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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. I decided to give this another go after my first two outings failed hard. Mostly due to rushing and me dealing with stress and moving. I wanted to tell a story of a man who played the Austus experiment in Australia during War World II and wanted to bring it to North America. This is Carlos Brown and here is his league. First team up is the Washington Snipers: Owner: William Donald Jr Stadium: Griffith Stadium Colors: Maroon, White and Kelly Green Nickname: Named after the Sniper Rifle gun, the Snipers was a name given by William Donald Jr to showcase the scoring abilities of the team he owned. Feedback is welcome. Will upload next team once i get proper internet tomorrow. -edited- I fixed the misspelling on the jersey. I also did some minor adjustments on it to look better. -edit 2- Changed the colors to tone down the brightness.
  2. Years ago, I submitted a series of Australian Rules Football jumpers of each National Football League team. Today, I present an updated series of NFL Aussie Rules jumpers that include an away change set of jumpers for each team. So lets get started! We'll start with the AFC East. Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets
  3. Well, this is a concept I made months ago in bigfooty forum (you can call me JohnFromBrazil or JFB, when there), and thought: "why not post it in CCSLC"? This is the Battle of the Bay. [ Footy is a recent sport in Alice Bay. Australian Soldiers brought some balls to play in vacations during the 2nd World War and the locals played with they. The Southport base was deactivated in 1946, but the Footy stayed. The Southport Football League started with 4 teams in 1949, all with VFL team names and jumpers. Southport Bombers, Bay District Magpies, Carson Tigers and Southport Saints. The popularity of sport increased and in 1955 three teams of Edellion and City of Alice Bay (Edellion Stars, Edellion Blues and Alice Bay Guardians) joined the league, and the league was renamed Alice Bay Football League. The number of teams continued to increase without much control over the finances, and in 1967, a major economic crisis has caused many teams to merge. The league was left with only eight teams (number that continues today) Nowadays, the major rivalry in the Bay League (renamed to Bay League in 2003) is between Southport Mariners and Edellion Pirates. These teams dispute, every year, a special trophy, "The Gold Sword", in an event called "Battle of the Bay".