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  1. (Edit 12/30/16) Took a break for a couple days but I will get back to it soon to do some fixes on LA, and Washington for sure..maybe some others) I wanted to start a project that would get my creativity going, and kind of kick-start me back into the mood of graphic design. I decided to create my ideal NHL. (formerly "perfect", but nothings perfect) This is what I personally would change, or not change as far as teams logos are concerned. I accept all thoughts, ideas, proposed changes etc..... ******NOT ALL THESE DESIGNS ARE MINE.****** Some are obviously based on teams past and present logo archives. Some are from concepts created that I found online. I will recognize each and every aspect of a logo, or entire logos that are not mine, and give 100% credit where credit is due. Most teams have a current logo, and a source logo (the logo used for my inspiration to my own) I will explain the best I can how I came up with the thought behind each chosen logo. I know most of them are color changes, but remember..this started as a project to get me motivated back into graphic design. There will be more custom projects to follow ANAHEIM DUCKS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGO USED FOR MY VERSION: MY VERSION: (ALTERED ORIGINAL MIGHTY DUCKS LOGO) - I wanted to revert back to the old Mighty Ducks logo because I think it's more recognizable than the current webbed "D", it has attitude, and I just like it a whole lot better. - I felt the original colors were good to use since they are very unique, but I also wanted to incorporate the more 'orangey' orange for the sticks and the whole "Orange County" reference. - I removed the shading from inside the holes for the mask. ARIZONA COYOTES CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (REVERT BACK TO ORIGINAL PHOENIX COYOTES LOGO) - Pretty much the same thought process as the Ducks. I wanted the older logo because of its attitude. The new one just really really doesn't do anything for me. - I figure the old logo will do good with an updated jersey, with the use of the dark maroon, and off-white for striping. Keep the crazy amount of colors strictly to the logo itself. BOSTON BRUINS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (ALTERED SHADE OF YELLOW) - Small change to the yellow. Made if more of a distinct yellow, instead of the often used "golden yellow" around the NHL. BUFFALO SABRES CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGOS (2): MY VERSION: - I really enjoyed the outcome of this one. - I asked myself, how could I make such a non-photogenic animal appear menacing for the Sabres. I like the total idea of the swords and the buffalo, but something just wasn't fully there for me to love it. I decided to remove the heavy blue from inside the circle, changed it to white keeping the overall look that people love, but giving it a modern feel. - Some people may not like the light grey within the white, but I attempted to make the wordmark and buffalo blue, and it just didn't give the look I wanted. I like the slightly subliminal approach. To each his own I suppose. CALGARY FLAMES CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (REMOVE BLACK OUTLINE) - Simply removed the black outline. Is it necessary at all??? CAROLINA HURRICANES CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (MODIFIED) - Changed the center to a more simplistic design. - Thickened the silver outline. - I feel as though there is a slight sense of movement the way it is offset. Didn't think this logo needed a major overhaul, but at the same time...something was not right. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS (NO CHANGES MADE) COLORADO AVALANCHE CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (MODIFIED) - Removed the blue oval and thickened the outline. - I felt the oval took away from the sizing of the logo especially while on jerseys, and I felt that it really serves no purpose on a logo that isn't exactly symmetrical to begin with. COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (SWITCH TO BLUE AND OFF-WHITE ALTERNATE) - I HATE everything about the current primary Columbus uses. They overused red, white and blue scheme. And the primary logo that belongs at an All-Star game, not anywhere else to represent a professional sports team. - In comes the alternate blue and off-white canncon logo. Along with the jerseys they use to sport this logo. In my opinion this brings the overall look of the Blue Jackets from absolute worst in the league, to the top. They couldn't switch to this style in real life fast enough if you ask me. DALLAS STARS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGO: **NOT MY DESIGN*** DESIGN CREDIT TO 'TORCH CREATIVE' MY VERSION: - I took the design from Torch Creative and changed the shade of yellow to a lighter version, getting away from the brown spectrum. - I really like the design those guys came up with, and I just can't stand the current one used by Dallas, just does not feel like a great concept to me. DETROIT RED WINGS (NO CHANGES MADE) EDMONTON OILERS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: - I darkened the blue, and added the copper color (once used by the team) as an outline for the orange. I think it adds a little bit extra, without taking away any of the classic aspects from the well known Oilers logo. FLORIDA PANTHERS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGOS: (2) MY VERSION: - Not a fan of the new Panthers logo, I set out to create something that I always wanted to see, the old