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  1. Hey, I am brand new to this forum even though I have been coming to this site for years. I just figured it was about time I join the forum and share some of the concepts I create. I combine new designs and design elements with old designs and design elements. The first one I will start off with is my concept for the Brooklyn Nets. So far I have created a logo, created a new script logo for the jersey, and then designed one jersey. I used the old concept from the 1997-2012 New Jersey Nets logo where the shield has a ring around the bottom, kind of simulating the rim of a hoop. I then also took and altered the script from their final uniforms and spread it across the shield in place of the boring "Nets" script already being used. I also added a little embossing in order to created a shadowed 3D effect, and some gray in there just so the team has more than 2 colors. However, I really like the simplicity in the script for the name "Brooklyn" so I left that be because the two different scripts, in my opinion, create an image that clashes in a good way and gives it depth. This first jersey concept, started off with the black, current, Nets road jersey. I left it black, replaced the name Brooklyn with the 1997-2012 jersey script, now in White, Black, and Gray/Silver. I then removed the white side panels and replaced them with a checkerboard style look which comes directly from a design quality of their final uniforms used in New Jersey. So this way I brought an old part of the teams heritage back into the uniform but left it with the same sleek style. I also kept the same simplistic number and name font but minimized the size of the number on the front.