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  1. Chapeeko


    So... it has been awhile. I've been lurking recently and I saw raysox's American Premier League and his excellent new template. So I decided to try my hand at some kits. For some reason I was drawn to the South American countries so I figured, screw it, might as well do all the CONMEBOL nations while I'm at it. I am pretty happy with how most of these turned out, however I am looking forward to any C&C on them. I'll be going in alphabetical order, so without further adieu...Argentina. Argentina has always had such a classic look with the sky blue and white striped kit with black shorts. There was no debate over what I wanted the shirt to look like, so I went to the shorts. Argentina has experimented with shorts other than the classic black. I thought the blue looked atrocious, so I was torn between white and black. I chose black because I felt it helped the shirt pop more. Finally, I had to choose the color for the socks. La Albiceleste have worn both black and also white stockings with their black shorts. The black shorts on black socks seemed a little too much, and I felt the white helped balance the colors more, thus I went with white. Then I kept it simple by adding some black accents to the kit to complement the shorts and socks. For the clash the color choice was pretty obvious. I particularly enjoyed their 2014 World Cup look. However, I felt that the hoops shouldn't fade as they move down the shirt, so I made slightly darker navy hoops. The gold accents on the jersey looked spectacular, so I chose to utilize gold as well. I figured the gold can stand for the rich history and success that the Argentinians have enjoyed. The shorts feature the darker navy from the hoops and gold Adidas stripes. I finished it off with complementary navy and dark navy striped socks with more gold Adidas striping. Any C&C is appreciated. Let me know how I did on Argentina.Thanks.
  2. Let's be honest; red and blue national flags are boring, because around the globe, they are all too common. I took a look at the symbology and history behind quite a few of these unimaginative nations, and changed a bunch of their flags into something that I think would make them stand out more prominently on the world stage. First up is Slovenia. Cape Verde is next. It never made sense to me that a nation called "the Green Cape" would not use green in their flag. Following that is Samoa.