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  1. So... I keep as a lurker at this forums for nearly a decade now. I'd be lying if I said it did not influence my life. I came here as a curious, and today I'm a designer working with it. I mean, with the design. Not necessarily with sports logos. One of the guys who has inspired me most recently is Kodrinsky. My witty comments on the beautiful courts that he makes are proof of that. And I've always wanted to kind of try to duplicate the courts, just like he does. But I felt I lacked a theme. Some motivation that would make me start and finish the series. Then it happened: Some of you may know I'm Brazlian , and we love Football (The one using foot and ball all of the time, you may know it as Soccer). Some of us make it a religion, enshrining a team or a club. Usually, this passion overflows football and spills over other sports as well. Below, you can see the crest of my enshrined club, São Paulo FC. Founded 1930, but with roots that can be traced to early days of the football game in Brazil, São Paulo FC is undisputedly one of the greatest teams in the nation, being the number one when it comes to international Competitions. São Paulo FC has three recognized football world championships. Two Intercontinental Cups, 1992 and 1993 and one FIFA Club World Cup, in 2005. It also have three Copa Libertadores titles, six national titles and lots of other championships. São Paulo FC has also formed Adhemar Ferreira da Silva, two times Olympic Champion (Triple Jump, Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956). Long made short, for this year, São Paulo FC formed a team of professional Basketball to play in Liga Ouro, the second division of National Basketball, following the trend started by other clubs like CR Flamengo and CR Vasco da Gama. I was bitten by the bug of Basketball again. And that's where I found the impulse I needed. On this thread, I'll be presenting every court where São Paulo FC Basketball Team will play or have played on this season.
  2. HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back.. And i'll try to be more active here, lets see how that goes... NEXT POST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Colombian authorities say 76 people including members of a Brazilian soccer team were killed in a plane crash Monday night in northwestern Colombia. Six people initially survived the crash, but one of them died a short time later, authorities said. The charter aircraft took off from Bolivia and was flying over the town of La Union at around 10 p.m. when electrical flaws were reported, according to a statement from the José María Córdova International Airport in Rionegro, Colombia. The plane crashed shortly after in a mountainous area in the Antioquian municipality, about 22 miles from the airport, which serves the city of Medellin. There were 72 passengers and nine crewmembers on board, including members of Chapecoense, a Brazilian first division soccer team. The team was expected to play in the Copa Sudamerica finals against Atletico Nacional on Wednesday in Medellin.
  4. What's up everyone! I'm coming with a logo concept today for a Brazilian team that plays the NBB (Novo Basquete Brasil) which is the major Brazilian Basketball League. Here the teams are professional but aren't managed by really professional people instead of spending money on marketing and stuff they'd rather hire some players, specially foreigners. To start some concepts with the teams here I choosed Mogi das Cruzes for 3 reasons: - The team is neat, one of the best here and some players are National Team Level. (They had some players that played on NCAA like Shamell Stallworth (San Francisco State), Tyrone Curnell (Valdosta), Gerson Espirito Santo (Colorado State) and Larry Taylor (Missouri Western State), also one of the centers Paulo Prestes was even drafted by Minnesotta Timberwolves couple years ago. Rafael "Bábby" Araujo - somebody remember him on NBA? - played there too) - Their logo sucks - They will host the next NBB's All-Star Game. So, to start this is their awful current logo: Doesn't make sense now that they're using a shade of purple on the uniforms. After a small research I found out that their mascot is a Jaguatirica a very common feline that lives mainly on Brazilian and Argentinian forests. Is not a big predator here but just like any wild animal we should respect, right? This is my redesign: C&C is always appreciated, I'm here to learn!
  5. Those who know me a while know that the company that I like to create for is Nike. Even missing a lot, Nike is still a strong company, and sometimes she does things that please me, as it did with the third Neon shirts last season, for its major European clubs. I got to do a project in behance had a nice rebound, making this style shirts for nine clubs in Latin America. Now I decided to make Nike neon shirts for the twelve teams that will contest the America's Cup which will begin soon in Chile. Some shirts were good, some shirts were horrible, but I tried to close the Nike would, and that my goal, at least I think I did well. See the post on my blog: C&C Please!
  6. Hi guys! My name is Lucas, I am the blog Elece Athletic ( There in the blog posts I make related to sports desgin, primarily focused on football, or "soccer". Not to be opening a topic for every post I make, I decided to open this, to be able to post my concepts related to soccer. I'm accepting requests for you. I hope you enjoy. Starting with 1860 München from 2.Bundesliga: Follow us on Twitter: @Elece Athletic Follow us on Instagram: @Elece Athletic
  7. Years pass since the founding of several clubs, and some of them have changed a lot since its early years to the present day. The shirts are what most change over time, but ever wondered what it would be the first shirts of each club were made to current standards? That's what I stopped to think, and tried to illustrate here. In this post, two clubs were portrayed: Manchester City and Manchester United. The shirt of the City, was originally made in 1884, at the time the club was still called Gorton, and the United was made in 1878 when the club was called Newton Heath LYR. United have sent a shirt in honor of this for some time, and the City also recently but still with the current shell. My goal was to try to combine fidelity the unique, with the current templates of each club. Do not miss it on my blog: us on Twitter: @EleceAthletic Follow us on Instagram: EleceAthletic
  8. It may be about 7 months away, but the group draw will be on Friday, and I didn't see one like it. It would be cool to see everyone's predictions some of the favorites are: Spain (Defending champs, #1 FIFA Ranking) Germany (3rd place, loads of young talent, #2 FIFA Ranking) Brazil (Hosts, confederation cup champs, only ranked 10th in the latest FIFA Ranking probably due to a lack of qualifying matches) Argentina (Still got Messi, #3 in FIFA Rankings)
  9. I made these two images to celebrate Germany's World Cup win. They're based on the Brazilian national flag and "Das Schone Spiel" translates as "The Beautiful Game"
  10. Hi, my first post here... Campeonato Paulista de Basquete is the main basketball tournament in the state of São Paulo, but I'm making new teams, using some traditional basketball cities in Sao Paulo state and major cities. BLACK ZONE: Barueri ?? - ?? Campinas Monkeys - Black & White Osasco ?? - ?? São José dos Campos Eagles - Yellow & Blue São Paulo Tsunamis - Blue & White São Bernardo do Campo Tigers - Yellow & Black RED ZONE: Bauru Locomotives - Red & White Franca Wizards - Green & White Jundiaí ?? - ?? Limeira ?? - ?? Mogi das Cruzes Snakes - ?? Taubaté ?? - ?? The top two of each group face off in the best of five matches. (1RZ X 2BZ & 1BZ X 2RZ), who won more matches will be final. Accepted suggestions for mascots for the teams, the colors also. (Where do I find a basis for the mascots? hand drawings? images? sites?) Could anyone recommend me a good template (PSD) of shirts basketball (front and back)? My english through Google translator, excuse the errors.
  11. EDIT: I made a new concept, for Team Canada, go through the topic to find it. I don't believe this could turn into a series, because I'm in a shortage of time, but I'll maybe keep this topic to further concepts, avoiding flood. So, I found the Olympic Swift template in a PDF from Nike, and decided to give it a try. Brazil is not a major favorite in much sports otherwise soccer and volley. We have a really good team in female handball, a decent basketball team and underdog teams in Baseball and Rugby. Football is growing, but our Jaguars still are inexperient. Ice hockey is still a dream. We don't have an official IIHF ice rink (lack of interest and investment from the stupid government), and most of the players play inline hockey. But dream is free, then I made this. I'm still open to minor edits on it, so feel free to suggest. Used the Southern cross because I think this is a under-used symbol. I'd like to see it more in national teams.
