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  1. Why are the White Sox seemingly irrelevant? They have very little (if any) national following, and seem to be a "local" team even within Chicago, with the Cubs being "Chicagoland's team". Nationally, there doesn't seem to be any difference between the White Sox and Pirates, despite the White Sox having their own century of futility, but the Cubs are on a whole different level when it comes to fandom. Is it the stadium? Location within Chicago? Harry Carey? Uniforms?
  2. This is a concept that I've worked on for a long time. I love the White Sox current uniforms but recently they've acquired some inconsistencies that bug me. The single stripe grey pants that don't match the jersey, the S-O-X on the sleeve, no patch on the home uniform, black hose. When you add it up it makes me think about a reboot. Colors: Black and white with hint of red. Currently no MLB team is primarily black with some red. The Reds and DBacks are red with some black but nobody is black first then red. The Sox have done terrific things dressed in black and they own it. Logo: The classic S-O-X requires no outline and no embellishment. I works best in monochrome especially on the cap where you can see the interlocking letters and all the negative space. It needs contrast to make the most of this effect. Hence the stark black and white. The plain black against pinstripes is also reminiscent of the Chicago American Giants who used to play in Old Comiskey. Secondary Logo: The flying sock is a masterpiece so why restrain it in a roundel or a diamond? Let it be free like the Blackhawks tomahawks. Caps: The standard regular season cap is almost the same as the current one except for the addition of a red squatchee and red field in the MLB logo. The BP cap uses the flying sock logo and a red brim. Uniforms: There are three everyday uniforms and two BP/spring training uniforms. The black over black uniform is a home or away alternate. Ideally you'd like to see an even 54-54-54 split over a season. The home jerseys are a soft white rather than a cream. The team wears black socks in spring training and white socks in the regular season. You have to be in the show to wear white socks. The uniforms roll off of the cap which is black with the logo in white and a red squatchee. The uniforms similarly have black or white scripts and numbers with red accents. Even the socks follow this pattern with a black field flanked with red stripes with white stripes on this inside. The stripes on the away and alternate uniforms are wider than the soutache we see on the Royals or Red Sox. They're probably three times the width of typical stripes much closer to 1937 Cubs. This way the color really looks vibrant. All jerseys have evenly spaced buttons for a smooth placket. The away script actually curls over the second button. All script is chain stitched as is the sleeve patch. The difference in texture helps it stand out against the jersey. Additionally I've slightly enlarged the S-O-X on the home/alternate jerseys as a means to increase its visibility and show off its detail. The numbers are an updated version of a retro font. They're somewhere in between normal Tigers numbers and Red Sox numbers in width. Big numerals with lots of space, easy to read, classic but still unique. I hope everyone enjoys!