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  1. Taking a page from the NFL's Color Rush uniforms, I decided to go above and beyond just a color rush jersey for the 31 NHL teams, it's a color explosion! Pretty much only two colors may represent the team and pant colors must be the same as the jersey. I will be going in order of team founding, not by division or A-Z. As always, any comments are welcome. To get things started, here are the first three of the Original Six: Montreal Canadiens: Boston Bruins: Chicago Blackhawks: Up Next: The remaining Original Six teams...
  2. Hey all This is my first post and this is a little something I did in Microsoft paint. I recolored the Mariners logo and replaced the teal with more of a bright green. The 2 logos in the top right are the cap logos, couldn't decide which would fit better. Feedback would be much appreciated!
  3. I guess if you wanted to you could extend this to design as well. Anyway, what are some unusual color schemes that have worked well? I immediately think of the NBA in the 1990s, where the Nuggets (navy, copper, red), Grizzlies (teal, black, salmon---really unusual third color), Raptors (purple, red, black), Sonics (dark green, maroon, yellow), and Jazz (purple, copper, black, sky blue) all worked with unusual schemes, although the Nuggets watered it down a bit with a very conservative design. (You could also say that the Edmonton Oilers had a very similar color scheme to those Nuggets for awhile, although the Oilers' "copper" was really more like gold and navy, red, and gold is not an unusual color scheme at all.) Alternatively, what are some that haven't worked? You could argue either way on the '90s Nuggets, I think. Obviously the Detroit Pistons' teal, maroon, yellow, and black getup watered down what had been a very strong brand. The early-aughts Bills' dark blue, red, royal blue, and "nickel" uniforms were atrocious, possibly the worst in NFL history. The Miami Dolphins have always had a unique scheme, but while they don't look awful right now, they probably do look worse than at any other time in their history. The original Buccaneers would be another that would split opinion. Anyway, my faves: 1. 1980s-1996 Dolphins 2. Original Grizzlies 3. Expansion Rays and D-backs (put together) Least faves: 1. 2002-10 Bills 2. 2002-10 Bills 3. 2002-10 Bills Dishonorable mention: '90s Pistons
  4. This is my first post to the forum. I have taken all of the teams current designs and colors to create what I believe the Color Rush Uniforms should look like next season. I created designs for every Thursday Night Game. I also followed the NFL's helmet policy where the teams cannot have more than one helmet.
  5. This is my first post to the forum. I have taken all of the teams current designs and colors to create what I believe the Color Rush Uniforms should look like next season. I created designs for every Thursday Night Game. I also followed the NFL's helmet policy where the teams cannot have more than one helmet.
  6. Hello, It is time for my 2nd Annual Concept series. My first attempt, doing each CFL team as hockey jerseys, went quite well, so I am back. This time I am the Commissioner of the NHL (move over, Buttman) and in an attempt to boost excitement around the league, I have banned white away jerseys. All 30 NHL teams will be forced to redesign their jersey sets in order to comply, and have 2 different coloured jersey as their home and away. Alternates may be the same colour as the regular home or away, or a completely different colour all together. Several teams have taken this opportunity to improve on their current designs. This is not an "NHL Color Rush" Concept. This is an idea I've had for many years, and in fact was my inspiration to finally learn how to do these jersey concepts for myself. The first concept will be posted shortly.
  7. NFL: Best current helmet: Bengals (edging out Giants) Best current color set: Broncos orange (a lot of people will disagree with this, and that's okay; Packers, Chiefs, Raiders, and Vikings all very strong too) Best current white set: Giants white over grey (edging out Colts all-white) Best current non-throwback alternate: Texans red over white Best currently-worn throwback: Rams royal over yellow Best 2015 Color Rush: Rams yellow Worst current helmet: Jaguars (no other team in the same zip code) Worst current color set: A fierce competition for this dishonor. Buccaneers' red-over-pewter edges out the others. Jags' all-black just a stone's throw away. Worst current white set: Browns' white over brown; Browns' white over white comes in second Worst current non-throwback alternate: 49ers' all-black, easily Worst currently-worn throwback: Steelers' bumblebees Worst 2015 Color Rush: Jaguars' whatever-they-called-it Most blandly inoffensive and mediocre overall look: Dolphins MLB: Best current main cap: Giants' orange interlocking SF on black cap (edging out Yankees) Best current white set: Yankees Best current grey set: Cubs (hate the Cubs, but wish they'd wear grey more and the blue shirts less) Best current color set: Mariners' teal over white with navy blue caps Best current non-color alternate: Phillies' cream jerseys with blue caps Best currently-worn throwback: Either Phillies' cream jerseys (if it's eligible for both honors) or Brewers' ball-in-glove set Worst current main cap: Any of the Diamondbacks' gradient caps will do Worst current white set: Diamondbacks' teal-free main versions Worst current grey set: Not a lot of truly bad greys these days. Maybe the Twins or Brewers or (much as it pains me to say it) the Reds. Worst current color set: Marlins' black over grey (edging out Marlins' black over white) Worst current non-color alternate: Not a whole lot to choose from. Maybe Mets' non-pinstriped whites. Would pick the Angels' red-sleeved vests if they still wore them. Worst currently-worn throwback: Can't really find a bad one. I'll put this up for debate, I guess. Most blandly inoffensive and mediocre overall look: I'd have said Padres before their recent redesign. Now I'll have to go with the Rays, although I like their fauxback and their light-blue alternate. I'll put up my NBA and NHL picks later.
