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  1. Like so many others, COVID quarantine gave me the opportunity to discover and fall in love with Jelle's Marble Runs. It may be a bit silly, it may sound bizarre to first-timers, and if you're a die-hard fan it may have a healthy dose of WWE-style kayfabe (though none of the scripted results!) and fantasy world-building, but it's incredibly wholesome and it sure is entertaining, and based on the number of fans, I'm not the only one who thinks so. And especially since they adopted new logos by Tim Ritz about a year ago, the look of the channel and its videos have only gotten more and more professional. With the 2020 edition of the Marble League underway, it seemed like the perfect time to take this new fandom and combine it with the hobby of uniform design. Ice hockey's always been my "thing," so that's where I'm starting, but depending on my free time I may use this as an opportunity to branch out and design uniforms for some other sports. All 28 teams' logos are somewhat similar, for better or worse, in that they're all roundel style, but there is still a lot of stylistic variation between them all. I've taken the liberty of separating out a few of the elements that comprise the primary logos and turning them into secondary logos, and I've made recolored versions of most of the wordmarks, just to make them work on both light and dark backgrounds for helmet stickers. Here's a quick visual rundown (not my own image; credits are at the bottom) of the current teams competing: Quick links to teams' concepts: Hockey: Balls of Chaos (v1) Bumblebees (v1) (v2a, v2b) Chocolatiers (v1) Crazy Cat's Eyes (v1) Team Galactic (v1) (v2a, v2b) Green Ducks (v1) Hazers (v1) Indigo Stars (v1) Jawbreakers (v1) Kobalts (v1) Limers (v1) Mellow Yellow (v1) Midnight Wisps (v1 this post) (v2) Minty Maniacs (v1) Team Momo (v1) Oceanics (v1) O'rangers (v1) Pinkies (v1) (v2) Raspberry Racers (v1) (v2) Rojo Rollers (v1) Savage Speeders (v1) Shining Swarm (v1) Snowballs (v1) Thunderbolts (v1) Turtle Sliders (v1) Baseball: Bumblebees (v1) Minty Maniacs (v1) In no particular order, I'm kicking off my concepts with the Midnight Wisps. They debuted in 2017, the second year of competition, and have a bold color scheme that was a lot of fun to work with. C&C is always appreciated, and we'll see how long it takes me to work my way through the league!
  2. HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!! New topic... Or should I call it Thread ?? Don't know, don't care.. Ok.. Here i'll post some of my concepts that are not "NFL themed".. Except for some Browns and/ or Packers stuff... But the content will be mostly NCAA/CBFA related... Some crossovers, fictional teams, etc.... This time I HAVE a template.. And here it is, a crossover ( Italy Football Federation / Adidas Rugby jersey [sort of ]) Till next post, which will be, PROBABLY, Miami Hurricanes / Adidas Primeknit jerseys... Printed template / colored with pencils.. Vlw, FLW !!