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  1. This morning, Ice Cube, and NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson formally announced the BIG3, 3-on-3 Professional Basketball League. The inaugural season begins June 24, 2017, and will consist of 8 teams. The league was created by rapper/actor Ice Cube. The following nine former NBA players have agreed to play in the new league. - Allen Iverson - Rashard Lewis - Kenyon Martin - Jermaine O'Neal - Stephen Jackson - Chauncey Billups - Bonzi Wells - Jason Williams - Roger Mason, Jr. Structure There are a total of 8 Teams with 5 players per team with 1 coach per team. There will be an eight week regular season resulting in and 8 game regular season as all games are on Saturday with a week off between contests.[3] There will be one playoff game week nine and a championship game week ten. Rules Standard 2 and 3 point shots apply Exclusive 4 point shots when a player is touching ANY PART of the “4 Point Circle” Additional free throw taken if a player is fouled while making a shot A shooting foul will receive the number of shots corresponding to the missed attempt (2, 3, 4 points) All personal fouls will be counted as team fouls: No foul outs. On and after the 5th team foul (per half) opponents get 2 shots and ball possession A technical foul results in 2 foul shots & the ball. Every technical foul after the first results in 4 foul shots & ball possession First team to 60 Points wins Half-time happens after a team scores 30 Points Team must win by 4 Points Substitutions made on a dead ball or by calling time BIG3.com
  2. So Ice Cube's traveling 3 on 3 basketball league is still up and running. Not only that, but it's expanding from 8 teams to 12. They've announced a new team each Friday for the last 3 weeks. So far they've announced the Triplets, Aliens and Bivouac with a final team to likely be announced next Friday. s I've always wanted to see a sports team use Aliens for it's theme/branding, but not necessarily use the name Aliens. Maybe go with Invaders or Martians, but that's just me. I believe there's a lot of potential with Ant themed branding (insects in general are underused in sports). The logo they went with is solid IMO. The name though.... yeesh! Can't help but think Fire Ants or Colony would have been better names than Bivouac. Everybody that saw this post on social media had to look up the meaning of it. Keep it simple Cube lol A little corny how many of the teams in this league feature 3 in it's name in some form. With that said, Triplets is okay to me.
  3. Hi, Here is a new project I've been working on, I've red interviews about the way they did the league, the way they've built the identities. With my informations, I wanted something to be eye popping really catchy, I've done researches and after a long journey with drawings, days with or without inspirations and tons of decisions, I come up with these designs. I'm happy to unveiled the team,the players I've picked are these I would love to see in the Big3's league. Enjoy feel free to give feedbacks. Captain Co-captain Coach
  4. I was surfing the web yesterday and saw some new Big3 logos. That made me wonder, when are the Big3 logos going to be uploaded to the mothership. Voice your opinions below. Hopefully we will get enough attention to get the logos on the mothership.
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