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  1. What if the CFP was 64 teams? Here is my concept of what the bracket would have looked like this year. I used CBS 128 rankings at the end of the season for seeding.
  2. 2016 / Arizona 2017 / Tampa Bay 2018 / Atlanta 2019 / San Francisco Bay Area ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST My first post of 2016 will be something I've been thinking about for a while. Like the old Super Bowl logos, I wanted to make location-specific logos for the College Football Playoff National Championship games. I want to create a template (like the Final Four) where each logo features one constant item, but they all still have elements related to the city in which the game is being played. I've started with a rough draft for this year's game in Glendale. You can kinda see where I'm going with this. (p.s., if anyone knows any fonts that would work well with Arizona, let me know) Rough Draft:
  3. The first ever Super Bowl was not called that. It was "The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game" before being called the Super Bowl. So I was thinking that, with this first playoff title game for College Football having a name like that, let's think of a better name for it. My suggestions: - The National Bowl - The Collegiate Bowl - The Letterman Bowl - The American Bowl Or, if they're desperate: - The [insert sponsor name here] Championship Bowl and they change it when the contract is up. Thoughts?
  4. We're officially within a month of college football starting! I searched all over for a thread and couldn't believe there wasn't one made yet. In fact, I'm still not sure there isn't one out there so if there is, feel free to discard this one. The first preseason coaches poll has been released: