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  1. I was watching the Slope-style snowboarding over the weekend and caught sight of these awesome jackets that are part of team Canada's uniform. Any other uniforms you've spotted?
  2. I made the original logo for the club back in 2010. Felt it needed a definite overhaul... the club agreed. Original: Updated:
  3. Earlier this month someone on the Uni Watch site made a comment about wanting to see a curling t-shirt or sweater for the Uni Watch t-shirt of the month. So with a bit of time off during the holiday season I decided to play around with the idea. Started off with MSPaint/ friendly version of Sparky Chewbarky's Faux-Knit hockey sweater template, and then did some cutting and pasting and rudimentary drawing. Made up a few patches and crests for the sweater and here's what I have. Included the front patches because they might be small to see on the sweater. One of the old programs I've used in the past doesn't work on Windows 10, which I reluctantly had got this year since XP isn't supported for some of the things the wife needs, so I'm trying a newer program along with the usual MSPaint/ Concept is a little rough but I'd had enough by the time I'd got as far as you see. Sparky, if you have any problems with the template modification I will gladly remove this post.
  4. NOTICE: This is my first ever attempt at making my own league up. I decided to create a curling league, The North American Professional Curling Assosiation. It will have 12 teams. I plan on doing simulated games. Up first, the Milwaukee Victors. Keep in mind that this is ALL being done in Microsoft Paint. C&C is appreaciated! Let me know what you think!
  5. I'm sure everyone remember's Norway's curling pants from 2010: Well four years later, they've had to step their game up, and boy they sure have. Here are the first two of NINE uniforms the Norwegian curlers will wear in Sochi:
  6. JMurr

    Pro Curling

    Okay so I told the stories and now I have finally settled on a sport; Curling. In case you are not familiar with what I am talking about allow me to explain this I am going to create a fantasy league much like Yakball, Ripball, and Professional Dodgeball Coalition but in order to make this a uniquely different thread I am setting the clock back to 1889 and creating a whole history for the league. So with that said this is the synopsis for how it all began. In 1888 side show promoter P.T. Barnum had a new idea to make money. In the late 19th Century sports such as baseball were on the rise of popularity in America. Barnum took notice of how fans were flocking to stadiums and paying good money to see their favorite teams play, so he decided to test the interest in another sport; the sport of Curling. To do this he planned a Curling match to be held on January 5, 1889, the first Saturday of the New Year. The game would be played in Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. Barnum would make money by selling tickets to the event. The game would be played between two teams. Barnum gave them the generic names of Team Black and Team White based on the color uniform he put them in. Barnum found two Curlers to put the teams together. Each could have 6 players; a skip, a vice, a second, a lead, and two reserves. The men that Barnum hired would serve as the coach of the teams, but really the position was more like that of a general manager. Those two men’s names were Thomas More and Woodrow von Bartels. Barnum called the event The Great Boston Curling Tournament. This is the logo: Team Black
  7. Help to finish this logo. It is missing something.