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  1. So I've been working on redesigning a lot of college football team's uniforms and, since this weekend is when tOSU reveals their all black uniforms against Penn State, I've decided to go ahead and present my version of what they should have created. The majority of us hate them and feel as if we could have done a lot better job of modernizing their uniform while keeping their historic and legendary feel. I chose to stick with their traditional layout as well as keeping their modern helmets and pants. This way, although they won't be wearing their famous scarlet red or white tops, they can still be easily identifiable as the Ohio State Buckeyes. Click for a detailed view
  2. So let's face it. The College Football Playoff National Championship, is far short of its potential, design-wise. Of course, I started this before Oregon unveiled the gray and white uniforms this afternoon, but still, Oregon could look better than what they did in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State looked great, better than usual even, but with a few small tweaks I feel as if I created a much more solid set. Also, I haven't created a legit concept on the boards and posted it (altough there's tons on my computer) so I figured this was a good place to start. Introducing the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship game, by yours truely (made using Inkscape). First up is Rose Bowl Champs Oregon, looking for the school's first National Championship. I took inspiration from various things associated with Oregon Ducks football. First and foremost, Puddles is seen throughout the uniform, from the sleeves to the helmet. I love the logo, and changed only the color. Oregon's uniforms of the 90s were a big inspiration, as it was the set they wore when they rose to national prominence. They threw back to the set earlier in the year and I absolutely loved them. Oregon's current traditional set, as seen on Marcus Mariota in the bottom right, inspired the look as well. Autzen Stadium and Hayward Field are the inspiration of the current logo, so I included them here. The Ducks' "Win The Day" matra is included on the undershirt and on the back collar. Lastly, I took inspiration from Oregon's SCHOOL COLORS which is such a wonderful combination which isn't showcased near enough. Puddles is featured on the helmet and sleeve in all his glory, and the stripes from the 90s return. The current number font remains, and "OREGON" is represented across the chest. Puddles is at a 27 degree angle on the sleeves to represent Oregon's 27 bowl appearances. The undershirt is self explanatory, featuring the "O" logo with "WIN THE DAY" written inside it with "OREGON FOOTBALL" underneath. The gloves feature the stripes used on the uniform. A classic uniform with a bit of a twist for the Fighting Ducks. Next up, the Ohio State Buckeyes, looking for an eighth National Championship to bring back to Columbus. For Ohio State, the main inspiration was the uniforms of the 1940s. The dropshadow is present thorughout the uniform and the logos, and the Clarendon font is used on the back of the helmet. The sleeve stripes from many of Ohio State's national titles are back, as shown above in the picture from '02. The iconic Scirpt Ohio is the inspiration of one of the wordmarks, and the stained glass "O" at Ohio Stadium is featured as well. The 7 National Titles for Ohio State are represented, and the current pants remain. A bit of an oversized helmet stripe was used, albeit not as large as the Rivalry Set. The black facemask was also taken from the same helmet. And what's an Ohio State helmet without Buckeye stickers? The helmet is a traditional Buckeyes helmet, save for the black mask and green stickers. The bumper features the Script Ohio logo. The sleeves feature the traditional striping from back in the day. The numbers have a classic OSU dropshadow, outlined in black to unify the numbers and the stripes. Seven Buckeye stickers are on the back collar to symbolize the 7 national championships. The pants are, well, the same. The undershirt (which I really like) has "Ohio State Athletic Dept." again with 7 seven buckeye stickers. The gloves also feature the buckeye stickers (although 8, which for some reason I didn't think about 7...) (10, I can't count) with the new "O" Here's a sheet of all the logos used in each concept: Whew! Hope you enjoyed that write-up. Enjoy the game! O-H-
  3. I think everyone is a little disappointed with what Oregon will wear on the biggest stage they have ever played on. The Diamond Quest uniform that they released lacks school colors and is very muted in comparison to some of the better uniform combinations they have worn recently. With Ohio State, the general consensus is that they are downright beautiful, but I think they can be sightly improved. Check out my proposal on how the CFP National Championship Game can be improved aesthetically... For Oregon, I drew inspiration from several different uniforms they have worn in the past 2-3 years. Feathers are prominent (look closely at the numbers!), apple green is a secondary color to yellow, and don't forget the duck logo on the arms! (I don't understand why this could not be a color vs. color game, it would look beautiful on the field). As for Ohio State, nothing much has changed, just a few edits to what they are currently wearing, which in my biased opinion is the sharpest look in all of college football. C&C always welcome, and Go Bucks!
  4. i dont think i've ever shared my own work in this sub forum, but thought this would be appropriate and interesting to some. This is some of the work i did while at J America, who 1.5 year ago signed an exclusive apparel deal with tOSU. They opened a design studio in Columbus to be dedicated to the university's apparel needs. i was lucky enough to be part of an All Star team of designers who came from places like adidas, Old Hat creative, Justice, Abercrombie, and about half of the 20 person team are from Ohio and truly bleed scarlet and grey. I've designed a lot of things, but it's rare that i can say "yea, i'm really proud of that". This is one of those rare times. Buckeye fans, you can get most of this stuff right now at Champs, Giant Eagle, Buckeye Corner, Kohls, Target, and Barnes N Noble on campus. There are some things here that are only concepts that never got used or we had to scrap, like all the post-season football stuff that went out the window with the loss to Michigan State. Oh, but the REALLY good stuff doesn't come out until fall of this year. LINK TO FULL BEHANCE PROJECT
  5. Back in the mid to late 60's, Ohio State wore a uniform not too all together different from their currents, but with one unique detail. When the initially added TV numbers, they were down in the bicep area and they were BLACK. I first became a fan as a little kid a few years later after this detail was removed, but I remember seeing it in photos and thinking it was cool, and wishing they hadn't changed it. (In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the first time in my life that I mentioned a uniform tidbit to someone... in this case my older brother... and getting that "what are you talking about?" look.) For most of my childhood, whenever I did one of my hundreds of magic marker "concepts" for tOSU, I always brought this little detail back. In recent years, as the sleeves started to really shrink away, it's become harder to make something I was happy with, that still incorporated the black TV numbers. They do not work at all up on the shoulders IMO. But recently, I have noticed a slight trend towards making the socks once again part of the overall design. Last week South Carolina wore team striped socks... in recent memory, so have Oregon State and, I think, Army. So with that in mind, here's a concept bringing back the black TV numbers and moving the classic stripes to the socks. Also, I tried to find a few unusual ways to get some gray unto the jersey. I also darkened the gray slightly overall, for a stronger road look. What do you think?