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  1. The corrupt and despicable NCAA has been wiped off the face of the earth, and existing colleges no longer have any desire to host college athletics. In it's place, the American Collegiate Athletics Federation and its partners have stepped in to the fill the void. The ACAF operates through 6 conferences across the continental United States. Three conferences have 12 members, and three have 14 members. These 78 schools each represent a specific region of the US. In some cases a school might represent an entire state, in others it could be a representation of a geographic or cultural region of a state. Super Central East Texas Texas School of Wells Prairie Dogs Rio Grande State University Mayans University of Coastal Texas Rays Dixie Oklahoma Oklahoma A&M University Okies Ouachita University Racers Arkansas Lowlands Western Trail University Wranglers Metro Kansas Platte State University Engineers Northern Missouri Territorial Twelve Grand Canyon College Javelinas Saguaro State University Monsoons Yucca University Roadrunners Western Colorado Rocky Mountain State University Mammoths University of Southern Colorado Sidewinders Saint Francis of Assisi University Sea Lions California International University Harlequins Channel Islands Institute of Technology Islanders Inland California Lower Utah Southern Nevada Pacific Frontier Northern Utah Bay Tech University Guardians University of Northern California Condors University of Central Oregon Dragons Coastal Oregon Tri Rivers University Cavemen Coastal Washington Polaris University Pathfinders University of Southern Idaho Wizards Panhandle State University of Idaho Spuds High Plains University Sauropods Wyoming Midwest Union Dakota Tech University Saxons South Dakota University of Upper Michigan Fighting Mooses Prairie State University Coyotes Lincoln University Tornadoes Eastern Iowa Rose & Oak University Owls Wisconsin Mideastern Michigan University Smiths University of Makatawa Oranje North Indiana South Indiana Superior College Giants Plains Minnesota Power East University of Lake Erie Phantoms University of Eastern Ohio Barons Appalachian Christian University Colliers NE Pennsylvania Keystone University Vampires Virginia Maritime University Tidesmen Inland Virginia Maine State University Foresters Green Mountain State University Swarm Delaware Massachusetts New York City University of Utica Gladiators Grand Old South South Florida North Florida Crockett University Scouts Memphis State University Flyers Southern Arkansas University of Charleston Cannoneers Kentucky Commonwealth University Chevaliers Alabama Baptist University Bloodhounds Blue Ridge College Brigands Coastal North Carolina Inland North Carolina Medgar Evers University Sabers Georgia Atlantic University Herons Louisiana Above are the regions that there will be a school in, in their respective conferences. You might notice that one of these regions actually has a name already, you'd be right! Representing the region of Northern/Plateau Arizona... Grand Canyon College Javelinas Location: Prescott, Arizona Affiliation: Territorial Twelve Colors: Sedona Red, Dark Purple, White "Tequila Sunrise" - Eagles The Northern third of Arizona has a much higher elevation than the rest of Arizona, the biggest Ponderosa Pine forest in the country, and some of the most recognizable locations in the state. The name is obviously taken from one of them, the color is take from another, and the "Four Peaks" are represented in the secondary logo. For a primary, we have a simple yet classy interlocked letter combination. For the secondary, the mascot in question (ha-vuh-lee-na). I would like to do uniforms for these teams after I attempt to finish EVERY team's branding (sheesh). So please, don't ask about uniforms until then. As well as this, conference logos will come out whenever I am hit with inspiration for them (they are for some reason the most difficult part for me). Lastly, these will come out whenever I have the time. I'm a student athlete on spring break at the moment, so I have a little more time than usual. When school starts back up, progress will slow down significantly. If I have not posted in a while, feel free to comment but please don't say "WHEN IS THE NEXT SCHOOL COMING OUT". With all that out of the way, please throw some C&C at me! Looking for some critique on my javelina logo, as well critique on my choice of regions. If you think that a super-duper important region is being left out, or one should be replaced, let me know! I love learning about stuff like that. Lastly, I have no pre-determined order I'm going in. I'll let the first suggestion determine the next school I tackle, if you see someone has already suggested a region then please do not comment another suggestion. Thank you so much for taking a look everyone, looking forward to getting this show on the road!
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