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  1. Started playing with this idea before the retro reverse jerseys came out. Basically a slight update & cleanup of the original 90's mark. CC always appreciated!
  2. I was going through some old concepts I made and came across a concept I made back in 2013. I dusted it off and applied it to this template. I did have a little difficulty making the concept with this template so bare with me a little. Let me know what you think.
  3. I tried to develop a Kent State baseball hat and logo. This was done awhile back to get feedback from friends and family which did not provide any consensus. Thought I’d post what I have to get some feedback before I try to work on them again.
  4. Here's a design for the Caps if they ever want to have a new jersey instead of a direct throwback. The overall look is heavily inspired by the throwback jerseys but with some differences. The Weagle is front and centre as it should be, and the font is more modern. C&C Appreciated!
  5. There are so many good ones and many that use baseball-only logos. One of my favorites is Miami's. Classic
  6. Just curious - does anyone know when the NFL began officially issuing it's draft picks team hats? If so, I think it'd be awesome for them to be catalogued either here or elsewhere. Fashion hats and team merchandise on the whole can be kind of a slippery slope, but the draft hats feel more official than some of the rest. 1989 - Barry Sanders - Looks like a mesh back with embroidered front script. 1990 - Jeff George, Junior Seau, Blair Thomas - Green underbills (I feel like that's a traditional feature, but am uncertain), and embroidered script is basically the same as Sanders in the above picture. 1993 - Drew Bledsoe - White border on bill and team logo seems more prominently displayed. 1998 - Peyton Manning - can't tell much about detail but maybe wool? Looks cheap/wrong size. 1998 - Charles Woodson - same year as Manning, but cap has a different shape behind it and the bill looks to have a design as well. ------------- From what I can see it looks like they may have started in 1989. If anyone has any evidence of older official team hats being worn on draft day, that'd be awesome. Better pictures of the hats themselves from the older years are hard to find.
  7. Hey guys! So for those of you who caught the debut of the Ordinarie O© NHL fitted project, this is an extensions of that very project. Through out the season, I'll be creating special edition fitted caps for teams and players as they hit certain milestones within the season. Now I'll be honest... I won't be able to keep up with every single team and each of their players, but I'll highlight what I can catch wind of to create these fitteds in a timely manner. Well anyways, here's the first batch of Special Edition Aesthetic O'Caps making their debut: 1. Philadelphia Flyers / Michal Neuvirth for his back to back shutouts against the Panthers & Blackhawks to equal 61 saves total. 2. Minnesota Wild / Zach Parise for his hat trick against the Colorado Avalanche. 3. Tampa Bay Lightning / Steven Stamkos for hitting his 500th career point. 4. Chicago Blackhawks / The hawks for their 2014/2015 season Championship. Be sure to catch all of the Special Edition Aesthetic O'Caps and more custom fitteds on Tumblr & Instagram. And just so y'all know, not everything will be posted here in the forums. I'll only be posting in the forums every once in a while to showcase some new fitteds and to keep promoting the project. So make sure you follow those two social platforms if you have them. Enjoy guys!
  8. Hello all, I've been a fan and reader of the forum for many years but I haven't done much posting, nor have I shared a concept until now: I thought I'd do a concept series a little different from the 'norm' and focus on the New Era bating practice caps we've all come to know and love hate since their presence in a team's brand has become relevant. 1. Arizona Diamondbacks- I created my own alternate logo for the D-Backs for their bating practice cap. The logo is a snake emerging from a baseball that takes obvious cues from the D-Backs 'D' logo. I've never really been a fan of their color change from purple/black/teal/copper to sedona red/sand so rather than wear the on-field cap, I wear a cap I like much better. As such I've inverted the logo's of the 'D' snake for my logo. Enjoy. Cap Logo BP Cap
  9. Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. As we all know, the MLB has new Diamond Era BP Caps. I'm a huge fan of them and came of with some different designs for each team that I thought I'd share. Even though I know photoshop, I have limited access to it, so these are obviously done with minimal editing capabilities and look pretty bad, so please understand. Ill go through them division by division, starting with the American League Central. Positve/Contructive feedback would be appreciated! Chicago White Sox: Cleveland Indians: Detroit Tigers: Kansas City Royals: Minnesota Twins:
  10. I'd been looking for a decent baseball cap for the soccer team I support, Aston Villa. It occured to me on searching that European soccer really hasn't gotten on the Fitted/Snapback cap bandwagon like most sports over in the US and here in Australia. I hope this eventually catches on, because i'd love an Aston Villa 59fifty. So I was inspired to have a go at these. Thanks heaps to JayJackson3 for his cap template! A link to where you can find the template is here: I'd love to see some other people have a go at some European soccer 59fiftys, so don't be shy if you want your club represented or have a good idea.
  11. Hey guys, I've recently been looking into buying a '47 Brand Franchise hat because I've never quite liked how New Era hats fit me. Unfortunately, no stores where I live sell '47 Brand so I am unsure of what size to get. For New Era hats, I am a 7 5/8 and my head measures 61cm. '47 Brand has a size chart on their website for the Franchise hats but both 7 5/8 and 61cm fall right on the cusp of the XL and XXL sizes. I was just wondering if anyone else has the same problem and could provide some advice on which size would be better. Thanks!