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Found 4 results

  1. I finally decided to post my Minnesota Vikings concept that I made in January. The concept is based on the idea that there is a home/away set, color rush, and a throwback alternate. I based the main set on the vikings current uniforms while also implementing the concept drawings by Hubenthal. I used the current Vikings font but without the serifs, added a white facemask, and tweaked the horn logo slightly. For the color rush uniform I decided to base it on the all white uniforms the vikings wore from 1969-1995 with the UCLA stripes. I based the alternate/throwback on the 1965 uniform set, where the numbers are outlined and the stocks dont have stripes.
  2. I took a break from my main series, MLB Organizational Tweaks, create a quick concept for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They currently have some problems with their set that I wanted to address. First off their number font is horrendous, so I used a modified block font similar to their super bowl winning look. I also lightened the shade of pewter because their darker shade is really drab and doesn't mix well with their bright red and orange. Their is only one logo used for the shoulder patch to remain consistent. Also the buccaneers wordmark is added above the front numbers. C&C is appreciated.
  3. With the announcement of the new logo/helmet/uniforms for the Bucs, I was put in the mood for making a concept for them. The helmets feature an oversized logo that has been simplified to an extent (the sword on the flag). Also, the shoulder design mimics a sword as well. Other than that, not a huge change design-wise. First, the Red/Pewter/Black version (click for larger image): Second, a Orange/Pewter/Black version. There was a discussion in Sports Logos about this scheme, and most agreed that orange and pewter don't work together. I agree, but it can work if done right. I never let the pewter and orange actually meet, and I think it turned out pretty well. C&C appreciated! I realize they all say Home Uniform, I can fix that in an update sometime.
  4. Here is a rough concept for a TB Buccaneers black and gold uniform. This is just a rough design, just inform me if you like the idea or not.