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  1. Okay, so it seems I've caught the college football fever a tad early this summer, and I've had the concept in mind for some years now, so I decided to run with it (finally). My idea comes from the ever popular idea of super conferences in college athletics. You've heard it all before I'm sure, sixteen schools, four divisions, the whole nine. Personally, I value regional location for conference affiliation over the money, so however unrealistic it is for some schools to be in certain conferences monetarily, this is the time where I point out it's my concept ?. Uniform updates will follow with all. First up will be the Southeastern Conference, being Mississippi native for my entire life and a graduate of Ole Miss I'm somewhat partial to the SEC. So here goes. The Southeastern Conference will have a centralized location and headquarters in the mecca of the South, and one of my favorite (and possibly future home of) Atlanta, Georgia. This includes location for all championship matchups and tournaments, meaning not only the SEC Championship Football Game, but for the purpose of this concept the Basketball and Baseball Tournaments. Atlanta is more than capable of hosting such events with a plethora of hotels, metro areas, and state of the art facilities, two of which are completed and brand new (Mercedes Benz Stadium - SEC Football Championship, SunTrust Park - SEC Baseball Tournament), and one of which is undergoing renovations currently (Philips Arena - SEC Basketball Tournament). This brings us to the member institutions and how they will be divided up. My vision for the SEC has the conference leaving the Big 12 footprint of Texas and Missouri, and instead focusing on states already within the geographic footprint of the "current South," including the state of North Carolina (where I believe the SEC Network is currently located). There is also a heavy emphasis on developing and continuing in-state rivalries, as well as historic rivalries, in this concept. As I said earlier in the post, there will be four divisions. They are as follows: The SEC East, The SEC North, The SEC South, The SEC West, giving us a total map look as follows. I tried to split these up geographically as best I could. Here are Division Specifics: The SEC East: - Clemson University. Location: Clemson, South Carolina. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Purple, Orange, White. ~110 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Georgia. Location: Athens, Georgia. Mascot: Bulldogs. Colors: Red, Black, White. ~59 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Georgia Tech University. Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Mascot: Yellow Jackets. Colors: Old Gold, Navy, White. 1.8 Miles from Downtown Atlanta, GA. - University of South Carolina. Location: Columbia, South Carolina. Mascot: Gamecocks. Colors: Garnet, Black, White. ~195 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC North: - University of Kentucky. Location: Lexington, Kentucky. Mascot: Wildcats. Colors: Royal Blue, White, Silver. ~296 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mascot: Tar Heels. Colors: Carolina Blue, White, Navy. ~338 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Location: Knoxville, Tennessee. Mascot: Volunteers. Colors: Orange, White, Smokey Grey. ~157 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Vanderbilt University. Location: Nashville, Tennessee. Mascot: Commodores. Colors: Black, Vegas Gold, White. ~216 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC South: - University of Alabama. Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Mascot: Crimson Tide. Colors: Crimson, White, Grey. ~186 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Auburn University. Location: Auburn, Alabama. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Navy, Orange (Auburn), White. ~115 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Florida. Location: Gainesville, Florida. Mascot: Gators. Colors: Royal Blue, Orange, White. ~310 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Florida State University. Location: Tallahassee, Florida. Mascot: Seminoles. Colors: Garnet, Vegas Gold, White. ~230 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC West: - University of Arkansas. Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mascot: Razorbacks. Colors: Cardinal, White, Black. ~576 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Louisiana State University. Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Purple, Athletic Gold, White. ~460 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Mississippi. Location: Oxford, Mississippi. Mascot: Rebels. Colors: Navy, Red, White. ~300 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Mississippi State University. Location: Starkville, Mississippi. Mascot: Bulldogs. Colors: Maroon, White, Grey. ~256 Miles from Atlanta, GA. I do plan to write a post for each school as to why they are in the SEC (if they aren't a current or founding member), what makes them a good fit, and what they bring to the table for the conference, the rivalries, and the tradition. I will also note that this concept (when it comes to uniforms) will put huge emphasis on uniformity of design across word marks, scripts, logos, and sports. In other words, a school is it's brand, and that brand and it's elements will be seen across all three of the big sports in their uniforms, fields, courts, etc. C&C please! Like I said, not perfect realistically or logistically, but what my SEC would be in a Super Conference era, perfect HuntTheJones world!
  2. The concept is basically this: SEC Baseball uniforms as an SEC Football Uniform. First up, Ole Miss: Just for fun.
  3. With the uniform craze over the last couple of years only continuing to grow more and more ridiculous, the SEC has prided itself (for the most part) in maintaining a rather traditional feel with their respected universities. I'd like to go even a step further and get these teams back to the root of their design. A lot of the changes were made with tradition in mind, adding elements that used to be commonplace for these institutions, while still at times allowing a pinch of the modern flare to remain. I'll go through each university in the SEC, some given a lot of change, others not so much, to get back to the basics and prove that less is more.
  4. Hey guys, it's been a very long time since I have posted any concepts. Edit: Used a different template and updated this post with it. I plan on redoing the "style guide" template anyways once I start doing other teams. Even though my first template was somewhat customized, I still didn't really know whether I should use it or not so I took the first version down. Once I get a different template for it, I'll post the "style guide" back up, it will be similar but I'll use a template that can be (or already has been) released to everyone. Anyways, I wanted to do something outside of the box for Alabama & Auburn. It is a bit of a break from tradition. Auburn recently had a shirt come out with this logo. The "state of Auburn", as you know I'm a huge Bama fan so obviously I find the shirt to be somewhat comical but I'm not gonna lie, if I was an Auburn fan I'd love it. I went to the Texas A&M vs. Auburn game a couple weeks back and the students are really embracing it, they were handing out free decals as soon as you walked it. This sparked an idea for me since my recent Alabama concepts have all featured a logo change for Bama using the state's outline with the Alabama A inside of it. So for the Iron Bowl I created two modern looks for each team that build off of my last two concepts for Alabama & Auburn. Both schools embrace the "state" title as Auburn uses their "State of Auburn" moniker and Alabama counters with a pro combat slogan stating "THIS IS OUR STATE". Alabama Changes - Glossy/Chrome Helmet, in my concept world chrome helmets wouldn't be so over the top. Think of a more toned down version of chrome, almost a more glossy effect similar to the decals Texas and Miami have used on their helmets recently. Also new State Outline logo on the helmet that is somewhat large and features sublimated houndstooth on the inside along with Alabama's tradition of helmet numbers. The jerseys again are evolved from my recent Bama concepts, houndstooth piping across the chest and houndstooth collar. Numbers are sleeker with a shiny silver outline. The pants feature the traditional Crimson double stripes with houndstooth in the middle, a striping pattern also used on the undershirt sleeves. The pants are now the new shiny silver color which matches the number outline. Auburn Changes - Brought back the alternate helmet I once created for Auburn. The entire set is inspired by this logo and this logo. The uniform uses the tiger stripes on the shoulder yoke. The numbers are very different, they use a double outline to match their traditional northwestern stripes which are used on the undershirt and socks. The cleats and gloves feature tiger stripes to match the helmet and jersey. I also created a new state outline logo for Auburn used on the collar that is based off of the "state of auburn" logo but features the AU logo in the middle instead. Overall, a huge break from tradition for both teams but two alternate uniforms that I feel would work very well for each team and unite the two schools in the battle for the state of Alabama. V.1 V.2
  5. I did a post today about a member of the Auburn Family that has been colorizing old black and white Auburn football photos. I loved putting this together and hope you guys enjoy looking through the great photos.