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  1. Over time, I have been working on concept uniforms for all 130 FBS football teams. I did the universities that are currently planning on staying or joining the FBS level. My designs were intended to be very unique and creative. I have had a lot of fun during this designing process while creating new uniform ideas. I will start uploading the uniforms for each team in alphabetical order. Let me know what you guys think and which ones are your favorites. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Hello all, I was looking at Raysox's Inkscape hockey tutorial (great stuff by the way), and I decided to take those skills and apply it to a small series creating hockey concepts for the entire Big 12. For those who don't know, the Big 12 does not have any teames that play D1 hockey for the NCAA. I will be creating a home, away, and for some teams an alternate jersey. Per NCAA hockey the home jersey will be white, while the away will be dark. I plan on releasing 1-2 concepts a week depending on how busy I am. Thanks to Conrad for the great fonts. Big 12 Hockey Kansas State Wildcats Texas Longhorns TCU Horned Frogs C&C is appreciated as always.
  3. This is my first real post, hope you all like it, and would love some feed back. I am also currently working on a Seattle Mariners Rebranding concept. So I will post that as soon as I get a chance.
  4. I've been playing around with some Oklahoma Football concepts recently since a discussion about the team's uniform history arose on another board. Most of these are faux-backs but one shows off a concept for a possible evolution of their current look. I included a link to an old photo of each set's inspiration where applicable. Click each image to view larger. First, the current uniforms for reference: A fauxback to our first ever uniform set. 1899 was also the year of the Oklahoma Land Run, which is where the "Sooners" name came from. On the home collar I have "Boomer" and the away collar "Sooner" as a nod to that historic date. Then an out-there 1904–inspired fauxback. This was the year that Oklahoma played Oklahoma State (then, Oklahoma A&M) for the first time and won 75-0. Thus, "75-0" is on the inside collar. One of these would be cool to break out for a Bedlam one-off one year. A 1938 fauxback. I'd like the see these IRL. "There's only one" is on the inside collar. And lastly a concept on what a uniform evolution could look like for the next uniform set. "Sooner Magic" is on the inside collar. I took some liberties with details here and there, but mostly looked to preserve the aura of the original uniforms. C&C appreciated.