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  1. I made this a while back since I like looking at college football logos. I always wanted to make a good cougar logo. One that would say yeah we know tons of ways to show our ferocity. Cougars have the perfect size and agility to kill. I want to build a detailed website of this university I created for a school project. This is their sports team logo I created. The Southern Ohio University Cougars. I didn't copy any logos, but Houston cougars looks a bit similar. I made a lot of different changes to make it my own. Near the bottom of the state there are hills so I was thinking of cougars being in that area. I used a gold and navy although their 3rd color is brown. The third color helps separate from looking like PITT or Navy. I like to think of tension with being close to Marshall so I picked Huntington as the nearby town. I would make the school 20 minutes away on the Ohio side. An explanation say for the made up future Huntington is much bigger and needs a university to keep fostering growth. School Name: Southern Ohio University Nickname: SOU (not zou) Mascot: Cougars Colors: Dark Navy Blue, Gold-like, light Brown, White Location: 20 Minutes north of Huntington Division: I (when good) Conference: ACC(when able to compete lol) Rival: Marshall Tell me what you think. I am trying to design other logos for the school to add to my website I'm making.
  2. With the College Football Playoff coming up soon, I decide to take the current top 4 teams and design playoff uniforms for them.
  3. Decided to post my first concept, and my first attempt at Adobe Illustrator. This is a redesign of Wharton High School, a school in Tampa. They use the typical Clemson logo and I felt they could use something more unique. Let me know what you think. I realize some work needs to be done. I'm up for any ideas or elaborations on the concept.
  4. Here is my clemson football uniform i created! Leave some C&C. I will get to any updates as possible to this uniform and yes i know the helmet is messed up. I'm fixing that.
  5. It’s not that hard for a team to have a good football uniform. A fan needs to recognize you whether they are at the stadium or watching you on TV. I will turn on a game and it takes me far too long to determine who is playing. In response, I have decided to start a concept series Back in 2006, I made an ACC football concept thread. My goal back then is the same as it is now: make a concept that a team could use for years to come. The original thread can be found here, but my new ACC football thread starts right now. A few notes: Alternate helmets: In general, I am against alternate helmets, but for a different reason than you might think: they are twice as much work. Fitting one helmet is hard enough. In this day and age, I realize that teams will have a second helmet, so when it will add something to the concept, I have let it go. But for a team like BC that has a helmet that has looked almost the same for decades, they don’t need three different lids. Socks: Most of the socks in this series are professional style socks with a color on top and white at the bottom. I realize that most schools will not make their athletes wear these. On the other hand, I figured that it would look pretty good for most teams so I ran with it. Release schedule: I am planning on dropping one concept everyday. I will link all the posts here after I put them up. Boston College: BC is one of two Catholic schools to have BCS football teams. My first move was to drop the italicized BC; it doesn’t fit in the traditional, old school feel that I see with them. I couldn’t lose the eagle logo though; I merged the old logo with the new eagle to make the primary. I avoided the triple helmet stripe, as BC has a much longer history with just one down the middle, and if you are going to have multple helmets, they should actually be different. The jerseys are a mix of conservative and modern; the eagle is a sleeve logo, and their “stained glass” pattern is on the numbers, pants and helmet stripe. I find that if you have a gold outline on a white number (or vice versa), you lose the outline. Instead, I made the outline black, and I think it looks really sharp. New Helmet template Clemson concept North Carolina concept