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Found 3 results

  1. While I'm pretty happy with how the Cubs City Connect uniforms turned out given how poorly the initial jersey leak was received, I still think it would have been interesting had the team gone with a solid green design to mimic the famous ivy on Wrigley's outfield walls. Let me know what you think!
  2. With Nike having recently released the Royals' City Connect uniform, there are now 10 MLB teams with designs under this special range. However, Nike seem to be taking their time with the releases, and the Mariners are still not in the horizon. Therefore, I decided make a concept design for the M's: As you can see, the design is clearly inspired by the Psychedelic Rock poster style from the 60's. This take might not be new, since last season the Sounders released an away kit also inspired by Jimi Hendrix, but I think it's such an unique theme which could set the design apart from the other teams'. I combined the psychedelic style with the city nickname: "Emerald City". Since that name comes from the nature which surrounds Seattle, I went for lime green and volt yellow, which are inspired by the look of Seattle outskirts in Autumn, when leaves turn from green into yellow, under the aforementioned approach. To complete the jersey, I also added the city seal as sleeve patch, and "EC" as jocktag. Here's a simple moodboard which sums up the inspirations behind the design: Props to @AusGiant, whose SVG version of Nike's MLB base I used to create a Paint template. I hope you all like it! Feedback is more than welcome.
  3. Over in the “Nike Unveils City Connect Uniforms” thread, I suggested that whenever Baltimore gets a crack at the “program”, they go with a Charm City uniform. Now, I’m not well versed in uniform creation, but I can do logos! With that said, I give you... maybe, possibly, perhaps... Baltimore’s Charm City hat logo! • The orange and black “C”s for “Charm City” • There is Irish influence within Baltimore so I figured why not showcase that with a 4-leaf shamrock that ties it back together with the “charm” Honestly, I’m really pleased with how it came out, but as always, I’m very open to C&C. Thank you!
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