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  1. Some of you may remember this Lovely inspirational design for sports logos thread. I miss it. I took 95% of the images from that thread and uploaded them to this imgur folder, but I feel like it would be nice to resurrect it in a new fashion, linking to not only inspiring images, but I will put those images into that imgur folder (which is available for download here) and will be updated frequently. Please don't hesitate to link to inspiring blogs or websites. be under maintenance) of my favorites) I'll update this as frequently as I can, or the mod team obviously may do so as well. Let's get inspired! Here's a few of my faves from the old thread to get started:
  2. Hi guys! I was hoping a few of you could come to my rescue and help me develop a better logo for a friend of mine. My friend recently created a company called Eye To Eye Lift, check out their website, They are a company that is creating a lift that will help wheelchair-bound/disabled Americans who cannot attain the adequate height for multiple eye examinations. This lift will be making the lives of examiners simpler and of patients as well. As a friend im going to help him revamp the entire site and logo, but im having a little of creative problem with coming up with a solid logo. I want to create a logo that will incorporate the current design ( The fish eye with the three stripes) and then add on from there and have a compelling logo. Any chance you guys can throw some ideas my way? I would really really appreciate it! Here is his current logo.. Cheers, fellas.
  3. Wanted to create something different than the traditional Logos floating around out there, some might like it and some may hate it. I would like to see a more drastic change, the curent logo is outdated and cartoony.