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Found 5 results

  1. Mr. Foley, (the billionaire that's picking up most of the tab for the Las Vegas NHL project), has repeatedly stated that he prefers the name "Black Knights" for the Vegas hockey team. He's the man, so I've attempted a concept using Mr.Foley's choice of name and colours.
  2. I know people are going all out w/ ideas for the Las Vegas NHL team and so I decided to throw my hat in the ring just to add to the Black Knights speculation. I know that if that is what the team turns out to be they cannot be exactly like the Kings. But they also shouldnt have a random color just added to black or charcoal. However, the team's identity should be dark, threatening, and intimidating. So imo, all you have to do is involve several shades of grey without involving white or black. That should separate them from LA. For the main logo I'm going with a semi-typical interpretation of a Black Knight, one less like Quick's mask and more like Boba Fett's. So here is my take on the LV logo. I went very dark, i know, but without black, you have to compensate. I added two hockey sticks to either side of the helmet and the diamond on the top of the head represents the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!" sign. I understand its a bit simplistic but i like simplistic logos because i think too little is better than too much. I will be following up with some alternates, a wordmark, and most importantly, uniforms in a bit. C&C would be great, thanks!
  3. Here is a quick concept for the new las vegas team. rumor has it they'll be the black knights?
  4. So this is my first concept and it's my take on the newly announced Black Knights team. I wanted to get this out here before other concepts come flooding in. The plan was originally supposed to have more gold but my gold marker ran out. Also I know the alternete logo looks like the old Posse logo combined with the West Virginia logo. ( that was an accident) C&C greatly apreciated
  5. This is my second attempt at creating a Las Vegas expansion concept. Just after finishing my Aces concept, it was released that Las Vegas was applying for expansion with the name Black Knights. So I decided to redo my concepts with the new Las Vegas Black Knights. I kept the colour scheme pretty similar with a darker red. When I do make the jerseys, the grey may or may not be used, just to keep the amount of colours down. The knight is, of course, the primary while the sword Vegas star is the alternate. I did get most of the ideas for the alternate from another concept I saw online. I flipped the sword the other way and did a couple things different, but I liked the idea too much to do a different logo. I plan on making the uniforms soon, as I only had time to create the logos and some iPhone and computer wallpaper. Good C&C is appreciated I should say, I am not a very experienced concept creator, just a class in high school and general knowledge of logos along with my creativity, so please don't be too harsh with the comments Again, any help with putting the direct pictures up would be awesome.