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  1. This has basically been a one-man quest. Although I never truly seeked out validation, I like to think I got a measure of it last year when Mississippi State decided to dress like the Patriots for their game in Foxborough. So, after a while on the sidelines, I'm back in the saddle, as... Since it's been a while, here's a refresher of the basic rules I impose on myself for these things: Pick X number of players, usually four. The main aim is to see what said players' college unis would look like in their pro styles, and vice versa. Whenever possible, only uniform styles and logos in use when the player was in college/with the NFL team in question will be used. Every now and then, a semi-original logo must be created, or an older logo put into use, to achieve what I'm aiming for. Same goes for number fonts in most cases. Throwbacks are included in this rule. I may occasionally forget a small detail or two. It happens. If a uniform that either predates or postdates a player's time at his school/team is sufficiently awesome enough, at my discretion I might waive rule #3, also known as the Woodson Exception (after Charles Woodson). I figured I'd lead off with Mr. Last Second Pass to Win the National Championship. With apologies to Metta Ron Panda, we welcome the One Tru Warier to C2P. I know one thing. The Browns' style was trickier than it has any right to be...kinda like the Lions' blue is rarer than it should be. And now we close things out with the Bald One
  2. Sometimes, it's time to go. You're shown the door, but there's someone out there in need of the particular set of skills you possess. So without further ado... Leading off with Matt Forte, who went from Chicago to the Jets. Haven't done Jets mocks a million times, it just feels like it, it's just that given Tulane and the Jets are both predominantly green, the only thing I could do was make what would've been white light blue. On the Jets side, I'd considered using kelly green as the third color...hell, I'd briefly floated the idea of dusting off the NY Titans' old gold. Silver it was, though. Since IIRC numbers haven't been decided on yet, the pro number is what was worn at their previous stops. Next up, ex-Bronco and new Bear Danny Trevathan...in hindsight, I should've gone with a lighter navy for the checkers on the Bears' sleeves, rather than darker. It's kinda like that time I posted a White Sox jersey with silver pinstripes, you gotta squint, but they're there. Bolting Cincinnati for Atlanta, Mohamed Sanu...honestly, this could easily have been a simple logo swap had I wanted it to be one. The only saving grace here was that the designs weren't so similar I'd find myself unable to do very much. Last but not least, the Broncos' former QB of the future, turned Texans passer of the present, Brock Osweiler...I opted for an older ASU design because the shoulder stripes of their Nike era set were too similar to the Texans. This wound up meaning red helmets and pants for the Texans.
  3. The Super Bowl edition didn't get as much response as I would've liked, and this isn't gonna be bigger than Star Wars...or the Batman-Superman movie...or that thing Taco Bell's been hyping the whole month...or even James Harden's beard. Still, I figure this is one of my better C2P outputs. So without further ado... I kick this outing off with arguably the greatest outside 'backer ever, the original LT. TBH, there was a second design I was considering, but I have a bit of an aversion to making the Giants resemble the Cowboys, so plain sleeves it was. The Giants helmet is a bit lighter than I meant it to be (for you kiddies out there, back in the day, royal blue teams generally either settled for navy helmets [Rams, Giants] or wore this weird blue shade that matched nothing else [Broncos, Ole Miss]...to put this in perspective, plastic helmets largely replaced leather in the early 50s. The Giants wore navy helmets until 2000. Roughly 50 years, folks.) Admittedly anachronistic, but an NYG that was closer to what Carolina was using for its UNC actually would've looked somewhat awkward, as the N and Y would overlap, but the G would've been floating (or I could've attained an overlap, but then the diagonal setup would've been impossible), so I tweaked the lowercase ny and made a matching g for the occasion. The man sitting on the most sacks ever, Bills great Bruce Smith...if not for the fact that there's just no good monogram equivalent I could think up on the Bills side for either the current VT or the vintage TV, the Va Tech helmet would've used the fighting gobbler like I'd done on the Mike Vick set...and I'd strongly considered it anyway. Funny how the Bills and Giants jerseys wound up looking somewhat similar, much like their real life counterparts of the era. The late, great DT...honestly, given I've done Bama players pretty frequently, and Chiefs players a bit more recently but still posted em, the big issue here was what to do for the Bama-specific arrowhead mock. In the end, copied a clipart elephant silhouette, and there we go. Lastly, the late Minister of Defense...on the UT side, I'd considered Smokey standing over a football, which would've been meant to mimic the flying eagle (and would be awesome to see), but settled for the Davy Crockett wannabe. Also considered mimicking the wings with the Tennessee map, but figured that'd be more awkward than anything else, so a bluish-silver T with a white outline is what you see here. Which also explains the Eagles helmet having a stripe despite the wings still being there (I briefly considered making a P or using an E from their 80s wordmark, but since I went subtle with the Vols, gotta reciprocate with the Iggles). That's it, so feel free to comment.
  4. As the old saying goes, it's better late than never. I'd thought about a Thanksgiving set...didn't happen. Bowls...yeah, obviously that didn't happen either. CFP? Get your nonexistent Dr. Peppers outta HEAH! In any event, it was either release something, anything now, or be awkward next week So without further ado... For the next two releases, C2P is an offense-free zone, as after this, I intend to release a Legends version. That's for the near future though, the present is now, and as is suggested, the four players in the marquee will be taking part in a little shindig in San Francisco Santa Clara on Sunday. Kicking things off today, the leader of Carolina's defense, the Beast of Boston (if nobody calls him that, somebody should), Luke Kuechly On the BC side, the Matt Ryan-era eagle head makes an appearance on the helmets and pants (to break the monotony, I put the BC on the sleeves instead). On the Panthers side, a silver helmet would've either looked too Raider-like had I used a black jersey, and would have looked too much like the Lions with the blue jersey, so I went with black instead. DeMarcus Ware Considered something else for the sleeve logo, though the only other logo that'd fit the bill is that awkward looking full horse. Troy's helmet was initially gonna be crimson, but I figured black would be a better choice, especially as I decided to make the Broncos helmet orange. Von Miller and Josh Norman coming tomorrow...
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