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  1. hey sportslogos visitors, so, folks from sites other have been pestering me to sign up and post my here for a while now. until now, I've just told them to get rooted. I'll be making over the AFL, in alphabetical order, with Nike being the apparel supplier in this 'folio. The Adelaide Crows have long list of absolute :censored:e (and mostly white) alternate jumpers. I attempted to rectify this with this ensemble. Featuring their traditional hoops in a funky, new pattern, the red base alleviates any colour clashes with rival times.
  2. NOTICE: I REMOVED MY BASIC DESIGNS, MY BETTER ONES HAVE ROUNDED NUMBERS AND HAVE BEEN KEPT ON THIS THREAD! Thanks! Hello! I am posting another concept of mine, the AFL makeover! These were done on Microsoft paint if you re wondering. I used to have an old account that I forget the password to, where I made international Aussie Rules guernseys. I hope you enjoy, these are meant to follow teams' tradition and not be anything wacky. I will post the original template if requested. Please leave C+C! All 18 teams will be completed! Completed HAWTHORN WESTERN BULLDOGS FREMANTLE CARLTON ESSENDON ADELAIDE PORT ADELAIDE
  3. So with the new year comes the start of the build up toward the new Premiership campaign for all 18 footy clubs in Australia. The fixture list was released in Oxctober and there are some mouth watering fixtures on the opening weekend of April 2 including Brisbane v Collingwood, Fremantle v Pot Adelaide. But the biggest game of Round 1 has to be on the Monday with the Hawks and Cats squaring off (renewing old wounds) at the MCG The AFL Draft was held in November but some good talent within the junior leagues was picked up by the teams during the draft. Paddy McCartin was selected first overall by St. Kilda. I think that is a good starting point for the Saints but they have a long building process ahead. Next up in the docket is the NAB Challenge, a pre-season tournament held between February 26 to March 22, which allows the teams to shake the cobwebs off prior to the start of the Premiership season. Also it allows the big footy clubs to travel the country and play in venues that don't have live AFL footy week in week out. The tournament kicks off with Hawthorn v Collingwood.
  4. I figure most of you here know of the Beanpot tournament, in which the Boston area's major college hockey teams-Boston U, Boston College, Harvard and Northeastern-square off against each other. Figured I'd put my own spin on it (it was either that, a Big Apple cluster:censored:, or the Philly schools again) here goes the Aussie rules Beanpot Boston College The first choice is a fauxback design intended especially for the Beanpot. After seeing references to the College Vault damn near everywhere, I decided to see for myself. The eagle on the front, as well as the BC, I saw there and figured they would lend themselves well to the old-time look I was aiming for, paired with the West Coast Eagles' wings design (trust me, this is much simpler than what I'd go with if I wanted it to be more personalized). Given that it'd be very easy to differentiate from the other three home jumpers, the more modern-looking whites wouldn't be needed, but I threw em in for the hell of it. For anyone wondering how the hell I came to that conclusion, simple: since the back is almost entirely gold, the jumper is considered mostly gold, a color the other three schools aren't using here. Boston University For BU, I was thinking hoops, but not exactly normal hoops. Not the style from the Maple Leafs' socks, either. What I decided on isn't exactly earthshaking, but it was to my liking. The black shorts are twofold: first, traditionally, home teams wore black shorts until the mid-late 70s IIRC, and second is I wasn't feeling right going with red shorts here. Harvard Honestly, I had the image of a huge H making up most of the jumper in my head, and the horizontal pinstripes came to me in the process. Northeastern Yes, in the same vein as AS Monaco, I went with a red/black diagonal. Then decided the red portion could use a subtle husky (it's only as visible as it is so you guys can see it, it'd be more subtle IRL)
  5. So with the 2014 AFL season starting this week and no dedicated thread for the best game in Australia for supporters talk about their clubs, I thought I would start one up. For many people who don't know much about Aussie Rules footy, the rules are limited and the excitement is plenty throughout the games. If you watch one match and you'll be hooked! I have been following AFL since 2003 when I was in Australia with the Canadian Navy and saw my first Aussies Rules game at the SCG with my now favorite club Sydney Swans. In the past its been hard to catch live games (normally through illegal streams). But now with TSN2 have weekly matches and the AFL streaming live matches through their website (pay to view on a season basis) it great to see this game being played out. So if anyone has any views on this season, this is the place to say them. From the just completed NAB Cup (pre-season competition) throughout the regular season and all the way to the Grand Final...bring on the kickoff of the 2014 season.
  6. FYI a guernsey is an Australian football jumper This week, in round 5 of the 2014 AFL season, the AFL for the first time are going to trial having player names on guernseys with a view to making it permanent if there is public support for it. There was a press conference today releasing what the backs of the guernseys would look like: Some of these are home, some are away guernseys worn only when home guernseys clash. This has been met with mixed reactions from fans, most people seem to think it looks good and is a positive step, but there is definitely a vocal element who think it's an "Americanisation" or breaks with the traditions of the game somehow (despite the fact that sponsor logos have been on the guernseys for 30 years) I personally think this is a great change and should encourage more guernsey sales both in short and long term. I'll definitely be getting a new guernsey next year if this is adopted.
  7. I'd love to hear how people on here rate the AFL logos. Obviously over in Australia there are a lot of strong opinions given how attached we are to our teams, but i'd love to hear what people think of the logos as they are, without having a lot of prior knowledge of the AFL. As you can see there is a wide variety of approaches to logo design going on here. Some are more traditional looking, some are more bold and modern.