panther, slightly less detailed, jumping out of the sun. - I mocked this up against their older red jerseys and this logo really pops! HARTFORD WHALERS (TEAM ADDED) (NO CHANGES TO LOGO) - One of the greatest logos of all time in any sport. I just had to have the Hartford Whalers back in my perfect NHL, what's not to love? - Used original (lighter) blue and green. LA KINGS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGOS: (2) MY VERSION: - I felt there were a ton better options than the current banner flag / shield thing the Kings have going on right now. (Even though they've had success with it) - I wanted purple back in the picture, along with the crown and the font from that era. - After messing around quite a bit, this modern shield is what I came up with. I'd prefer this on a black jersey. LAS VEGAS KNIGHTS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM:(ALL LEGAL ISSUES ASIDE) MY VERSION: - Added the 'Las' to Vegas because it's just better. - With the LA Kings change to purple for my project, I figured silver would be the best way to go for the Knights. The dark color is an EXTREMELY deep blue, almost black, and the unique shade of red outline reminds me of the Canucks when they went blue and red. At the same time this feels different to me. - Looks a ton better than the current mud in my opinion. MINNESOTA WILD (NO CHANGES MADE) MONTREAL CANADIENS (NO CHANGES MADE) NASHVILLE PREDATORS CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGO: MY VERSION: - I wanted to get away from all the golden yellow parody in the NHL, so I chose to give Nashville a more mellow yellow. - I altered the sabre-toothed cat to be more fierce. - The dark color is a really deep greenish blue with I feel contrasts the yellow pretty well. - All in all the changes feel pretty drastic, yet at the same time its all so familiar, I think this change would become very welcome in Tennessee once the bright orange/yellow memory wore off. NEW JERSEY DEVILS (NO CHANGES MADE) NEW YORK ISLANDERS (REVERT TO OLDER COLORS) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (ONLY CHANGED BACK TO 97/98 SHADE OF BLUE) - I think the darker blue really really brings out the orange over the lighter blue. There's really little else to be said about this classic gem of a logo. NEW YORK RANGERS (NO CHANGES MADE) OTTAWA SENATORS (CHANGE TO TEAMS ALTERNATE AS PRIMARY) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (ALTERNATE LOGO FROM SENATORS ARCHIVE) - I do not like the current Senators logo. At all. I see what they were going for, but in my opinion, it failed. Meanwhile they have this beauty^ as an alternate. They need to make the switch ASAP. PHILADELPHIA FLYERS (NO CHANGES MADE) - My favorite team!!! Sweeeeeeet logo. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS (REVERT TO 'ROBOPENGUIN' BUT USE BRIGHTER YELLOW) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (REVERT BACK TO THE ROBO-PENGUIN OF THE 90'S) - Although I really actually do like the skating penguin a whole lot, I feel the infamous robo-penguin is much classier and noble. It was a back and forth on this one. QUEBEC NORDIQUES (TEAM ADDED) (LOGO TWEAKED) ORIGINAL LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: - I thought the original Nordiques logo needed to be touched up slightly. The darker red makes the lighter blue stand out to me. Hopefully to everyone else also. SAN JOSE SHARKS (SWITCH TO 25TH ANNIVERSARY SWIMMING SHARK) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGO: MY VERSION: - It's hard to go wrong with any of the sharks logos, so I chose to go with the version without a triangle behind. Love these damn logos, top notch. ST. LOUS BLUES CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: - I wanted to go with the lighter blue for the inside, it just felt better than having the darker version. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING (SWITCH TO ALTERNATE LOGO) (COLOR CHANGE) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGO: (ALTERNATE FROM LIGHTNING LOGO ARCHIVE) MY VERSION: - Didn't like the use of such a dark blue when I felt a lighter, more "electric" blue would look GREAT with a black jersey. (The letters and bolt(s) on the inside will stay white. Really brings the team identity to life. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (NO CHANGES MADE) VANCOUVER CANUCKS (SWITCH TO JOHNNY CANUCK LOGO AS PRIMARY) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: (ALTERNATE FROM CANUCKS LOGO ARCHIVE) - It does take a little getting used to seeing this guy in all his glory on the front of a jersey (pictures do exist), but it's well worth it, and I think it would finally give all Vancouver fans what they really wanted all along. WASHINGTON CAPITALS (MODIFIED ALTERNATE 'WEAGLE' LOGO AS PRIMARY) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: SOURCE LOGO: (ALTERNATE 'WEAGLE' FROM CAPITALS LOGO ARCHIVE) MY VERSION: - This really could be my favorite creation from the whole set. I was back and forth on if I should keep the sticks or not, but they balance out the 3 stars that represent the D.C. flag. WINNIPEG JETS (COLORS ALTERED) CURRENT LOGO USED BY TEAM: MY VERSION: - I just don't believe the grey is necessary. Although it doesn't look bad on the logo as a whole, the current jerseys they use (beautiful in my eyes) don't really call for grey to be used, so I decided to make a more jersey friendly version. Don't miss out on the white outline that makes the whole thing look great on, you guessed it, those b e a u t i f u l jerseys!!! That's it (for now) Let me know what you guys think!!!!!!
