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  1. I've taken another long break from concepts, so consider this my return. I've decided on a redesign of the Pac-12. I've completed all 12 teams before I started this thread, and I will release one every four days. I am going in a completely random order. Here are the release dates: 9/29 (Today): Oregon 10/3: Arizona 10/7: Stanford 10/11: Cal 10/15: Arizona State 10/19: Washington State 10/23: UCLA 10/27: Washington 10/31: USC 11/4: Oregon State 11/8: Utah 11/12: Colorado Starting with Oregon. Oregon gets some consistency in this set I love the "O" on the helmet, so that returns full time. Only (only?) six helmets, six jerseys, and six pants. The Duck is on the sleeves, and the shoulders have a modified wing pattern. The shoulder wings are supposed to be reflective, like this Hit me up with C&C!
  2. Arizona State is going back to Adidas. I'm not a huge fan of the move, since I'm an anti-Adidas guy, but still I was wondering what they would look like in 2015. So here's a concept, and a hope that they use something like this (and Sparky) The biggest move here is the removal of the pitchfork, and bring back Sparky. I kept the color scheme limited to maroon and gold, and (mostly) got rid of black. Black could make sense for a team named the Sun Devils, but I felt like it's BFBS. I also got rid of the gray, fire, copper and whatever else they use so I could focus solely on the maroon and gold and the simplicity of what I wanted to do. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello everyone I'm back again, and basically I just finished my Adidas Techfit Shockweb Template and I kinda want to test it out. So as a few people know Arizona State is making the switch from Nike to Adidas......from what I've heard people were upset by this because Adidas can be either very boring or very over the top with there uniforms so I was aiming for something down the middle. So this concept is kind of a mix between there current and past uniforms so I hope you guys like it . And here are some special occasion uniforms Desert Fuel Alternate Sparky Helmet Alternate So like always tell me what I can add or improve on!