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  1. Taking my own stab at some NBA City Edition jersey. I'll start with the Atlanta Hawks. I kinda took the concept that Cleveland ran with and did a hip hop inspired city edition. Each letter is taken from a different well known rapper from Atlanta. A-Migos, T-T.I., L-Lil' Jon, A-Outkast, N-2 Chainz, T- TLC, A-Ludachris. On the sides of the jersey feature curved striping that represent Spaghetti Junction> I couldn't get the lines to do exactly what I wanted to so I did what I could. If someone has recommendations on how to do curved lines better please let me know.
  2. Here's a little concept that I put together. I tried my best to combine the color and styling of the older uniforms with the current fonts. Let me know what you think!
  3. Stumbled across this and thought it would interest y'all. Some great info in there like how 41 fans picked the name of the team and how there were 77 revisions done on the original logo. Check it out!
  4. It's soon to be a new day and age here in Dallas. We are rapidly approaching the end of the Dirk era and last season was the worst season for the Mavericks in 20 years. After a period that included 12 straight playoff appearances, 2 Southwest Titles, 2 Conference Championships and finally hoisting the Larry O' Brien with some revenge over the Miami Heat, it's time for the rebuild (whether Mark Cuban is willing to be fined to be so upfront about admitting it or not) With a new core of Dennis Smith, Jr , Harrison Barnes and Luka Dončić setting up the future for the Mavericks, now is a perfect time for the Dallas Mavericks to rebrand for the next chapter in our franchise's history The primary logo keeps the horse iconography but the horse is now holding his head high. This fixes the issue of the "emo horse" look for the current primary and distinguishes the team from other horse logos that are either charging forward (Denver Broncos) or have their head down midbuck (Boise State / 90s Detroit Pistons) The off center roundel wordmarking for the primary was inspired by the Boston Celtics and was done to give the primary logo a feeling of motion. Green returns as the primary color for the team at a slightly brighter green than from their inaugural season. The Navy used is the same shade as the current. The font, Melma Black, was chosen for its balance between solid shapes and slight western feeling. While I was tempted to modify the old M-hat logo, I wanted the secondary to use a capital D. The logo is inspired by 47Brand's hat which is too strong of a look to be left as an unofficial logo any longer. The new Association uniform brings the wordmark bold and out front. The Icon Uniform returns the Mavericks to a Green base team to unify them with their co-tenants at the AAC. Additionally using green as their primary dark uniform helps distinguish them from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The side striping takes inspiration from the logo of the jersey sponsor, American Airlines. Our current city uniform has "DAL" out front which is a name we never refer to ourselves by unless you're talking about Love Field. Of course, for obvious reasons, you can't put "Big D" in front of a NBA uniform. To compromise you have a modified version of the secondary logo alluding to this nickname. The striping for the logo and numbers take inspiration from the green neon lights in Downtown Dallas against the night sky. CC welcome
  5. I’m doing a projekt where I redesign or rebrand old NBA All-Star logos. In a Wayne how I wish eget would look:) Let me know what you think
  6. Turning this into all of my NBA Concepts thread. Utah Jazz City Concept (this post) (V2) (Court) Dallas Mavericks Full Rebrand (V2) (City) So, to preface, I obviously based these off of the uniforms and logos this year, making them a ice-ey, snow-ey, mountain-ey version for next year. I think in general I did a good job, but I'd love to catch some feedback. If you want the template I made, I posted it here a while ago, and will be adding an updated version with the shorts soon. Anyway, let's jump in. I hate writing details to go with the uniforms/logos, so you can use your imagination on what I did for different things. One thing to note is that I used the Oquirrh mountain range for the right side striping (left looking at it in an image), and the Wasatch mountain range for the left side. I also took inspiration from the old Jazz all star logo to make the new snowflake logo. OK here it is. Snowflake logo Mountain-Note logo Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
  7. If Nike and the Dallas Mavericks decided to go all in on the Skyline design this season...... Special shoutout to Riley Gisseman for the jersey template. Please let me know what you guys think!
  8. Hey all, Iwasn't originally planning to share but i wanted some others is my redesign of the Dallas Mavericks I did for NBA 2k17. i wanted to do sort of a remix on the 90's logo, so i focused the main logo on the "M" and brought back green as a tertiary color. the uniforms as well take from that time period as well. here is the home uniforms and the assets i created. once again the uniform is a remix of the classic green ones and here are the away uniforms and their assets i do apologize for not having the uniforms on templates but as i said i wasn't planning on posting these. I hope for some feedback and criticism
  9. Hey guys long time forum follower here just wanted to see what you guys thought of those unused mavs cocnepts. If
  10. !!!!SEE UPDATED VERSION HERE!!!! I tried to do a Mavs concept in the past, but it wasn't my best work. After some new ideas and reconsideration, I think I've finally got it. For this concept, I'm bringing back green, a Mavs original color. I did a simple recolor of their current logo, because I think it is a good looking logo that looks even better with my colors. I decided to whip up a new alternate logo featuring the state of Texas outline. I think the three Texas NBA teams really fail to put out a brand that says "Texas". Unless they've made an agreement to not use the Texas outline, I think this logo would be a fan favorite. Because Texans seem to love being from Texas more than anything. As for the uniforms, I kept them pretty plain for the most part. Home: Road: I took inspiration from the Mavs skyline alternate coming out next year to make my alternate. Alt: I'm not really sure if I like the fact that there is no uniform that says "Mavericks" on the front, but Dallas is a big market and marketing "Dallas" over "Mavericks" might be a smart move. I may introduce a sleeved silver uniform with "Mavs" on the front. Let me know what you think! Feel free to compare them to my previous try.
  11. Above is the link to the top 10 designs decided by Mark Cuban. As of now, the leader is a Denver Nuggets rip off with the skyline, while last place is similar to the Wizards/Bullets striped uni's. Here is a link to the one I voted for: (Sorry, can't post pics from mobile) What design did you guys vote for?
  12. Since I'm not a huge fan of the Mavericks' current look, and prefer their old green and blue look, I've decided to (sort of) combine the two, while also adding my own spin to it. Fair warning: I've only got MS Word and MS Paint to work with, so I apologize for the rather crude graphics. Primary Logo: Alternate logo: As you can see, I remade the Mavs' inaugural logo with a more modern M. (The shadowing is really only there to make the white outline visible) Home uniform: Road uniform: Alternate uniform: I used the Mavs' current uniform piping, with the same colors and (not exactly but just about) the same number font from the Mavs' inaugural unis, while putting my own spin on the wordmark. Let me know what you think.
  13. I also Modernized the Original Mavericks logo as well and made a court to go along with it
  14. Just started playing around with a Mavs redesign, thought I'd throw out the logo I'm working with. Not earth-shattering by any means, but my objective was to infuse a little bit of western flair without adding any hokey. Going back to green and the cowboy hat. More to come. Probably.
  15. While the Mavs current uniforms aren't bad by any means, that is a very early 2000's look. I wanted the Mavericks to have a Western look, while paying homage to their previous looks. I kept the current navy, brought back the green and added a sand color to make it more Western. I'm not sure about the logos, especially the primary. In my perfect world they'd have something very similar to FC Dallas, but trying to make a cow logo in Paint I failed spectacularly. I tried to bring back the M-Stetson, but I don't know if that is a suitable NBA primary logo. So I settled on a monogram, but it looked more like a secondary logo than a primary. While messing around with the shape of Texas once I realized that it would fit a shield really well, so, taking inspiriration from the Nets, a shield it was. Is it absolutely dreadful? For the uniforms, I originally had barbed wire trim, but since Mavericks are supposed to be free spirits, confining them in barbed wire wasn't such a good idea. Taking inspiration from a discarded Bobcats uniform and the original Mavs home look, I went for an asymmetrical three stipes look. From the championship uniforms I kept the off-center number and the star above the NOB. The third is more classical, but it keeps the three stripes. C&C please
  16. In response to the announcement that the Mavs may be redesigning their uniforms, here's my first-draft attempt. - Brings green back into the color scheme - Side striping designed to resemble a horse's stirrups - Lone Star of Texas forms the notch in the shorts - Western typeface and styling evoke a more distinctively Texan identity HOME: AWAY: AWAY (alternative version if you don't want a third color in your color scheme): Any feedback is much appreciated. UPDATE: I've also been toying with an idea for a Mavs logo (unrelated to the above concept) for a while now, so I thought I'd see what you all thought about that as well. Obviously, this is far from a finished concept -- not only is it currently using a design recycled from another team's defunct logo (Detroit's), but the execution in general is still really sloppy. This is more a "proof of concept" thing, just to see if the idea might be worth refining some more. The basic idea is a horse's head that resembles the state of Texas when turned upside-down (the ambigram wordmark is just sort of an extra). It could be used as a secondary court logo or something. Thoughts?