  2. Inspired by the chaos and fights in this thread, I decided to update the Colorado Avalanche's logo. Here it is below. It isn't a whole lot better than their current logo, but I tried to go off of what everybody in the thread said. Make the 'A' smaller and not-curved, and turn the oval into a circle. Only thing I did on my own was brighten the burgundy. I threw it together quickly and I don't like it that much, but I figured it'd be worth it to post. What do you think?
  3. Fresh off my NY Islanders by Adidas set, I'm back with a new Colorado Avalanche by Adidas project! The logos are essentially the same, just the Rockies-esque logo from this year is eliminated. The navy sticks around as a secondary color, bringing a double blue to the Avs. The home and away feature the navy blue as the new main color, relegating burgundy to an accent. The mountain striping returns, and pays homage to the Rocky Mountains the team is named for. The Colorado C stays on the shoulders, as a symbol that the Avalanche represent the entire state of Colorado. The alternate is also based off of the Colorado flag, with the C at the center of a white line. The steel blue and burgundy colors return as the main colors for the set. Well there ya go! Rip 'em apart!
  4. For those of you who've seen the new Stadium Series Jerseys for this year, they're a little, well, underwhelming. I'll be recreating the logos and uniforms, starting with the logos. Back in 2014, the NHL took a huge risk and decided to chrome the jersey logos, which were pretty rad. So I decided to bring that back. Minnesota Wild... Chicago Blackhawks... Colorado Avalanche... Detroit Red Wings... That's all! Jerseys come soon.
  5. As everybody on here probably knows, is holding a contest to see who has the best redesign for the Colorado Avalanche's 20th anniversary in Denver. They're allowing two entries per person, so here are my two entries. Set 1: Set 2 (Update 1.0!): Let me know what you think and what improvements I can make!
  6. After Reebok destroyed one of the best uniforms in the NHL in 2007, Avalanche fans everywhere have voiced their displeasure of the RBK edge jerseys. The majority of NHL fans who noticed the changes to their teams didn't care much for the designs either, Since then most of the teams have changed their uniforms into something more traditional or at least tasteful. The Colorado Avalanche unfortunately, seemed to have no interest in repairing their own uniforms (rightly deemed some of the ugliest in the league). That is until a few weeks ago when the fans heard the rumblings of change. Reports were spread that the Avs were going to make changes to the sweaters! The home and away were predicted to receive minor changes and the alternate jersey was expected to be redone completely in honor of the team's 20th anniversary. When the draft rolled around we got our first look at the new road sweater...and it was abysmal. They managed to make a bad jersey even worse. The anniversary patch looked sub-par at best, everything about the jersey that the fans found distasteful was still there, and to make matters worse the Bigfoot shoulder patch was gone and replaced with the most boring logo the team had seen yet in the form of a version of the state flag! The Yeti foot logo may not have been the best, but at least it had some pizazz to it. As a lifelong fan I was disappointed, but felt that as boring as it was, I could look past the new ''C'' logo and hope for the best in the yet to be released alternates and stadium series jersey. Fans seemed to like the ''C'' crest as it hearkened to the state flag and state pride and all that. I do love this state, but I never cared for the flag much, finding it unoriginal and boring. However I decided to come up with my own design for the Avs new uniforms. I made some tweaks to my past designs and came up with this. Seeing as how the new ''C'' logo contained navy blue, I wanted to try something new. As much as I support the Avs retaining black in their color scheme I thought I'd see how navy looked taking the place of both black and the steel blue. I was surprised at how good it looked. However the burgundy needed to be made brighter in order not to look like a dark mess and I took inspiration from the original jerseys the team wore when they arrived in Denver. Back then the burgundy was brighter and the blue was darker. Since most fans loved the nod to the state, I decided to take a little inspiration from Colorado's first NHL team, the Colorado Rockies. Fans clearly wanted at least a nod to the old franchise, but seeing as how the Rockies and the Avs have no ties whatsoever besides playing in the same state, I was reluctant. However, I think I came up with a good classic looking alternate that acknowledges it's state hockey history without ripping off the old Rockies design. Recently a rendering was made of the new alternate and I found it extremely disappointing as well. However, this only makes me want to get the Avalanche organization to wake up and make some good uniforms for a change. I plan on trying to send some of my ideas to them if possible whether it would make a difference of not, but thought I'd get some more opinions on the set first. Anyhow what do you think of the concept?
