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  1. I don't know if this was done already in this forum, but I was inspired seeing basketball cards in the 90s made for NBA announcers. I thought I'd try it out with some of today's commentators. Inspiration: Reggie Miller (TNT) Ralph Lawler (LA Clippers) Jeff Van Gundy (ESPN) I also made one of Mike Gorman (Boston Celtics), but I scrapped it because it looked bad.
  2. I took a stab at updating the raven logo for the card game Rook. OLD: My Update:
  3. Hello everybody, now that the NHL draft has been completed i decided to make some basic hockey cards for the players drafted. Im only going to do the 1st round, releasing 10 at a time, then I will take requests if you want any specific players or teams.
  4. so, 2 thoughts inspire this thingy could i 'paper doll' a line of NBA legends in illustrator & the weirdness of the 80-81 topps set. 3 players random players on a card and you were seriously meant to rip the cards apart! no rhyme or reason here. sometimes the year is a career highlight.... or maybe when i think they just looked the coolest. ill try to be as accurate as possible with the unis and dudes. part of the fun is sleuthing out references to making vector logos from scratch off of an memorabilia auction photo, to figuring out some dudes hairline, to making sure what color Dr.J's knee brace was in 1976.... shoutout to blase!
  5. tiger13x

    MLB SuperCard

    Not sure if anyone plays the IOS apps NHL or WWE SuperCard, but I have always wanted to work on a project that would bring all the goodness of those games to my favorite sport, Major League Baseball! My friend and I had worked on a template to make "cards" for this planned game...which look like this... The template took a bit to make, but changing the players, logo and font around don't take that long. Around 10 player cards are done so far, I will post more later. Heres a little background on the planned internet game that would revolve around these cards; There are five tiers of cards Basic - the lowest level, your bench players, minor get the gist Rare - guys who aren't that bad, but maybe not all that good either Ultra Rare - the middle tier, there are some solid players in this group Epic - the really good players, consistent talents (the card pictured above is in this tier) Legendary - these guys are awesome, the stars of the game These cards are acquired for "playing" games, collecting cards, achieving new ranks and taking part in tournaments and contests! Then there are these numbers on the cards... CTL (control), BRK (break) and VEL (velocity) are the three stats that pitcher cards use to get the hitters out. Im not going to go into the actual formula for calculating, because this is a design board. I AM LOOKING FOR HELP WITH THIS PROJECT, IF YOUD BE INTERESTED IN HELPING ME MAKE CARDS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The psd file is here Cheers!
  6. What are some of your favorite sports cards designs? Here are some of mine: NBA: 1. 1994-95 Fleer The base cards had the player's name in one team color against a splash of the team's other color. Very shiny. Players from the Hornets and Suns looked especially cool; here's one of Charlotte's Darrin Hancock: The inserts were also very well-designed. I'll post more images later. 2. 1991-92 Skybox Definitely the most abstract card designs I can think of. Want MJ? Here he is: How about Moses Malone? I'm in a hurry, but I'll get to more later.
  7. Being a sports logo website, I'm sure we all have our favorite teams, and the teams that aren't necessarily faves but close to home. So we collect things from small-town teams to abide our anger. Post your collections here. I'll start it off sweet but with a big hit. Behold, the official 2015 Midsummer Classic program!!!!!
  8. I decided to take black out of the Cardinals color scheme and keep it simple. C&C appreciated
  9. Hey People, I Really Need Ideas For This 2 Make It Look Better Card so far Designed This Card For Drew Stubbs Himself! Can anyone help me make this card better. Remember This Is for Drew Stubbs.
  10. On Saturday I was at the Cardinals game in St Louis and they wore their new alternate uniforms. The piping is similar to the piping on the uniforms of the 40's. These alts would be worn on Sunday home games instead of Saturday. Since they wear the bird on bat hat on Sundays now I regretfully replace it with a similar hat that I think goes better with this new alt. Please feel free to offer any critiques and comments, thanks.