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  1. Hi, I'm more used of the concepts section. Here is a try on the Canada Place logo redesign, The first time I saw this logo, I liked it very much but some aspects of the design was a bit weird too me. So I've decided to recreate the logo and to keep the same spirit but with few changements. Here is my version. What you think about about my proposal?
  2. This is a design concept for the potential Fraser Valley Canadian Premier League team that I have been working on. I would love to get feedback on the name (British Columbia Football Club, or BCFC for short), as well as the crest, and last but not least the kit. The gold/black/white colour scheme is meant to represent the Gold Rush era that populated the Fraser Valley and British Columbia. The sublimated waves pattern on the kit are similar to the waves on the BC flag. Let me know what you think!
  3. I figure most of you here know of the Beanpot tournament, in which the Boston area's major college hockey teams-Boston U, Boston College, Harvard and Northeastern-square off against each other. Figured I'd put my own spin on it (it was either that, a Big Apple cluster:censored:, or the Philly schools again) here goes the Aussie rules Beanpot Boston College The first choice is a fauxback design intended especially for the Beanpot. After seeing references to the College Vault damn near everywhere, I decided to see for myself. The eagle on the front, as well as the BC, I saw there and figured they would lend themselves well to the old-time look I was aiming for, paired with the West Coast Eagles' wings design (trust me, this is much simpler than what I'd go with if I wanted it to be more personalized). Given that it'd be very easy to differentiate from the other three home jumpers, the more modern-looking whites wouldn't be needed, but I threw em in for the hell of it. For anyone wondering how the hell I came to that conclusion, simple: since the back is almost entirely gold, the jumper is considered mostly gold, a color the other three schools aren't using here. Boston University For BU, I was thinking hoops, but not exactly normal hoops. Not the style from the Maple Leafs' socks, either. What I decided on isn't exactly earthshaking, but it was to my liking. The black shorts are twofold: first, traditionally, home teams wore black shorts until the mid-late 70s IIRC, and second is I wasn't feeling right going with red shorts here. Harvard Honestly, I had the image of a huge H making up most of the jumper in my head, and the horizontal pinstripes came to me in the process. Northeastern Yes, in the same vein as AS Monaco, I went with a red/black diagonal. Then decided the red portion could use a subtle husky (it's only as visible as it is so you guys can see it, it'd be more subtle IRL)
  4. Hey guys. I was doodling around in class earlier in the week and it eventually evolved into this. I was wondering what you guys thought, and where I could improve it before I end up putting it into inkscape.