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  1. I had a thread a few years ago about if the NFL mandated that each team wear a white helmet. (the topic is now closed). I wanted to start the 2nd version with the division I never finished, the NFC West. First is the Rams, this was made before today's reveal, so sorry, no bone here...... This is the home set. I wanted to keep a balance of the three colors, but still making sure the blue/yellow were the stars. Here's the away. Finally the alternate.
  2. I have been toying with this concept for a while, and it's finally finished. This will be a bit of a departure from their classic look, but one that still says "Cowboys". I have dropped navy and silver/gray/silver green from the set. This is a dark royal and white only set. The all white is home, the inverse would be worn when Dallas is on the road, and the home team wears white. The bottom look is a new third set. It is an updated version of their debut uni set, not the current color rush set, which was an updated version of the 94 set, which was sort of loosely based on the 60's set. Let me know what you think.
  3. I made a Dallas Cowboys uniforms that make them look unique and entertaining. introducing the Elite Dallas Cowboys Uniforms. So what i did was found some designs on the internet trying to figure out what designs to use on the uniform well here is what i did. 1: i use the double Star design on the shoulders adding the numbers and the Nike logo to make it look good 2: the pants design is too boring so i added a design that will make it look unique. 3: i added the design from captain america so it represents Americas team. 4: i added a side design on the jersey so it looked nice. 5: the helmet has a bigger star and instead of a line i added a sharp spike to make it look good. here is a show case of the uniforms Uniform Template Photo Realistic
  4. So I was working on a few concepts and and they had white helmets so I got the idea to do a league where every team has a white helmet. The concepts that follow are based on that premise. First up is the AFC North. I will start with Baltimore. I simplified the color scheme and went with just purple black and white of course. Next up is Cincinnati. I had a similar concept to this before which I re worked a little. I really like the contrast the white helmet gives this set. Next is Cleveland. I went the opposite way of NIKE, but liked the drop shadow that Cleveland has used. The helmet, even in white, just looked wrong with any kind of logo. Pittsburgh is last, changed things up a little more with this one.
  5. This is my Dallas Cowboys Uniform Design. I got the idea from the Dallas Cowboys Star and how it is part of the Lone star state Texas. i added Blue, White, and silver on the uniform. its my first design and i have to say i think i did a good job.
  6. Here are the first two teams of my NFC East vision. The Dallas Cowboys and NY Giants:
  7. I went back to the drawing board and came up with this concept. This is the home version. This is the road version. Any C&C would be great.
  8. This is my first post - excited to get some internet criticism. Plan on completely redesigning or simply tweaking each NFL team, based on my own personal preference and C&C. Starting with the NFC East with the Washington Redskins, far and away the most drastic change I plan on making. It's ridiculous that we still carelessly throw around a racial slur when we talk about football in Washington, so the 'Skins are getting re-branded. Hold onto your skirts, ladies, because here are your Washington Federals: Stay tuned for the rest of the NFC East and (eventually) the entire NFL.
  9. This is a pretty conservative concept. I wanted this to still look Cowboys esque, so just some minor changes. I unified the stripes, the silvers and the blues. I used the same star logo , because to me it is too iconic to not have. The alternate is the biggest stretch maybe, I wanted to really turn up the America's Team branding on this one. They could wear this on Thanksgiving and maybe Sunday nights. I used a word mark similar to the one used in the 60s when the team was new. The current one is just to big and bulky for my tastes. (Not my template, found it on here, sorry I have no clue who it belongs too...) Ok so enough talk, here they are: