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  1. Six months after the unveiling of the new Maple Leafs uniform, I'm used to the mega-thick stripe on the hem, but I actually don't like the classic double stripes on the arms. A great logo like this needs a bold design to compliment it, so I decided to make my fix. The Arenas' 4-stripe barberpole adjusted to fit the thick hem stripe replaces the double stripe, while on the home the stripe is lowered to throwback to the Arenas and form a T with the new pants. The stripe is kept where it is on the away, so the negative white space on the hem connects with the pants. The pants themselves are simple. so to go with the stripe I just put the simple Arenas' T. To show the full uniform and the T on the pants, I used one of JCRGraphix's great templates. C&C Appreciated!
  2. I took a short break from my NHL Pastel Series to redo the Winter Classic jerseys. The changes I made were mostly minor, but I think they really improve the jerseys. St. Louis Blues The Blues really nailed their Winter Classic uniforms this year. When I started out I wanted to incorporate the St. Louis flag into the jersey. Sadly, any way I tried to do so looked awful, so I left the jersey striping as-is, just filled in the cuffs and waist. Chicago Blackhawks The Blackhawks have really untouchable jerseys, so these don't have a major impact either. The "improvements" I made on this one were to add in some sky blue from the Chicago flag, and add the red stars from the flag on the arms. So, I know those were some really minor changes, but what do you think?
  3. This is my idea for what this year's winter classic should look like. St Louis: I edited their sleeve strping from the mid 80's to early 90's and made it extend to the cuff. Chicago: I used sand as the primary jersey colour, gave them a double red-stripe sleeve and hem pattern, and a black yoke C&C is appreciated!
  4. With the NHL's 100th anniversary first approaching, I figure Adidas designers are working on special jerseys. In this concept, on the exact anniversary of the first ever NHL game, the three matchups of the night feature the NHL's Original Six teams, each with a sweater throwing back to their history. BRUINS @ CANADIENS With the Canadiens sporting close to exactly what they wore originally, I dug back to their pre-NHL days, and made a red version of their white sash jersey. With the Bruins having worn a black version of what they wore originally, I threw back to a later era, with their Winter Classic logo taking center stage. A note- all designs sport a round sweater collar and one-layer numbers, to emulate the style worn back then. RED WINGS @ MAPLE LEAFS For Toronto, I converted their Arenas jerseys to the Adidas template. For the Red Wings, since the Cougars logo doesn't represent their current brand, I created a new logo inspired by the Cougars crest, and threw back to the Cougars jerseys as well. BLACKHAWKS @ RANGERS For the Rangers, again, nothing much has changed, but I had no choice, so I just converted their originals to the Adidas template. For Chicago, I was inspired by their originals, keeping the shoulder pattern, but added red and a new arm and hem striping. C&C Appreciated! I spent a lot of time on this project, so I hope it turned out well!
  5. Hi all! A longtime lurker, this is my first thread. Here's my idea for next year's Winter Classic: C&C appreciated!
  6. Hello fellow board members! Recently, the NHL unveiled the event plans for next season. I decided to mock up a few designs for the outdoor games next season. WINTER CLASSIC: STADIUM SERIES: CENTENNIAL CLASSIC: I'm happy do future events, whether it's for this year or ones to come. Feel free to suggest any games/matchups.
