Orlando Predators Orlando, Florida Amway Center (American Conference West Division) Las Vegas Gladiators Las Vegas, Nevada T-Mobile Arena Portland Thunder Portland, Oregon Matthew Knight Arena Colorado Crush Denver, Colorado Pepsi Center Calgary Blaze Calgary, Alberta Scotiabank Saddledome (National Conference East Division) Philadelphia Soul Phillidelphia, Pennsylvania Wells Fargo Center Washington Valor Washington DC Capital One Arena New York Dragons New York City, New York Madison Square Garden Dallas Desperados Dallas, Texas American Airlines Center (National Conference North Division) Milwaukee Blizzard Milwaukee, Wisconsin Frizev Fourm Detroit Fury Detroit, Michigan Little Cesar's Arena Chicago Rush Chicago, Illinois United Center Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Target Center (National Conference South Division) Charlotte Cobras Charlotte, North Carolina Spectrum Center New Orleans VooDoo New Orleans, Louisiana Smoothie King Center Atlanta Force Atlanta, Georgia Phillips Arena Tampa Bay Storm Tampa Bay, Florida Amilie Arena (National Conference West Division) Arizona Rattlers Phoenix, Arizona Talking Stick Resort Arena Seattle Shock Seattle, Washington KeyArena by CenturyLink Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles, California Staples Center San Francisco Sabercats San Francisco, California Chase Center (Bold=Completed) Now on to the concepts First the National West *Beforehand I do have the San Francisco jerseys colored I just need to tweak so uniforms for them will be unvield Arizona Rattlers Los Angeles Avengers Seattle Shock (Relocated from Spokane) San Francisco Sabercats (see divisional description at the end for details) Divisional Description ARZ: Not much noteworthy except the readdition of the aqua to their scheme LA: In this rebranding yes they are owned by Disney (Come on with a name like Avengers how can I not) so the font does resemble a typical movie poster. Massive Captain Marvel vibes SEA: Pretty self explanatory Seahawks by old Spokane franchise and move to Seattle and take on a Seahawk like colorscheme SF: They will move in to new Chase Center once completed. Will play at SAP Center until then
  3. A little background... there are around a half dozen arena/indoor football leagues floating around now, some run with a reasonably high level of professionalism (the Arena Football League, the National Arena League, the Indoor Football League), and others not so much. This is a tale of one of the "not so much..." For those unaware, I live in Raleigh, North Carolina which, reportedly, also happens to be the home of one of these leagues, the "American Arena League," whose website lists its address as: American Arena League 9660-138 Falls of Neuse Road #333 Raleigh, NC 27615 Upon learning this a week or so ago, I thought it might be a neat idea to swing by, say hello, talk with the people behind this league, and maybe if they were nice enough even offer to help out with a few things (because based on reviewing their site, it was pretty obvious they could use some). This morning, with a few errands I had to run in that area of town, I decided today would be the day I'd stop by and visit the league office of the American Arena League. This is where I ended up... Now, in a true bit of coincidence, one of the errands I was running was to drop off a UPS package. So after taking this picture I parked and went inside. After tending to the package I was shipping, I said, "You know... this is going to sound kind of weird, but this is listed as the address of a professional football league on its website." "Yeah, I know," was the clerk's response. "We have P.O. Boxes here and they rent one. We get about one process server in here looking for them every month or so." So, I've now been to the league headquarters of the American Arena League - postal box 333 at The UPS Store. I'm guessing that finding a miniature desk and chair to fit in that small a space must be an absolute bitch...
  4. Below is the outline of a concept I've been working on for an alternate timeline story I've been writing. The timeline mostly deals with an expanded exploration program for NASA in the last half of the 20th century. One of the things that I've been using to color the timeline is alternative team names and locations within American sports. On this front, instead of the failed XFL franchise, in my timeline, the XFL instead rides a wave of post-9/11 patriotism to create a football league with a military theme. Called Warball, the sport openly embraces the quasi-military themes of football (see George Carlin for further insights) and seeks to appeal to a hyper-masculine fanbase. Initially the league forms with 8 teams in 2 conferences Freedom Division Patriot Division Capital Warriors Seattle Stealth New York Heroes Alcatraz Guards Texas Assault Coronado Destroyers Chicago Shield Arizona Generals Teams are composed of 7 players on the field at any time. The field is 60 yards endzone-to-endzone. Endzones are 7.5 yards deep with curved corners. Field is bounded by 20 degree inclines 5 yards wide which are inbounds. Beyond the inclines are hockey rink walls. A ballcarrier cannot run out of bounds and must be tackled or score for the play to end. Any player on the field is considered an eligible receiver. Kicking of any kind has been eliminated. Teams have 6 downs to advance from their own 10 yard line to the opposing endzone. Touchdowns are worth 5 points. After a touchdown, a team is allowed to try a conversion play from the 3-yard line. A conversion by pass is worth 2 points. A conversion by run is worth 1 point. Two 20 minute halves are separated by a 10-minute halftime. Teams have 20 seconds to begin the next play. The clock does not run unless the ball is in play. Teams are required to have at least one starting player who is a current or former member of the United States military, and/or a civilian police, fire or paramedic service. Questions, comments, suggestions? I invite all of the above. This is my first league concepts, so, please, rip me apart here. I'll learn from everything that is said.
  5. With the recent announcement that the Tampa Bay Storm will cease operations. I thought to go back and look at the various looks they have sported throughout their history. The Storm would begin life in Pittsburgh as the green and gold Gladiators, debuting a unique logo that incorporated an arm into the letter. 1987-1990 look Very little would change other than a switch to white pants with a solid green line down the side from gold pants that had a alternating white green stripe in 1988 In 1991, the Gladiators will move to Tampa and ditch the green and gold for blue, black, and silver. It will last from 1991 to 1997 The helmet logo was the Storm wordmark outlined in white minus the Tampa Bay Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the Storms 90s uniforms was the zubaz. It appears the Storm wore a blue helmet for their road unis The Storm logo on the blue helmet was white with the lightning over the o silver In addition, the Storm had a Chargers-esque black alternate The Storm would introduce gold in 1997 ditching the black, silver, and zubaz for blue and gold. The logo was modified to slant the Storm wordmark and shrunk the Tampa Bay so it can be over the S and T. The most eye catching change was the O which was changed from the old lightning design to be in the shape of an "storm". This look will last from 1997 till 2011 making this their longest lasting look and they tweaked the jerseys quite a bit over the span. Unlike previously, the logo was not modified for the Helmet 1997 uniforms: number in gold outlines with storm wordmark on sleeve. alternating gold blue tsripe 1998 had the blue darkened to navy and a gold dropshadow added no drop shadow on home unis The pants were white for both road and home with alternating gold blue stripes Font for road unis were changed in 2001 with gold outline and black dropshadow (pictured on the right) 2003 saw the addition of a gold side panel and the blue stripe is thinned. storm logo on sleeves. First sign of mono uniforms The Storm made it to the Arenabowl in 2003 and they seemed to have switched out the storm logo on the sleeve for GV on the right side while on the left sleeve, the wordmark was put road unis unchanged outside of storm logo in place of jersey manufacturer, Storm logo is filled in with blue 2004 had the stripes removed and the Storm logo was removed while wordmark is added 2006: drop shadow removed Gold panels reduced to stripes. numbers filled in with gold 2007 brought with it gold numbers and a white outline. numbers are no longer filled in and storm wordmark on top of number in front side Storm wordmark replaced with logo and the stripes are restored with Storm wordmark incorporated into it Road unis have blue numbers with gold outlines and the dropshadow is restored In a rare moment,the Storm did not tweak the unis as far as I know The 2009 AFL season was cancelled but returned for 2010 no changes for 2010 2011 saw the Tampa Bay Storm brighten the blue and gold and tweaking the logo to include a gold drop shadow to the storm and the storm O to more resemble a football. Tampa Bay position is more akin to 90s logo and no longer over S and T The blue helmet and white facemask return, Storm football logo is on sleeve, gold sidepanel on shirt, storm wordmark on front on top of numbers. What really stands out besides other than the brightened colors is the piping which extends from under the armpits down to the pants where it ends in a curve Uniforms remained unchanged until 2015 when they extended piping Piping on white jersey colored yellow so it stands out more Their final season in 2017 will see the complete removal of piping and the panels replaced with slanted panels and diagonal stripes 2017 would also see the glorious return of the zubaz unis
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