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  1. Hey! I created a sports team logo concept. The team is called the Cape Cod Curve, for Cape Cod, MA. The Curve is for the geographical form of Cape Cod,and the waves at the beach with a "curve" shape. I have four logos, the primary, secondary, wordmark, and alternate. They can work for all types of sports teams. I havent decided on if i should have a lighter or darker blue color. (by the way, blue is for the ocean,and orange for the sun) Here's the Primary: The orange background is the sun, and the wave is the resemblance of the "curve." Inspired by the Atlanta Hawks new old logo. My favorite logo of them all. The secondary: This one is simple; a wave with an orange outline that looks like a C, for Cape Cod Curve. I think this would look good as a ballcap logo, like the Cleveland Indians "C." Inspired by the Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers logos. The wordmark: This one has three colors, sun orange, sky blue, and ocean blue. Last but not least, the alternate: This one I plan to not use as much, because i dont like the font after the C. Well, those are my logos! Please reply and comment! I need the help!
  2. Okay. I made logos for my fantasy team the Cape Cod Curve. I named it the curve because Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, curves geographically. It is my first time making logos, so I'm not a pro or anything, so help me out. Here's my wordmark, the orange is for the sun, the light blue is for the sky, and the dark blue is for the sea. Now, inspired by the Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers, is my primary, the gradient is supposed to look like water: And last, is my secondary, but I am unsure about my font after the C. Thanks! I need the help!