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  1. Figured with the news of the Cleveland Indians changing their name, it'd be fun to get in on the Cleveland Baseball Club rebrand trend. The name I've been liking the most for them from what I've heard so far is the Cleveland Spiders, so here is my take on it! I wanted it to still feel like a team with tradition so I kept to some classic fonts, with a bit of extra flair on them to try and really own the Spiders moniker. I've seen some excellent concepts on the boards already and wanted to not be too close to them. I thought the spiderwebs under the script would be a fun switch from the swooshing line typically underneath while serving a similar visual purpose. Putting the baseball seams inside the spider helped give it a little more character and connect it to the sport while also setting it apart a bit. In the main logo along with filling the center of the C with the spider, I flattened the edge in front of the spider's face so that the negative space inside the letter would take the shape of home plate.
  2. Indians Remove Chief Wahoo from Uniform in Toronto September 7, 2018 - 12:50 PM An unscheduled Turn Ahead the Clock game was played last night in Toronto as the Cleveland Indians took to the field wearing, what we can probably assume, is their new road uniform for the 2019 season. Chief Wahoo was absent, […] Read More...
  3. Here's my (second) attempt to give Cleveland Baseball a better primary. In the past the team has worn a Reds-style wishbone C, an angluar "Caveman" C, A serifed Block C and Wahoo: My goal was to incorporate the team's visual history into a single mark which would nod to the team's past and push it into the future. The idea is that it could work if the team chooses to stay with "Indians" or go with something else in the future. Thoughts?
  4. I think there's a pretty general consensus around here that the current Cleveland Indians logo is generic and not a very strong mark for the team. I'm also not interested in returning to Chief Wahoo, both for reasons I won't delve into here and because it's just not an aesthetically pleasing logo in my opinion. So included below are my attempts to create a better logo for the Cleveland Indians: Primary Logo (Dark Background) Cap Logo Let me know what you think and any changes that could/should be made.
  5. Hello, This is the first time I've ever done a concept. It is rough, but i hope you guys like it. So, the MLB wants Cleveland to get rid of Chief Wahoo. Their current logo is boring, plain, and doesn't say "Indians" Here are the logos and uniforms! Hope you enjoy! This is their current "C" logo with some feathers attatched This is and old "Indians" on their current jerseys with the block C and a new hat. Current Away jersey with new C, and hat
  6. I didn't know where else to put something like this, but the Cleveland Monsters (AHL) had THE BEST tribute to the Cleveland Indians I've ever seen. They really went ALL OUT for their specialty night. Take a look at those socks! Arena graphics used Tribe graphics, the ceremonial pucks, and it even went to a shootout...won in the bottom of the 9th round. Can't beat that. Bravo, Monsters. Bravo.
  7. I should start off by saying I'm new here. I found this site a few years ago and fell in love with it instantly. This looks like a pretty fun forum here. About a month ago, I thought: "If these teams are tying to reach the mountain top, why don't we make it look like it. So I'm testing it with this year's MLB Playoffs. The 10 teams start at the bottom with the Commissioner's Trophy waiting for the champion at the top. This is another unique look at a bracket as well as the circle and the court/rink layouts. What do you guys thing?
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