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  1. Haven't posted in a while - but here's a quick concept for the Denver Nuggets for next season. I found the logo on a trademarks site. It appears the Nuggets registered back in the late 90's and I thought given the roundel trend it makes sense. Simplified the rainbow city skyline and used modern colors. The home alternate is slightly different than the home and away set and the road alternate reminds me a bit of Marquette but overall I like the color balance. Thoughts?
  2. So this is my third NBA team concept and I've decided to do an NBA team that has never shied away from some funky designs. That team is the Denver Nuggets. For my design I decided to utilize some elements from the city of Denver itself as well as retouching retired designs from the franchise's past. My concept includes a primary logo, a secondary logo, a home jersey, a road jersey, and an alternate as well as some other ideas for another possible alternate jersey. C & C is always appreciated and I know that these designs are far from perfect so I appreciate it when people point things out so that I may improve this design. The Primary Logo: The Secondary Logo: Home Jersey: Road Jersey: Alternate Jersey: Alternate Concepts: If anything needs any explanation, please do not hesitate to ask. C & C appreciated!
  3. It's been a long, long while since I've posted here, but I had an idea on my brain that I wanted to get out there. Ever since the Nuggets adopted the powder blue back in 2003, it's never quite worked for me. It's not that I mind the color, I've just never thought it was a fitting primary color for the Nuggets. I'm sure it's the era that I grew up watching them, but I've always thought the "correct" Nuggets colors were dark blue with bright yellow trim. I think their current look is a bit of a mess, but I do like the newer pickaxe logo... almost. The basketball on it is terrible, and I think the handling of the colors washes it out a bit, but the idea is right. I set out to create a new Nuggets look featuring a reworked pickaxe logo, while restoring the darker blue as the primary. I wanted a less bulbous typeset, so I replaced it with one that I thought was more fitting with the mountain/mining theme. Here's what I came up with: If I'm really honest with myself, I'm not sure this variation works, but I thought it would be a fun exercise to try to resurrect the rainbow jerseys from the 80s. I still think it's the most iconic look they've ever had, but perhaps there's a reason it was left in that era. I had fun putting these together, and I'd love to hear what people think.