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  1. A couple weeks ago, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole. I was browsing through hockey jerseys on Depop, and I stumbled upon the most '90s hockey jersey I've ever seen — an old Detroit Vipers jersey. I'd never heard of the Vipers or the IHL that the team was a part of, so I did some digital digging on the history of the International Hockey League and the teams that played in it. Succinctly stated, it was a longstanding and historical hockey league that experienced a boom in the '90s, and produced some of the gaudiest, 1990s-est looks hockey has ever seen, and I absolutely love all of it. I've attached some of my personal favorite jerseys from the IHL in the spoiler below, if you want to see what I'm talking about. If it wasn't already clear, I absolutely adore '90s-era hockey design. The crazy colors, far-out designs, and willingness to experiment with the boundaries of traditional sports design are all wonderful, and are things I wanted to revive in a modern context. Which gave me the idea to do exactly that and modernize a handful of those '90s IHL identities for the current day. Enough talk. Here's the team that inspired this series, the Detroit Vipers! The design of these jerseys is simple, and is more out-there than the actual jerseys worn by the Vipers. The curved striping is inspired by the curved tail of a snake, and the red stripe on the light and dark jerseys is filled in with a sublimated snakeskin pattern. The alternate jersey was designed with the intention of including yellow more prominently than the primary jerseys do, while also maintaining an experimental 90s-esque striping pattern. What do you think of the first team? Is the design '90s enough for you?
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