  7. Rebrand, Overhaul, Redesign, you name it. The Colorado Avalanche are in need of it...badly. For those who aren't familiar with what they wear now, let me show you what needs fixing. Since 2007 the Avs have had to wear these abominations. Ever since switching over to the Reebok EDGE design, Colorado's team has worn some of the most boring, uninspired, and frankly ugly uniforms in all of professional sports. Look at that white jersey and tell me you don't see an apron. Almost universally depised by the passionate fans it is pretty clear that a change is needed - and soon. Before that, the Avs wore some of the most creatively unique jerseys in the league. The mountains on the hem and sleeves helped create the Avalanche identity. The Avalanche really need to go back to something like this. So I came up with a way to solve the situation. As you can see it is a redux of sorts but introduces something familiar in a classic, but modern way. Things are a little simpler without loosing the uniqueness that screams Colorado. In past uniforms, the home and away haven't completely matched up in terms of color. The white sweaters used grey/silver, but the dark uniforms did not and instead utilized white and black (although there was grey in the socks, but they didn't quite match the piping in the rest of the jersey). I wanted to sync things up by making the set more uniform in their color scheme. I thought of eliminating black, but having the gloves, pants, and helmets any other color looks weird. Instead, I managed to incorporate the white, black, and grey in both primary uniforms without making too big of a change. As for the alternates, they obviously take inspiration from the past uniforms of the Quebec Nordiques. I think it's important for teams to pay tribute to their roots without going overboard with it. The Avs are no longer the Nordiques, but I think that a subtle nod to the previous organization would be a good thing. However, in doing so they don't change their identity. This is an Avalanche sweater plain and simple. The highlighting of blue, white, and grey reminds one of the chilly snow capped rockies, but does so in such a way that it creates a certain continuity if you will. As much as I love those glorious burgundy thirds, I decided to go in a different creative direction that heralds to a little bit of history of the Avalanche club. Anyhow, what do you guys think?
  8. Hello All, Here is my first post on this awesome forum. I've been playing around with redesigning a few NHL logos, here's my take on the Colorado Avalanche. Basically making the "A" a mountain. Please let me know what you think. A big shout out to davidson on his logo presentation video.
  9. Hey everyone, you may have seen me around these boards,HJC, and icethetics for my hockey jerseys and logos. Well one of my designs is a finalist in a contest for my favorite team. Although it's not a jersey design (everyone knows the avs need it though), it's a goalie mask design! The Avalanche, my hometown favorite team, held a contest to design a team mask. Any Colorado resident over 18 had the option to design it using their online "paint studio" (meh) or to download their template and create it in your own program, hand draw it, etc. It seems like I was the only one who did that. Anyways... My Avalanche goalie mask made the top 10 in their design contest! It would be great if you could check out my mask online and vote for it if you like it! You have to create an account which sucks, but if you please could that would be great! (and the acct has to be created under Denver, CO). In addition to making the top ten, the winner gets their mask made and presented to them at an Avs game by J.S. Giguere, who's always been my all time favorite NHLer! (even long before his Avs days). Here's my design and my username is jncox9 so if you could please vote for my design I would be so appreciative! Thank you so much!!! (If you do vote remember to choose Denver, CO and try postal code 80201. My username is jncox9) There is no need to vote but I thought I would share my design to see what you though and if you really do like it, it be be great if you could vote for me! Thank you so much!