  12. I have been searching everywhere on the Internet to see if any company has designed and produced a t-shirt for this year's FIFA World Cup with the groups and qualified teams on it. But to no avail, it seems like no company, not even FIFA, has designed a shirt like this. In previous World Cups (2010, 2006, and 2002) FIFA produced a t-shirt with the group participants after the Finals Draw. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to assist me in designing the shirt. I want to have the Brazil 2014 theme throughout (like on the FIFA website). The back would be a ball representing the world split into eight equal parts. Each part would be for each group (A to H) and the participants in each group. They would be in he specific 2014 World Cup font with either the country's flag or FA logo. On the front I would like to have a graphic of the country of Brazil with the 12 cities that are hosting matches. Plus have the World Cup emblem and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 around it (with the specific font). After it is designed, I can get it produced here in the city I live so that us bloggers could have a reminder of this year's big event. Anyone who helps me would get a shirt for free (including shipping) but others would only pay a small fee. Anyone wanting to help out a novice concept maker?
  13. Above, here's the logo I developed for the competition! Hey guys, I'm starting a new project, I'll shirts of participating teams from the Second Division of the São Paulo State Championship, using my fictitious brand, Wind Sports! There are 20 clubs in the race of the championship, which begins Jan. 25. The clubs are: - Batatais Futebol Clube - Capivariano Futebol Clube - Associação Ferrovária de Esportes - Grêmio Barueri Futebol Ltda. - Grêmio Catanduvense de Futebol - Guarani Futebol Clube - Guaratinguetá Futebol Ltda. - Sociedade Esportiva Itapirense - Marília Atlético Clube - Mirassol Futebol Clube - Atlético Monte Azul - Grêmio Esportivo Osasco - Red Bull Brasil - Rio Branco Esporte Clube - Santo André Esporte Clube - Esporte Clube São Bento - Associação Desportiva São Caetano - ‎São José Esporte Clube - União Agrícola Barbarense Futebol Clube - Associação Esportiva Velo Clube Rioclarense Hopefully follow, soon I post something to start!
  14. Hey guys, I'm José Neto, I'm 17 years old and live in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I take the sporty design as a hobby and work at Aktion Sports, a sports supplier that works with teams below. Well, I do not know what else to say, I apologize for my english, not my, Google Translator lol.Hope you enjoy!Oh, and to begin the topic, I present these ideas to the team that I cheer the Marília Atlético Clube!
  15. Yes, I had no better idea for the title of this topic, so I gave a little "plagiarized" in the title that Raysox are using it in the series of football. Anyway, let's do a little background, and then dive headfirst into the concept ... I am Brazilian, and of course, do not run away from the cliché, soccer is my favorite sport, but handily, I basketball as second passion. And despite my team being the reigning champion of the NBB (our annual competition of the sport), I can say that this competition gives me SHAME so disorganized, and in all aspects, from the dispute, even the uniforms and logos (which is what will work here). Move forward in time a bit, to the not so distant year 2019. The Brazil won the silver medal in the sport in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and, realizing that he has talent to go far in basketball, resolving to organize the sport in the country, and resolves "copy" the American NBA mold, and assemble the "Liga de Basquete" (Basketball League). All teams participating in the NBB would have to change their names, and logos, starting for style franchise. The league would be reduced to 16 teams, divided into two conferences (North and South), each with eight teams. Teams from each conference would play each other 2 times, and once against teams from the opposite conference. The top 4 from each conference would qualify for the play-offs, which would be made by mixing the two conference teams in a playoff, even the title of the "Liga de Basquete". TEAMS OF LIGA DE BASQUETE (CONFERÊNCIA SUL/SOUTH CONFERENCE): Curitiba Snow Patrol Botafogo White Stars Campinas Relâmpago Rio de Janeiro Downtown POA Cavalheiros Goiânia Country Club Brasília Candangos Vila Velha Villagers TEAMS OF LIGA DE BASQUETE (CONFERÊNCIA NORTE/NORTH CONFERENCE): Porto Seguro Navegantes Olinda Defensores Manaus Green Forest Rio Branco Comet João Pessoa Guardians Boa Vista Travellers Arapiraca Falcons Leões de Sobral