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  1. My take for the Washington Not-The-(Washington Football Team). I decided to call the team the Sentinels. A Sentinel is a soldier who keeps guard over a particular thing. The name works well for a football team (although maybe not if they have a bad Defense or an Offensive Line), and it gives the impression of a fortress or a defensive stronghold, such that should be implied by the capital of a country as prominent and powerful as the United States. Logo (features a letter "W" with the dome of the US Capitol Building superimposed on it) Uniforms (keeps the same general design as the old (Washington Football Team) uniforms, but adds a chevron on the sleeve to look like military insignia) C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  2. Where are my D3 Football fans at!?!?!? If you're from Southeast Ohio, a fan of OAC Football, and listened to an OAC game on WMCO or OrbitMediaOnline.com (shameless plug), There's about a good chance you heard me calling a game for the Muskingum Muskies last fall as either play-by-play or color commentator. As part of my senior capstone project for my Digital Media Design major last semester at Muskingum, I came up with a redesign of Muskingum University athletics. It was a lot of fun working on it and decided recently to redesign the rest of the OAC's primary logos and their football uniforms as well as the conference logo itself. I'll start by posting all 10 new primary logos followed by home, road, and alternate uniforms. Without further ado, let's kick things off with a double-dose of logos, starting with... OHIO NORTHERN POLAR BEARS Location - Ada, OH Affiliation - United Methodist Est. Undergrad - 2,900 (2017) 2017 Record - 7-3 (6-3 OAC) 4 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Appearances ('99, '00, '10, '15) Mascot Name - Klondike Fun fact: ONU is actually the 5th-most northern school in the conference, behind Mount, Baldwin Wallace, JCU, and the Berg. Ohio Northern is a team that typically finishes within the top half of the OAC every year, yet is still a middle-of-the-pack team. 2017 was a little different, however, thanks to an off-year for John Carroll, as the Polar Bears finished with a respectable 7-3 record in the OAC. Original Logo: ONU's current primary logo isn't bad upon first glance, but the beveled numbers and excessive detail in the bear's face brings down the overall quality, especially at small sizes. Concept Logo: A quick cleanup is all that's needed for ol' Klondike here. I eliminated the shadows while emphasizing some of the detail in the fur and making his eye a little bigger. The more noticeable change is the "ONU" font to a more traditional block font and making it italicized. This helps give the logo a bit of motion, which will look great on the side of a football helmet. OTTERBEIN CARDINALS Location - Westerville, OH Affiliation - United Methodist Est. Undergrad - 2,342 (2014) 2017 Record - 6-4 (5-4 OAC) Mascot Name - Cardy the Cardinal Otterbein is a true middle-of-the-pack team, usually no better than 6-4 but no worse than 4-6 in the past few years. They're just kinda... there. They do have a beautiful campus just northwest of Columbus so they've got that going for them. On paper, Otterbein has had one of the best offensive units in the conference thanks in part to great QB play and WR threats each week. However, stats don't always equal success, but it's kind of hard with Mount Union being the conference champ for the better part of the last 25+ years. Original Logo: So I think I found the Cleveland Browns' inspiration for the "upshadow"... In all seriousness, the current logo isn't bad, but it's severely underused. Instead, the team uses an Oregon ripoff with a red O on a white helmet. It's a shame, because even for an alternate helmet, this would be a great helmet logo. But this is D3 Football, so they'll take whatever they can get their hands on, even if it comes from a catalog or *shudders* Wilson. Concept Logo: The new logo takes the happy-go-lucky cardinal from the... 70s? 80s?... and gives him a fearless attitude. Although a walking cardinal would probably be cool for an actual primary logo, in regards to football, the cardinal head seemed like the best route (think Louisville, Arizona Cardinals, etc). The cardinal is now brought into the 21st century with consistent line widths and a more aggressive attitude, but not too aggressive to scare young children. --------- Let me know what you guys think! It's been awhile since I've done a concept series of any kind and only the second that it isn't a crossover series. Next up: Capital.
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