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Found 2 results

  1. So the Bakersfield Condors announced a rename-the-team contest, entries due tomorrow night, which is pretty lousy timing on my end as I'm in the thick of the semester with books to read, papers to write, and papers to grade. So I've just had to work at it a bit at a time, fifteen minutes here, a half-hour there, as I work on schoolwork and teaching-work. I know I only have to submit a name, but they say "extra credit" for fuller concepts, so I decided to design jerseys, logos, and a wordmark. I know they can be better, and would be, if I had time. But I've only had the chance to finish this the day before it's due. It would be nice, for example, if I could manipulate the curves of the texts by hand, but that is detail work for which I simply have no time. (To give you an idea: I have to have read 2 books and a packet of essays, write at least one paper, and grade a stack of essays in the next 48 hours, because grad school.) As to the text, Inkscape mutilates texts when you convert them from .svg to .png anyway, at least if you've altered the angle or kerning or anything. Anyway, I'm going to have maybe fifteen minutes to a half-hour to apply quick fixes by the time I have to submit this. Meaning, I can swap out colors, delete things, do minor fixes to shapes. I'd very much appreciate any fixes you can offer. Any more detailed advice will not be able to go into the entry, but I might add them later for my own education. Thanks.
  2. Howdy Guys I'm working on a new Identity for the Bakersfield AHL team. I've got three main Ideas right now and Just wanted to get them up here to get some feedback and let you guys follow the process! First --- THE BAKERSFIELD CONDORS I feel like this is the fan favorite for the teams identity but not sure which direction to go. Up First --- THE BAKERSFIELD OILERS Bakersfield is known for it's oil so it seemed like a fitting title seeing as they're the oilers affiliate. Let me know what you guys think!