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  1. Since the Falcon thread became Saints-oriented, I made a new thread for it (I feel responsible because I brought up the Saints)
  2. I guess if you wanted to you could extend this to design as well. Anyway, what are some unusual color schemes that have worked well? I immediately think of the NBA in the 1990s, where the Nuggets (navy, copper, red), Grizzlies (teal, black, salmon---really unusual third color), Raptors (purple, red, black), Sonics (dark green, maroon, yellow), and Jazz (purple, copper, black, sky blue) all worked with unusual schemes, although the Nuggets watered it down a bit with a very conservative design. (You could also say that the Edmonton Oilers had a very similar color scheme to those Nuggets for awhile, although the Oilers' "copper" was really more like gold and navy, red, and gold is not an unusual color scheme at all.) Alternatively, what are some that haven't worked? You could argue either way on the '90s Nuggets, I think. Obviously the Detroit Pistons' teal, maroon, yellow, and black getup watered down what had been a very strong brand. The early-aughts Bills' dark blue, red, royal blue, and "nickel" uniforms were atrocious, possibly the worst in NFL history. The Miami Dolphins have always had a unique scheme, but while they don't look awful right now, they probably do look worse than at any other time in their history. The original Buccaneers would be another that would split opinion. Anyway, my faves: 1. 1980s-1996 Dolphins 2. Original Grizzlies 3. Expansion Rays and D-backs (put together) Least faves: 1. 2002-10 Bills 2. 2002-10 Bills 3. 2002-10 Bills Dishonorable mention: '90s Pistons
  3. *MODS: Move this to "unused logos and uniforms" if you deem it necessary.* Admittedly, this is kind of speculative, but there is some logic to it. First off, did any of you have 1993 Donruss MLB cards? Their design was to have a bar with the player's name and position running across the bottom of the card, with a faux-3D diamond-shaped box in the bottom left containing the team's logo. The bar was one team color and the box was the other. They were very accurate in this regard: the Mariners were navy and teal, the Brewers were blue and yellow, the Tigers were navy and orange, the Red Sox were red and navy, the Rockies were purple and gray, etc. Anyway, the Marlins were teal and orange, similar to the Miami Dolphins, as illustrated by this card of Jeff Conine. Neither the Rockies nor the Marlins had black as one of the colors, although other teams (such as the Pirates) did, so it wasn't an issue of being unable to produce the 3D effect with black. The Rockies have always had silver/gray as a tertiary color, but the Marlins (pre-rebrand) never used orange. Was this an original plan that was scrapped shortly before the start of their inaugural season? Does anyone else know about this? Or was it perhaps just chosen by Donruss because of its resemblance to the nearby Dolphins, with black not yet officially a Marlins color? Or could it have been a mistake, albeit the only one that I have been able to find from that set? Just curious.