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  1. Earlier this year, Northeastern University signed a multi-year apparel deal with Under Armour to begin this fall. With this process, the University and UA have vowed to look into the school's sports branding top to bottom. I have a bit of a soft spot for Northeastern. I like the school, I like the hockey team, and I like Matthews Arena. However, the possibility of a rebrand is like a dream come true. I absolutely hate Northeastern's branding. To me it screams 1930s High School. In particular team's signature husky logo reminds me of the oft-panned Detroit Tigers logo of the 1920s. Northeastern did try a rebrand in the 1990s that was pretty terrible and a rebrand in the 2000s that was better, before reverting to the classic look in 2007. So, I decided to take my stab at a rebrand. Most important to me was providing a look that retained the same basic elements, but more modern and fitting of a school whose athletic success has mostly occurred within the last half decade. The N: With the N, I wanted to take the generic two colored, static logo and make it bold and dynamic. Initially I was going to move away from the split color number, but everything looked too Nebraska for my taste, so the split-color letter returned. The Husky: As I said earlier, I despise the current husky logo, and I wanted to make a more modern take on the dog. Not much really to say other than it retains the iconic red eye and goes for a more simplified look. (Click to Enlarge (You might have to click again to be able to see it well enough)) BONUS CONTENT: I've always been a bit of a history nerd and I've always liked taking old logos I've designed and give them a refresh as I continue to develop and improve. In the past I've developed retrospectives of my work, including my MSU Brigade Designs and Personal Logo Development. I actually designed a concept for Northeastern back in 2014 when I was still towards the beginning of my logo designing foray (I had one or two back in 2011, but I rarely did logo designs before 2014), and really liked it and was proud of it. Now, not so much. But I do think it is an excellent example of how far I have developed in the past few years. The image below features the current logo, my 2014 concept, the concept above, and my 2016 Michigan Tech Huskies logo, which I included as avoiding making the logos look too simiar was an important part of this design process. I mostly show this as an example because I see a lot of people on the site who say things like "Go easy on me because I'm not a good artist," and that frustrates me. I myself believed that and looked up at the phenomenal designers on this website wondering how they could possibly draw like that, and assumed I wouldn't be able to. And clearly I wasn't able to for a long time. I'm not saying I'm some phenomenal artist or designer (I wouldn't say I'm close to the top tier of guys on this site), but I've absolutely improved to make some work I'm proud of that I never thought I'd be able to years ago. If you really love logo and uniform design and you really want to be involved, take the time and effort, even if you objectively aren't good right now.
  2. Hey all! I'm back with another installment of what I guess is a long running series of college hockey concepts! Previously, I've done concepts for national champs and mainstays, mid-level contenders, and college hockey's resident oddity. Today I take on what might be college hockey's most obscure school: The Bentley University Falcons. Bentley is a small school in Waltham, MA, located just nine miles outside of Boston. Unlike it's four neighboring schools to the east, Bentley has demonstrated little success since its rise to Division 1 in 1999. The Falcons are a bad team in the Atlantic Hockey Conference, easily the worst conference in D1. The Atlantic only factors into the national scene every year because it has an automatic qualifier, so its champion will eliminated SOMEONE from the national tournament (or beat St. Cloud in their yearly first round exit). To demonstrate just how awful the Atlantic Conference is, here is the actual, 100% real, I'm not joking in any way conference logo: Bentley is a perennial bottom feeder, never making the National Tournament, never even finishing higher than 45th in the pairwise since its inception in 2003. The school's branding reflects its lack of success. The primary logo is a split-color shield featuring a beveled B. The logo somehow has five colors. Three shades of grey, blue, and white. The alternate logo is a poorly drawn bird featuring SEVEN colors, the five from the primary, and an additional blue, and yellow. I wanted to create a more modern and respectable identity for Bentley, which began with examining what type of Falcon I wanted to use. I ultimately chose the American Kestrel a small bird to represent a small school. The design is relatively straightforward, replacing the Kestrel's reddish-brown feathers with the school's cobalt blue. The identity also features a custom font designed to better pair with the logo than a normal block font. Here is a side by side comparison with the current logo set: Finally, the uniforms. The striping is an homage to the current shield with a blue and white/black stripe. Despite liking the blue, Bentley currently wears black primarily in real life and I felt the color scheme was a more unique look. Thanks for viewing guys, I'd love your C+C!
