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  1. Taking my own stab at some NBA City Edition jersey. I'll start with the Atlanta Hawks. I kinda took the concept that Cleveland ran with and did a hip hop inspired city edition. Each letter is taken from a different well known rapper from Atlanta. A-Migos, T-T.I., L-Lil' Jon, A-Outkast, N-2 Chainz, T- TLC, A-Ludachris. On the sides of the jersey feature curved striping that represent Spaghetti Junction> I couldn't get the lines to do exactly what I wanted to so I did what I could. If someone has recommendations on how to do curved lines better please let me know.
  2. Alright, so when the nets announced a few years ago that they were moving to Brooklyn, I was expecting a lot more for their identity. This was the first time professional sports would take over in Brooklyn since the Dodgers left. I figured, since Brooklyn is proud of their history, their identity would have resembled their only other professional team from the past, the Dodgers. I like the shield, and I like their identity already, but I figured I could combine it with the history of Brooklyn sports and create an identity that might be a little more fun to look at on the court, and a little more linked to Brooklyn. Primary: Alt. Logo: Home Uni: Road Uni: Alternate: (Note: The side pattern is supposed to represent the bottom of a basketball net, and also it is taken from this dodgers logo: )
  3. Okay so I saw the Brooklyn Nets uniforms that are supposed to be a nod to the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball uniforms and they look awful to me personally. They sort of remind me of ref jerseys but I don't know. Anyways I got bored and made what I think would look cool. Basically kept the Nets jersey style and added blue. They are simple but I love them compared to the sleeved ones that came out. By the way whoever decided to put sleeves on a basketball jersey should be in the unemployment line...awful just awful.
  4. This is the most obvious alternate proposal ever - I apologize if someone else here posted already something similar. It was just in my head and I thought I'd throw it together: I'm also thinking about incorporating the herring bone pattern into the outer stripes, but I might want to eliminate the stripe continuation on the shorts in order to make it work.