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  1. So guys, it's finally done. All the years I've been using this 'comic template' I've always got requests to give it out. I never did because lazy. Over the last few days I created the new Nike Aeroswift template with my template and decided that it would be the perfect instance to share it with you. Maybe one problem is that I just use Gimp and subsequent I can just share it in the xcf-format. So you can definitely open it with Gimp. If someone knows how I can save it in .psd or just convert it would be nice. Here is the front: And the backside:
  2. So, I basically decided to redesign the two fierce rivals Steaua and Dinamo Bucharest. After the redesign debacle of Steaua last year (their new logo is below Clippers-level, seriously), I wanted to do them something better. After a little bit of research I also found that the other big club from the City, Dinamo, could also use some refreshing. The first step was to create some new logos for them. Take a look at all the old logos of the clubs (the new, current logo of Steaua is actually missing here, but you don't want to see this anyway): Here's what I came up with. Especially Steaua has a lot of progress in it. I really wanted to eliminate the gold from the beginning. I decided to put it back just before I finished it. It just looks more like Steaua and represents the Romanian flag. I also think the fans would be happier with it. Overall the Steaua logo is influenced by their super succesfull times during the 80s (when they won the Champions League '86 and also went to the final in '89). That's why I made the royal blue navy. In these times in the 80s they basically wore either red and navy, or red and sky blue kits. They actually had a lot of sky blue in their kits, that's why I even thought about putting sky blue into the logo. Well, I decided against it and to just focus on red and navy. The shape of the logo is loosely based on the logo they had between '61 and '74. For Dinamo I really wanted to focus on the typical eastern european 'Dynamo D'. I just put it in a simple roundel and kinda integrated the star for their won championships into it. I wanted to stay simple here and I think I'll only put the D and the star on the kits without the roundel. So, up next I will create uniforms for the teams. I'm also thinking about redesigning the other club from Bucharest Rapid (they would also need it!) or even do a rebrand on Progres Bucharest (former succesfull club, but now they just play in the third or fourth tier league). Let's see.
  3. So, after my successfully done Series for the MLS I started to work on another 2020 series for the German Bundesliga. My goal is it again to create unique identities for the clubs without destroying their tradition. I chose 18 clubs for my 2020 league which could be realistic (with relegation rules etc.). But I also chose them a bit with my own sympathy and also the club colours played a role. So, first of all I created an updated identity for the league itself. I don't really like the red and black of the current presentation of the Bundesliga. So I went with a more modern and fresh simple black and white logo! This logo will be on both arms of the kits, like in the Premier League. I will also post a Map, so you will actually know where the clubs are located in my country and I'm also going to give you a few basic informations about the club. So lets start!
  4. Hey guys, maybe you remember me for my last two 2020 soccer series for the MLS and the Bundesliga. And I thought I could do just one more little project before I'll take myself a little brake and before the hard times of my studies begin! ^^ My idea was the 'BeNeLiga', a fusion between the Dutch Erendivisie and the Belgian Pro League as this is one of my favorite soccer regions and I'm kind of an expert in Belgian soccer. The league would have 20 clubs overall and it would be a similar system as in the NBA. There would be two divisions of 10 teams, the Belgian and the Dutch division. The best four teams of each division qualify for the Playoffs. The least Dutch and Belgian team would get relegated. So, as always I will post three kits for each clubs and for some I'll update the logo a bit. I hope you'll like this!