  3. Hey guys it's been awhile but I thought I'd share my latest CSUN concept jersey. I wanted to bring back the old N logo and really create a unique and aggressive stripping pattern to personify the Matadors. Also been messing with a new template. Let me know what you think. C&C is always appreciated.
  4. I've never really payed much attention to the WCHA in any way, so I decided, "Hey, why not check out their jerseys." I wasn't necessarily impressed or disheartened, so I decided to take this project upon myself. I've done 5 teams up to this point, but I want to take this steadily. So I wont be posting the next set until I think the one before has gotten enough appreciation/dislike. If this series gets enough attention I might move on to the other Div 1 leagues. Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Alaska Nanooks Alaska Anchorage Seawolves Bemidji State Beavers Bowling Green Falcons Ferris State Bulldogs Lake Superior State Lakers Michigan Tech Huskies Minnesota State Mavericks Northern Michigan Wildcats Alaska Anchorage Seawolves
  5. In the past, I've done a couple of series redoing the uniforms of Hockey East teams. In the process, I decided to get around to fixing the UMass-Lowell Riverhawks entire identity. The two time defending Hockey East champions' logo is currently a snarling hawks with teeth. My basic problem is that it looks like a blob, and has teeth, making it not really look like a bird at all. My main goal was to update the logo to be more bird-like and modern. Not really much to say about it otherwise. I also did a couple uniforms to go with the new design. They are much more modern than the current duds. (Click to Zoom) C+C welcomed and encouraged
  6. Ward26

    B1G Hockey

    I'm a lifelong Michigan fan and a huge Michigan hockey fan. Living in Big Ten country I love to watch all the hockey games on BTN, but sometimes I wonder why there are only six B1G teams that have a hockey program. So I decided to make jersey concepts for every B1G team that doesn't have a hockey team, even the newbies. Up first Illinois, C&C welcomed.
  7. I don't post concepts here anymore, but I am constantly working on them. I figured I would go ahead and let everyone see what I've been up to. So here is my college hockey thread. I plan to take on as many teams as possible. The entire WCHA will hopefully get done, as well as most of Hockey East and some CCHA teams. Whether or not I will continue to post them here will depend upon how much interest is shown by viewers. WCHA Alaska Anchorage Bemidji State Colorado College Denver Michigan Tech Minnesota Minnesota Duluth Minnesota State North Dakota Omaha St. Cloud State Wisconsin ***** Denver Pioneers I modeled my Denver set heavily around the team's current uniforms. The same striping design is used on the home and road jerseys, though the colors are reversed on the road jersey. I created a new DU logo and wordmark from scratch. They, as well as the NOB and numbers feature a custom block font I created, basically a thicker Varsity. The alternate jersey features the new DU logo, as opposed to the arched DENVER of the home and road. LIKE this post, comment, tell me your thoughts on Twitter if you follow me, whatever. I know this particular concept isn't anything groundbreaking, but I would like to know there is interest for me to post the rest of this series. Thanks to all who view. Also, LIKE Bmac Design on Facebook!
  8. For my first ever design concept I wanted to start out a bit simple. So I decided to use existing logos to create the look for a hockey team from my alma mater, New Mexico State University. The school currently has no hockey program, being in the desert southwest and all. I took some inspiration from the look of the football team as well as a bit from the general history of the school. The teams are called the Aggies and the mascot/logo is known as Pistol Pete and the colors are crimson and white. I created both a home and an away look as well as a throwback style alternate that uses some of the school's older logos from before they revamped in the mid 2000s. I'd really appreciate any feedback or pointers, like I said this is my first attempt into the concept area and the logos are not my design but actual ones from the school.
  9. I've started working on hockey concepts outside of the NHL thanks to working on some NCAA Yakball concepts. So I'm starting a new series of various different college hockey jerseys across the NCAA and ACHA North Carolina Tarheels - Full Set Georgetown Hoyas - Full Set
  10. Apparently there isn't a thread for this year. Here are the past 2 for reference: 2011/2012: 2011/2012: Changes for this season? What is your team wearing?