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Found 5 results

  1. I thought of this idea a while ago and wasn't sure if anyone did or not, but here is a series I have been working on. Each conference will be getting their own BP-template of sorts. Here's the first conference, the CAA. C&C welcome! College of Charleston: Delaware: Elon: Hofstra: James Madison Northeastern Towson UNCW William and Mary:
  2. Link for those interested in entering the contest.
  3. So I have been looking at logos, teams, and batting practice hats around the MLB lately and have been thinking of ways that I think teams could better use the freedoms of batting practice hat design. So many teams had great opportunities to create a masterpiece when the new Diamond Era BP hats were being designed, but many of them dropped the ball. So for some teams I am suggesting a full on replacement, and others I am simply suggesting they use designs like mine as an alternate or road bp hat. First off let's start with the Tampa Bay Rays: This team wanted to be able to create an identity that the Fans could choose the meaning of when they changed from Devil Rays to just Rays. This could imply the Ray fish population found around Tampa, or it could suggest the golden rays of sunshine encountered daily in Florida. They already have the BP hats that feature the Sunray logo, but they barely use the Devil Ray fish logo. So, I designed a hat that could cater to the needs of fans like me who LOVE the Devil Ray. I suggest that this could replace the powder blue crown alternate hat, with the sunray on it, as the new alternate. It features an old Devil Rays logo that I edited to look modern and match the current uniform set.
  4. Ok, so here's the deal. I absolutely hate the Homerun Derby/ All Star BP Jerseys. Besides the colors and patch, the uniforms have nothing to tie them to the Minnesota Twins. And of course they came out with those boring Homerun Derby hats just to make money. What I have done was take the layout of the jersey, and replace the script with one that doesn't overkill the stars, and also incorporates a font from the Minnesota Twins and gives them a hat to match it. S0 here is the NL Homerun Derby Team:
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. As we all know, the MLB has new Diamond Era BP Caps. I'm a huge fan of them and came of with some different designs for each team that I thought I'd share. Even though I know photoshop, I have limited access to it, so these are obviously done with minimal editing capabilities and look pretty bad, so please understand. Ill go through them division by division, starting with the American League Central. Positve/Contructive feedback would be appreciated! Chicago White Sox: Cleveland Indians: Detroit Tigers: Kansas City Royals: Minnesota Twins: