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  1. Hi, Here is a new project I've been working on, I've red interviews about the way they did the league, the way they've built the identities. With my informations, I wanted something to be eye popping really catchy, I've done researches and after a long journey with drawings, days with or without inspirations and tons of decisions, I come up with these designs. I'm happy to unveiled the team,the players I've picked are these I would love to see in the Big3's league. Enjoy feel free to give feedbacks. Captain Co-captain Coach
  2. Since Training Camps are starting today, we might as well start 'er up.
  3. Hey all! Its been a while since i've posted a concept but I managed to find some free time to sit down and crank some stuff out. So one of my favorite concepts that ive done in the past was my B1G pro combat series where i took all the teams using Nike uniforms and developed one-off pro combat uniforms for them. Now with the recent expansion of the B1G to include Rutgers and Maryland, I thought it might be cool to go back and revisit this idea of redoing the B1G - but in this hypothetical situation Nike has exclusive rights to every school in the conference (however unrealistic ad that might be). The design intent here wasn't necessarily to go crazy and give every school the bat crazy Nike treatment but to develop full-time sets that i think look awesome, relate to and respect the school and its history while providing modern touches and to create uniforms i think Nike would make in the real world. For the teams that are already using Nike, i want to build off of my previous pro combat concepts and try to develop cohesive sets based on the foundation i've already laid. I plan on doing home and away sets for each team and if all goes well possibly do some rivalry sets as well - we'll see. Some C&C is welcomed and appreciated! So far i have completed 7 teams out of 14... Illinois Indiana Iowa (home,road) Maryland Michigan (home,road) Michigan State Minnesota Nebraska Northwestern (home,road) Ohio State Penn State (home,road) Purdue (home,road) Rutgers (home,road) Wisconsin (home,road) Iowa: Home Road Michigan: Home Road Penn State: Home Road Purdue: Home Road