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  1. I thought I'd give a try to redesigning NFL uniforms. I've got a few in the can and if there is any interest for more I'll post them. The first team the hometown one, the Cleveland Browns. In all honesty I think the current uniforms are near perfect, so instead of posting a near identical uniform to the current one I thought I'd change a bit. I added a number outline similar to the 1984 uniform and simplified the stripes on the shoulders. I also added a patch, using the concept CB logo from the 60s. Constructive criticism is welcome, I don't makes these uniforms with any fancy program so I am sure there is room for improvement.\ First is the home Uniform with the standard white pants. Next are the orange pants, I am unsure whether or not this would be their primary pants set or not. Away with White Pants Away with Orange Pants
  2. If ever there was a team that was in need of a rebrand, it's the Cleveland Browns! I mean...their primary logo is the generic NFL helmet icon from the 70s. With this design I suggest the unthinkable, by adorning the actual helmet with a logo. This is an evolution of an existing secondary logo the team uses. But reworking the 'B' to house a 'C' making it distinct to Cleveland, as there a are many teams that use a letter B across all sports. The stripes are a nod to the helmet stripe of the past, giving it a link to the proud history the team.
  3. I wanted to try to create a Cleveland Browns Baseball Hat. A hat that might pass as a baseball team hat and not a goofy NFL or minor league hat. The logo-less Browns make for an interesting problem. The colors, stripes, etc being their real identity. (2 versions - piping and no piping)
  4. I am sorry. I posted it in Sports Logos instead of Concepts. Well here is my attempted at the Browns white helmets. I am going to post a side view and rear view when I finish. But for now!
  5. I did some other combinations for this versions white top, orange on orange, orange and white, orange and old light brown pants
  6. Throwing my hat in the ring with a Browns concept. The logo is in the shape of the shield on the Flag of Cleveland and features a C in the team's new font in front of the famous helmet stripes. The helmets feature a satin finish and slightly larger stripes. The jerseys have orange sleeves with a brown/white/brown striping pattern, reflecting the helmet, and the numbers have a grey stroke. I went with brown/white/orange for the jerseys, and orange and white pants.
  7. Okay so here's my stab at a new look for the Cleveland Browns, because the real rebrand has been pretty disappointing so far and I can only imagine what they have in store for the new uniforms. With my new take on the Browns has a kind of neo-retro vibe. I wanted the new look to feel old-school but not necessarily feel old. The very first thing I wanted to do was come up with an actual logo for the team that wasn't just a generic helmet graphic in the Browns' colors. I tried monograms and football shapes, but none of them felt right, so what I did do was use a football helmet anyway, the most constant identifying mark of the franchise. However instead of going with the more modern depiction of a football helmet, I went with a classic two-bar facemask that hearkens back to the glory days of the Browns. I also gave the wordmark some character. I picked a nice strong font, accented with the classic Browns' stripes. Also, I created a secondary badge-shaped logo that features the silhouette of an American Bulldog, the unofficial mascot of the Browns. While the shield will not appear anywhere on the uniforms, it would be used on merchandise and team apparel. Now with the new logos and wordmark comes some new uniforms. Once again, the uniforms are classic and traditional, but have a more contemporary striping pattern that feels like a natural evolution of the Browns' uniforms into the 21st Century. Well there you have it. Thanks for taking a look and please feel free to leave some C&C, especially on the secondary bulldog logo. Once again thanks for taking a look and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.
  8. I've come up with a revision for the Browns based on the new data we received this week. Essentially what I've done is focused in on the extra thin pants stripe the Browns have worn in the past (most recently with throwbacks) and use that as the basis of a new identity. I like the idea of stripes across the chest of modern football jersey. The Seahawks have done it to a small degree but I think taken further it can successfully add color to a jersey in a way that doesn't monopolize what remains of the sleeve. Indeed, the current Browns stripes are so wide that they almost make it seem as though the Browns have cap sleeves like the Jets. I've also borrowed from this year Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl uniforms the idea of a sleeve logo and shoulder pattern combination. Additionally I've also swiped the underhose/crew sock combination from the Bills road uniform. Somehow the orange/brown/orange striping just looks better to me and in this configuration it gets to be worn with every combo.
  9. Over the weekend, someone leaked on Reddit what the Cleveland Browns may be doing with their uniform redesign. If you haven't seen it, this is what was said. I wanted to know if anyone would like to join me in making a concept as to what this may look like. My idea may not be up for a couple weeks, but I will do one. I'm just curious to see what everyone else thinks this design would look like. I look forward to seeing everyone's ideas.
  10. Okay, so, my recent NFL Re-Design Project kind of took a back seat to other things lately, however, I actually have been working on some new logos recently. I know I would just post them before as part of my reveal with the project, but these are ones I'm not satisfied enough with yet to consider them complete. Cleveland Browns: I actually liked the old "B" logo, but there were more than a couple flaws with it. I've been working on this logo the longest of the bunch, especially with the recent news of the Browns getting an overhaul/re-design. I've had the idea, much like OSV, to switch out the white to something else. I was thinking a cream color first like the SF Giants, but that was too dark, so I went in between with an antique/vintage white, and I like that. I worked over the "CB" part of this thing numerous times. I started with just a "CB" side by side, too plain. I interlocked them and threw an outline, okay but didn't look good to me, especially with the B almost touching the outer edge. So I went with something I'm really liking, in a unique attempt to have the letters blend into the design (which mimics the Browns helmet). San Diego Chargers: Again, I always preferred the 'horse shield' as a primary. I simply updated it to something I'm decently pleased with. I prefer to keep the navy as the primary color, leaving the powder/collegiate blue as a secondary. New York Gaints: I've always had some sort of idea about putting the skyscrapers (Chrysler Building; Empire State Building, etc) on the helmet somehow. After much thought and deliberation, I decided to do a NY skyline theme for the helmet. Yes, I took inspiration for the primary shape from the other team in New York (don't worry, I'm not keeping anything like this for the Jets) to accomplish this. Arizona Cardinals: I've always wanted to do an alternate for the Cardinals. I liked the idea of the flag design on the sleeves, but never liked it simply being the flag itself. So what I've done here is taken the flag design itself and put it inside a shield. For anyone in Arizona, they should be able to recognize where the shield design comes from/is inspired from. I'm actually looking to get some feedback on these. Anything I can do to make them better. That's really the point of posting these in a separate thread, instead of with the 'reveal' in the main thread.
  11. So, with already speculation about the Browns getting a uniform revamp... I had already began on an overhaul a few months ago. The Browns are in a difficult position when it comes to rebranding. They are a team with rich heritage (one of the best franchises in history) but have a recent history of absolute unmatched futility. They are a franchise that fought to keep their colors, names, and logos in town during an unnecessary selling of the franchise to another City. With all this in mind, I tried to develop a helmet that ACTUALLY "linked to the past" but still upgraded significantly enough to cause a buzz in the City and League wide: As you can see, I went with a more modern approach to the helmet that Nike has slowly been developing (Navy, Ohio State Pro Combat, Oregon). This helmet obviously incorporates the gray facemask (which looks infinitely better than the white facemask) and then carried the gray to the helmet stripe (which will eventually be carried to the uniforms). The addition of gray will delineate a new era in the franchise, as well as capitalize on the growing popularity of gray uniforms in College and the Pros. I believe this helmet style could actually connect the rich history of the Browns and usher in a new era, a modern era. The helmet will have an aggressive look, both when viewed up close or from far away on TV. For reference, this was the Ohio State Pro Combat helmet used as inspiration: It is my intent to post the full uniform overhaul later... and by later, I mean sometime between now and NFL opening day.