  8. What are your favorite color schemes? This doesn't necessarily mean how they integrate the schemes into the logos and/or uniforms, just the combinations of colors themselves. Here are a few of mine: NFL---Dolphins, Redskins, Packers, Broncos (1980s-1996) NBA---Hornets (original and current), Hornets (during their New Orleans time), Bucks (1980s "Irish Rainbow"), Nuggets (rainbow), Nuggets (current), Spurs (1990s "fiesta" color scheme; would've been great to see them do something with it on their uniforms), Mavericks (original), Suns (pre-2000s, loved when they had black to go with purple and orange) MLB---Phillies (one of the best red-white-and-blue combos, and if you consider cream part of it it's awesome), Giants/Orioles (black and orange look great in baseball), Diamondbacks (pre-2007), Padres (1970s-1980s, brown, yellow, and orange together), Royals, Athletics, Mariners NHL---Mighty Ducks (original), Islanders, Rangers, Wild, Blackhawks, Canucks (current), Flyers, Bruins (when they wore brown instead of black) College---Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Coastal Carolina, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida State, Temple (pre-black), Tulsa, Tulane, Clemson, Arizona (when you include copper), Central Michigan, Indiana, Indiana State (before they made their shade of blue more generic), Bowling Green
  9. Saw this on Reddit. Scored a 33 before I errored-out.
  10. When a team changes the logo and/or uniform, it can go either way- fans love/hate the change and it either does very well in sales/popularity or not. What are some examples of this you recall? For me, some NBA ones stand out. Positive #1- 1992 Suns. Some forget that Barkley wore the old uni in the preseason, so it's not like we knew what was coming. Literally. The new logo and uniform were unveiled on opening night. The famous staburst logo/uni. It became a hot seller and it was good timing- with the Lakers in decline, Phoenix became the chic Western Conference team. Positive #2- 2001-02 Mavericks. Some forget that the Cuban era and the 50 win playoff streak actually started in the last year of the old unis. This, like the Suns, made the team come off a lot cooler. Didn't hurt that Nash/Nowitzki were thriving, giving these new duds hot-selling names for jersey sales. Negative #1- 1995 Cavaliers. Like the Suns/Mavs, new arena = new look. But this one wasn't seen quite the same. It didn't help that they lacked a big-name to sell the jerseys like Barkley, or even Malone/Stockton with the Jazz mountain unis. Negative #2- 1999 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks previous unis were ones that most remember- the PacMan logo, the mid-90s one, and the bird uni. Again- new arena, new look. But it just fell flat IMO. And the lack of success makes it more startling- With the PacMan logo uni- made the playoffs all but twice from 1983-1992. With the other uni and then the bird one- 7 straight playoff appearances. With the 1999 uni: never made the playoffs. Switched from yellow/red to red/blue- seven straight playoff appearances. Is it a coincidence that an era of bland jerseys had the least success compared to others?
  11. OK - so word came down from the NFL meetings today that expansion of the playoffs for 2014 was tabled for more discussion. That most likely means it will be here in 2015. So, that being said, we all know that if teams want to improve (i.e., and win the Super Bowl), they go out there and change either their logo, or color scheme, or uniforms, etc. So, other than the rumored changes already coming for the Browns and Rams, does anyone else know of anything on tap? More Rams info: and
  12. Ok so my brother's 12U baseball team really wants to use this logo, but they already have helmets and the colors dont match. PLEASE anybody that can, we need this logo to endure some sort of "color swap" This logo needs to be: Dark Blue switched to Forrest Green Light Blue switched to Light Green Yellow switched to Vegas Gold "Kalamazoo" switched to "Maybee" And if possible... The buildings switched to barns and farming equipment Here is the logo:[user]=139426258&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 And we also need the alternate logo to the same specifications:[user]=139426258&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 We would REALLY appreciate it!
  13. I've seen some people do this, so I decided to give it a try. I'm swapping and switching colors on certain parts of the uniform to provide an alternate concept or just a for-fun idea. I hope you enjoy them! First I started with the Broncos. These first ones are kinda rough. The Broncos have only a slight difference. I felt that the Broncos needed another, lighter, sky blue. So on the top left and bottom left ones, I switched anything major on the the uniform that was white to sky blue. In the top right uniform I made the entire jersey sky blue (I know that it kind of looks like just a shadow on the top right, but it's sky blue. And on the bottom right one I went back to the original white numbers and logo, but I made the pants orange instead of white.
  14. Good day, I was wondering if there is a website or free software that you can compare an Inkscape color (00AA00FF) and be given the equivalent Pantone color. The only reason I'm asking is for the designing of concept clubs here on the Board and would like to add the franchise colors to the club concept as well. Thanks everyone!
  15. I found this interesting test while on StumbleUpon and decided to take it. I think I did pretty good, and I'd like to see where I compare to some of you other guys out there. It's graded out of 100 where the lower the score, the better. Here are my results. Post yours as well! My score: 11/100 EDIT: Whoops, forgot the link. CS85 provided it below, but here it is anyway: