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  1. Hi all, Like most of you, I have been really bored this quarantine and decided to go in-depth into each team in all of the 4 major professional sports in my free time. After analyzing all 123 teams, here are what ended up being my top 10 brands, based equally on Colors/Logos (C/L), Uniforms (U), Venue (V), Legacy (L), and Fandom (F). The rankings in each category in comparison to the rest of their league are listed with some teams ahead of them if in the top five: 10. Boston Red Sox (3rd Overall in MLB) C/L: 7th out of 30 U: 12th out of 30 V: 3rd out of 30 (CHC & SF are ahead) L: 3rd out of 30 (NYY & STL are ahead) F: 3rd out of 30 (LAD & CHC are ahead) 9. Detroit Red Wings (3rd Overall in NHL) C/L: 4th out of 31 (STL, CHI, & PIT are ahead) U: 4th out of 31 (NYR, CHI, & TOR are ahead) V: 16th out of 31 L: 2nd out of 31 (MTL is ahead) F: 2nd out of 31 (WPG is ahead) 8. Los Angeles Dodgers (2nd Overall in MLB) C/L: 5th out of 30 (NYM, NYY, CWS, & MIL are ahead) U: 7th out of 30 V: 8th out of 30 L: 5th out of 30 (NYY, STL, BOS, & SF are ahead) F: 1st out of 30 7. Pittsburgh Penguins (2nd Overall in NHL) C/L: 2nd out of 31 (CHI is ahead) U: 6th out of 31 V: 7th out of 31 L: 4th out of 31 (MTL, DET, & CHI are ahead) F: 6th out of 31 6. Green Bay Packers (3rd Overall in NFL) C/L: 8th out of 32 U: 5th out of 32 (PIT, LVR, LAC, & KC are ahead) V: 1st out of 32 L: 5th out of 32 (PIT, NE, SF, & DAL are ahead) F: 5th out of 32 (BUF, KC, PIT, & SEA are ahead) 5. Pittsburgh Steelers (2nd Overall in NFL) C/L: 3rd out of 32 (LVR & DET are ahead) U: 1st out of 32 V: 14th out of 32 L: 1st out of 32 F: 3rd out of 32 (BUF & KC are ahead) 4. Chicago Blackhawks (1st Overall in NHL) C/L: 3rd out of 31 (STL & PIT are ahead) U: 2nd out of 31 (NYR is ahead) V: 8th out of 31 L: 3rd out of 31 (MTL & DET are ahead) F: 4th out of 31 (WPG, DET, & MTL are ahead) 3. Las Vegas Raiders (1st Overall in NFL) C/L: 1st out of 32 U: 2nd out of 32 (PIT is ahead) V: 3rd out of 32 (GB & DAL are ahead) L: 7th out of 32 F: 6th out of 32 2. Los Angeles Lakers (1st Overall in NBA) C/L: 7th out of 30 U: 3rd out of 30 (CHI & BOS are ahead) V: 2nd out of 30 (NYK is ahead) L: 1st out of 30 F: 7th out of 30 1. New York Yankees (1st Overall in MLB) C/L: 2nd out of 30 (NYM is ahead) U: 1st out of 30 V: 10th out of 30 L: 1st out of 30 F: 4th out of 30 (LAD, CHC, & BOS are ahead) Just Missed the Cut: - Chicago Cubs - Kansas City Chiefs - Toronto Maple Leafs - Montreal Canadiens - San Francisco Giants Do you agree? If not, who else? If you want me to release my full rankings, let me know and I can post the sheets doc.
  2. Personally I think the Rams are sporting their best logo that they've ever had, (compared to their generic helmet logos and that weirdly-detailed 50-60s Ram head) although some fans dislike it due to its association with St. Louis. Their current logo still managed to look timeless and modern after 18 years...
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