  7. Hey guys. I was just browsing ebay for some souvenir NHL pucks and I came across a lot of 16 vintage NHL pucks with a couple interesting logos. Here is a direct link to the sale of the lot The two logos in question are of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver Canucks Here's the first logo that really caught my eye. I've never seen a variation of this particular Blackhawk logo. The feathers are what jumped out at me from the start. Also the face structure and neckline are unlike any I have seen.: The second logo that got my attention was this early version of Johnny Canuck. It looks to be an anniversary logo, hence the "20 Years," but I haven't seen it before and the Canucks used this logo as their 20th Anniversary logo. Anyone have any info on these? Are/were they legitimate NHL logos? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  8. After seeing a depiction of the Blackhawks logo in JUST black, white and red on Corey Crawford's mask, I wonder if a jersey could be made with that logo. I decided to look through the Blackhawks jersey history to see if anything could work. I chose the 1928 jersey with a few changes... 1. Most obvious, the insertion of red into the jersey color scheme. 2. The large collection of stripes on the should has now be condensed into a repeat of the sleeve stripes. 3. I actually like it when a team can put logos on their sleeves instead of their shoulders. Not that it always works, but when they do it well, it works great. 4. I actually think this looks well with no waist stripes at all. I tried putting the sleeve stripes across the waist but they were too huge and too cluttered and left almost no room for the jersey name and number. What do you think?
  9. For those of you who've seen the new Stadium Series Jerseys for this year, they're a little, well, underwhelming. I'll be recreating the logos and uniforms, starting with the logos. Back in 2014, the NHL took a huge risk and decided to chrome the jersey logos, which were pretty rad. So I decided to bring that back. Minnesota Wild... Chicago Blackhawks... Colorado Avalanche... Detroit Red Wings... That's all! Jerseys come soon.
  10. So I wanted to try my hand at some Stadium Series concepts for next year and decided to start with the CHI/MIN game. I wanted to stay in the Stadium Series theme with all uniforms being somewhat the same style but at the same time I wanted them to look good (which has seemed to be a problem with the Stadium Series uniforms so far). These aren't completely done yet I just wanted some feedback on what you guys think about these. They are basically meant to look like the same stripe going all the way up the sides of the uniform from the socks all the way up to the jersey. Brace yourselves!
  11. Had a quick idea for the Blackhawks for this year's Winter Classic against the Capitals.
  12. I know everybody is going to say 2013 because of the 21-0-3 start, and winning presidents' trophy. But for me, it's 2010. You may be asking why. 1. The talent (Kane, Keith, Towes, Sharp, Hossa, Versteeg, Brouwer, Campbell, Ladd, Byfuglien, Seabrook, Maddan, Kopecky, Bolland, Huet, and Niemi) they would find different heroes each game. 2. The playoffs. The Blackhawks lost only 6 games throughout the playoffs, they swept a team that the Hawks did not have home ice, they won 7 straight playoff road games before the Stanley Cup Finals. Sure, home-ice is important (They lost twice at home in 2013) but, it's too good to ignore the road record put together in 2010. One more shutout in 2010, then in 2013. Although the goal margin was the same in both runs (+16) but, 2010 gets the edge. A better example is the winning margin. In 2010, the Blackhawks wins over the Canucks were by 12 goals. That's one more goal then the Blackhawks wins over the Minnesota Wild in 2013 and that was a division winner that they faced. The Blackhawks scored 5 goals 7 times. In 2013, they scored 5 goals only 3 times. The Blackhawks won every game when they give up no more then 3 goals. They scored at least one goal in every game. Also, the Hawks won less games in overtime. In 2013, They had to beat every team that they faced at least once in overtime. In 2010, they didn't have to do that in every series. In fact, the Hawks won every game by two or more goals in the Vancouver series. 3. The results. In 2013, they were swept by the 2nd seed Ducks in the season. (Had they faced them in the playoffs, they would have been done in a sweep) In 2010, they won every oppenent in the conference at least once (Although they were almost swept by the Coyotes in the season) They also give Sharks problems as they won the season series 3-1 and outscoring them 17-11 yet they trailed them by one point in the conference standings.
  13. Hey guys I decided to combine two eras of Chicago Blackhawks alternate jerseys and came up with this concept. It combines the stripe pattern of the 2000s alternate and the colours and horizontal stripe behind the logo of the Winter Classic jersey that the Hawks rocked for a few seasons after. This was actually the winning design of 3 that I had made. I uploaded all three onto YouTube and had the viewers vote on the concepts. This won by a landslide. Leave me some feedback for next time, I always appreciate that.