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  1. Hello once again, everyone! If you've been on the boards for some time, you may have seen me post concepts like this before. I've done MLB, I did NFL, and recently, I asked on Twitter which one I should tackle next. How it works is: imagine if every team in the league got a rebrand/refresh. New wordmarks, new primary, sometimes, new colors. Sometimes old throwback colors! Who knows?! Traditionally speaking, I have not done uniforms for the rebranding effort - but, if someone wanted to do that, you're more than welcome to. Just be sure to credit me for the work I've done. But without further ado, here's the new look Raptors. __ If you're just joining us, here's what's been up so far: Toronto Raptors (EDITED) Boston Celtics Fauxback Los Angeles Lakers (EDITED) Phoenix Suns (EDITED) Washington Wizards WITH TIMELAPSE VIDEO! (EDITED) Dallas Mavericks Charlotte Hornets (EDITED) Minnesota Timberwolves Orlando Magic Sacramento Kings Denver Nuggets Cleveland Cavaliers Houston Rockets Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks San Antonio Spurs Memphis Grizzlies Indiana Pacers (Edited!) Utah Jazz Los Angeles Clippers Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder (Edited!) Brooklyn Nets (Edited!) Detroit Pistons Portland Trail Blazers Philadelphia Sixers (Edited!) New York Knicks Golden State Warriors Chicago Bulls New Orleans Pelicans Seattle Sonics
  2. Did you see my High School Rebrand project? I'm pretty proud of it. You should go take a look. In any case, that project was also my first foray into Photorealistic Templates. Specifically PSDs. I think they just look better - no offense to vector work - from a presentation standpoint. My soccer kits were presented like this: And now - you can use MY template! ONE FINAL TIP The best way to make it look like your work is realistically on the jersey is the use of 1) warp/free distortion and 2) the Displacement filter. Free distortion is, I feel, self explanatory. However, displacement is a tricky beast. In the file, I did my best to color code/name layers appropriately. Yellow layers, you fill the layer with your color and you're set. There is a Blue layer in the Texture folder. Select all in that layer, copy/paste into a new document. Now, you're gonna want to blur it. Filter > Gaussian Blur. I find 2-5 pixels works best here. Save it as a new .psd file. Call it something like SoccerDisplace.psd. Something easy to remember/find. Now, go back to the actual template. Lets say you're working on a set that has stripes (ahem my high school kits ahem). Don't worry about bending. Just draw straight lines/shapes. (if you're working on it as a group, just duplicate the group and then flatten it. this is called "non-destructive editing.") Once you're happy with it on one layer, go to Filter > Distort > Displace. A new window pops up. I find smaller values work well here - 4-10 on both scales. Make sure Stretch to Fit and Repeat Edge pixels are selected. Hit ok. It'll then ask you for a displacement map. CHOOSE THAT SOCCERDISPLACE.PSD FILE. Voila! Photoshop will distort accordingly and it looks realistic. You can still tweak it, but that's the gist. Holler if you need anything more! Jordan
  3. Hey all! I got really inspired by Connor Brandt's project over on Dribbble of redoing local high school logos. Coincidentally, he's doing a district where I grew up: Omaha, Nebraska. I thought I'd take a crack at redoing my high school alma-mater - Millard South. I'll be designing football, basketball and baseball looks with this mark, as well as merch. But for this first post, here's my redesigned mark. As always, C&C is encouraged and appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Hey gang! It's been awhile since I made a thread like this, but lately, I've been getting really big into Madden's Ultimate Team. Specifically, the Custom Card community. I thought I'd share some of the work I've done/will be doing (I have about 12 requests in from Twitter already) I was also able to do a time lapse of the Jersey Swapping on the Jimmy Graham - since he's only been a Seahawk for a few weeks at this point. EDIT: Turns out, Jimmy Graham switched to #88.
  5. Here's my initial render for the fictional London Black Knights for the Madden 26 contest. Thoughts and C&C appreciated! Note: I'll be filling in the grey box between the H and the T. I just now saw it.
  6. Hey all! A collaborative effort is on it's way between ChrisCLEMENT and myself for a newly designed NFL. I'll be tackling the look and feel of the logos (which you'll still be able to see as they roll out on my thread) and Chris is going to handle the uniform design. Coming very soon. GET HYPED.